Review of Dr. Collins’ 22% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit.

I’ve always hated my teeth. As a heavy smoker since I was 13 (naughty, I know) red wine drinker and fizzy drink addict (especially Coca Cola) – my pearly whites have never been ‘pearly’. Envious of celebrities and their ‘Hollywood Smiles’ and massive bank balances, I thought I had no option but to soldier on with ugly teeth.

Regular toothpastes had no effect, pennies were limited and I basically couldn’t afford the £200+ my Dentist had quoted. I even tried rubbing strawberries on my teeth, my boyfriend thought I had lost the plot, LOL.  I also bought bottled 0.10 % Hydrogen Peroxide solution from Amazon UK and mixed a little with bicarbonate soda and salt and brushed my teeth twice daily with it. Although some of the unsightly stains were lifted and kept at bay, I didn’t reach my desired shade of BRIGHT WHITE which I wanted so bad…

So, I took to GOOGLE and after searching the internet for a quick fix and a cheap one too, I came across Dentstore’s website – if you guys want to check it out 🙂

My teeth are now sparkly white after using for one month and and is definately my number one beauty essential. I’m so happy I found this website as teeth whitening gels are hard to find in UK.

Dr. Collins is an excellent value gel, 15ml in each syringe with upto 30 full mouth treatments if not more. It has a low sensitivity formula and gentle on teeth and gums. It is also used in over 100 Dental Practices in UK.  It has a thick formula that sticks to teeth and this prevents it from leaking onto gums as well as whitening teeth upto 16 shades lighter 🙂

The kit can be purchased in four strengths (10%, 16%, 22%, 30%) I found 22% was perfect for me and seen an improvement after the first treatment which lasted an hour. Custom made mouthtrays are also available to buy from you just pop them in hot water from the kettle for 60 seconds then put in your mouth to create a mould of your teeth. The gel is then applied inside the tray.

Dr. Collins can give you whiter teeth in a short amount of time. Delivers within two days and FDA approved.

You can buy here or just take a look at Dentstore’s website. They have a huge range of teeth whitening products. Dr. Collins is my favourite –

Would be great to see you on my Facebook page with your results, please share your thoughts, dont be shy 🙂 –


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