Review: Glitter Lips By Beauty Boulevard – Ruby Slippers

Remember how sparkly Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers were from The Wizard Of Oz?Well, that’s how sparkly my lips are right now and I absolutely love them!

I’m a red lippie kinda gir that rarely goes without my red lipstick, so I will definitely be wearing this fabulous little lip product from now on, especially for nights on the tiles!



The packaging is gorge! The little heart at the bottom of box shows the Ruby Slippers glitter dust perfectly. Very pretty 🙂

Inside the box:

⭐ A double-sided applicator brush

⭐ Glitter Lips gloss bond

⭐ Ruby Slippers glitter dust in a little pot.

I believe there are 17 different shade’s to choose from at Glitter Lips By Beauty Boulevard  and they’re £12.50 to buy. 

There is approximately 25 applications per box – so will last for ages.

On the box Glitter Lips states all their glitters stay put for up to eight hours, after testing it out, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will stay on for 50 years if you let it! It has got great staying power! You can drink, eat kiss and party and it won’t affect the glitter on your lips! The Glitter Lips Gloss Bond is good stuff.

On a recent night out – I must have had around 20+ girls ask where they can purchase it. Ha. Everybody loved it. My boyfiend said I looked pretty too and he NEVER says nice things. EVER. Ha-ha!

Applying Glitter Lips

 Apply the Glitter Lips Gloss Bond to your lips like you would a lip-gloss. The bond will appear white and after 30 seconds should be translucent. When the Gloss Bond has dried and is no longer visible, dab the applicator brush into the pot of glitter and apply to your lips by dabbing. Once the bond has been covered in glitter, if you notice any patches dab a little more Gloss Bond onto the glitter-less bits, wait till dried then touch up with glitter.

I applied some red lip-liner on the outline of my lips before I put the glitter dust on.

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_11836798_874806642567172_3213695528638100326_nI think every girl should have some Glitter Lips in their make-up bag!

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