How To Find Out If You Are A Competition Winner On Facebook

If you are a social media ‘comper’ then you will understand how difficult it is finding out if you have won any competitions that you have entered. The average ‘comper’ can enter up 100 Facebook and Twitter competitions daily, if not more. Checking back on each page to see if you’ve been lucky can be time consuming and difficult. Some companies will reply to your telling you that you are the winner, you will get a notification for this, but many post the winner on their wall which is difficult for the winner to see unless they check the page themselves.

Social Searcher is a great website which searches social media platforms. Entering your Facebook name which you use for competitions into the search bar alongside relevant words such as ‘winner, congratulations, congrats, won, giveaway, prize, competition, lucky, well done‘ will bring up Facebook and Twitter posts using the name/words in the search results. You can always mix the words up a little to produce different results in the search.

Clicking here and changing my name into yours is a good one.

Another great tip is to search on google – setting the timescale on the left hand side to past day, past week, month or even year, you can even set which country you would like to see results from. This is a lot harder this way as more results come up most of them being very random and nothing to do with you. –

It is also a good idea to change your Facebook name if random results often come up that is not relevant to you. If your name is Amy Jones on your Facebook account, try changing in in your account settings, adding a middle name or middle initial or even changing the way you spell your name to a more uncommon way it can be spelt. Example – Amy Francine Jones, Aimee F Jones, Aim Francine Jonesy, Amy F Jo, Amy Frank Jones. As these ways of spelling your name is less common, there is more chance your name and the post that mentions your name will come up in search results..

Joining Facebook ‘competition groups’ will help you meet fellow compers who can also tag you if they see your name announced as a winner and they will have plenty of juicy competitions on their wall for you to stalk also.

Twitter competitions will tag you with your Twitter name so that’s pretty easy, but if you want to search anyway type your name into search bar and all mentions of you will come up, i.e @katieroselovesx

Check your email, search your email folders for everything that mentions – won, winner, mentioned you, replied to your comment and congratulations. Don’t forget to check your spam folder too. I have found plenty of wins in my spam folder. Some email companies delete spam after 30 days of it appearing so check often. Check your Facebook messages too as some companies prefer to announce winners by inbox. Particularly look in your Facebook SPAM folder as well as OTHERS folder as many messages from people who are not on your friends list go into these folders

Royal-Pride-Diary-InnerAnother great tip is having a diary / organiser / journal and jotting down the page names and date the competition ends on the date in the diary, so each day you have a list of Facebook pages to check to see if you have won. Some competitions need a certain amount of likes for the prize winner to be announced, you could list these on a separate page so you can keep checking to see if the amount has been reached. Bookmarking important page’s on your computer is great for those competitions you really don’t want to miss out on. Some companies have a time frame in which you can claim your prize from as little as 24 hours so its advisable to check every day or as often as possible.

GOOD LUCK and Happy Comping 🙂


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