Love-Heart Necklace – By Pamela Gray At Allied Jewellery ❤

My Love-Heart Links Necklace ❤
My Love-Heart Links Necklace ❤

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How gorgeous is my necklace! I’m so in love with it and to think I am the only person in the world to have this necklace. I feel so special!  😂

I absolutely love my unique piece, simple yet quirky and elegant too. Hand made silver love-hearts all linked together on a 16 inch sterling silver chain.

The necklace came in a little cute jewellery box and anti tarnish wipes were included to keep my necklace in great condition. This beautiful necklace was a gift from the lovely Pamela Gray who is the jewellery maker at Allied Jewellery.

I have received lots of lovely compliments whilst wearing this and I can’t thank Allied Jewellery enough. I felt so pretty wearing it and teamed it with heart shaped earrings for a friend’s wedding. I will definitely think twice about buying store bought jewellery in future and opt for custom-made jewellery instead.


Allied Jewellery is based in Irvine, which is on the West Coast of Scotland although all UK orders are welcome and will be sent out by delivery. Pamela studied Jewellery Design and Production and graduated in 2011 but has only recently opened her workshop. Her work can be seen on her Facebook page – ALLIED JEWELLERY BY PAMELA GRAY and there will be a website for Allied Jewellery in the near future which I’m so excited about. 😊

“If you are looking for a quirky, one-off piece.

Allied Jewellery is perfect for you”.

Allied Jewellery specializes in handmade and custom-made jewellery for both men and women. Children too. Whatever you want, Pamela Gray can make it for you.

She is a genius ♥


Batman, Robin and Joker Novelty Cufflinks are available to buy from Allied Jewellery. As well as Novelty Big Bang Theory, Ninja Turtles and pretty much every Hero imaginable. Ghost Busters too.

So… who you gonna call?……. Allied Jewellery.  ❤

Sorry. I had an urge. 😂


Pamela is very creative and can make any piece of jewellery special for you. Check out these cuff links inspired by a GRAZZE PERSONAL TRAINING business card.

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If you have a family photograph that you’d like put onto cufflinks, initials, football badge or anything you wish, Allied Jewellery would be very happy to help. Have you lost your favourite piece of jewellery that is no longer available to buy? I’m sure Pamela can help replicate your favourite piece. Maybe you would love to design your own jewellery piece and have Pamela make it for you?

Various Necklace Designs By Allied Jewellery ❤
Various Necklace Designs By Allied Jewellery ❤

All her jewellery designs can be seen by clicking HERE

The Beautiful Daisy Chain Cuff Bracelet ❤
The Beautiful Daisy Chain Cuff Bracelet ❤

Pamela very rarely makes an exact piece of jewellery twice as most of her jewellery is custom-made but of course it is possible if you have seen something you like on her page. I will be asking Pamela to replicate a piece she made for one of her customers. The Daisy Chain Cuff Bangle is without a doubt one of my favourites and will definitely be my next purchase, as well as The Kray’s themed cuff-links for my boyfriend (he is a big gangster movie fan) Not forgetting  ‘Dumb & Dumber’ themed cuff-links for my brother. 😂 They think her designs are brilliant too ❤

Beautiful Locket Ring ❤

Christmas will be a very busy time for Allied Jewellery as Pamela will be making some gorgeous one-off pieces for her customers and has some lovely designs planned. So, if you’re loving her jewellery and would like to order a special gift in time for Christmas, don’t beat around the bush as custom made jewellery is a number one favourite at Christmas time, especially among the ladies.

Us girls love our jewellery. ❤

So, ladies. You know you want to treat yourself! Or why not create a special piece for your Mum, Sister or best friend? From necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches. There are plenty of options to choose from when creating your one-off piece of jewellery. ❤❤❤

Stunning ❤
Stunning ❤

To any boyfriends, fiancées’ or husbands reading this, get your gift orders in for that special lady in your life. Pamela Gray’s designs at Allied Jewellery are perfect for Christmas, Birthday and Valentine gifts or simply because you love treating your lady.  ❤❤❤

Make her smile. 😊🎁

Have you broken her favourite vase or forgot to wash the dishes? Buy her a gift from Allied Jewellery by Pamela Gray! She will NEVER nag again. I promise. 😂

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To contact Pamela for more information or quotes please email her at:

or message her on Facebook – ALLIED JEWELLERY BY PAMELA GRAY

See Allied Jewellery’s unique designs HERE.

Thanks to Pamela Gray and GRAZZE PERSONAL TRAINING for the photographs.

Lots Of Love,

Katie Rose ❤


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