Reprogramming Your Self Image In Five Easy Steps. Simple Visualisation Technique That Works For Me

Who are you… Really?

Lie down.

Close your eyes.

Follow the steps below.

This visualisation technique is great for people with negative self image views about themselves. This will help you to realize how amazing you really are and hopefully by repeating these five steps everyday you will be happier and rebuild your self esteem and confidence.

1. Take a few moments to relax and chill out in a calm environment. Get comfortable and breathe deeply. Close your eyes and feel your muscles relaxing. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be to unleash your imagination.

2. Imagine another YOU standing in front of you. This is the most amazing, wonderful and fabulous YOU that you can imagine. Your Authentic Self. The real, genuine YOU.

3.Take a little while to feel totally happy with the other YOU standing in front of you. Look at the way this other YOU stands, breathes, smiles, walks and talks. Look how the other YOU speaks to others and goes for goals.

4. Now, step out of your body and step into this other YOU, becoming your authentic self.
See through the eyes of your authentic self, hear through the ears of your authentic self and feel how it it feels so amazing to live life as your authentic self!

5. Finish your programming session by taking a minute to daydream about how your life will be different as you live more and more through your authentic self. You could imagine yourself living authentically and happily in various situations, be it from your past, present or future.

By repeating this exercise once daily. (I prefer mornings, before my day starts) you will allow your self image to integrate with your real, authentic self.untitled (3)you_are_beautiful_facebook_timeline_cover

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