Denivit Anti-Stain & Whitening Toothpaste – Review


Have you all heard about Denivit Professional Whitening Toothpaste? I’ve been using it for years and I would literally sob like a baby if it were ever discontinued. The only places I have actually seen it available to buy are Home Bargains, Amazon UK and eBay UK. I don’t think the other shops have realised that this toothpaste is potentially the greatest invention of all time and should be put on a pedestal compared to other brands. No lie.

I’m a smoker and have been since I was a naughty teenager so my smile hasn’t thanked me for that.

A few years ago I started bleaching my teeth with carbamide peroxide gels and although my teeth where whiter and the bleach eventually lifted the stains, I didn’t want to over bleach my teeth by frequently bleaching them and causing damage to my enamel and gums. What I needed was a good two in one anti stain toothpaste that also had the ability to whiten my teeth. I did used to buy Arm & Hammer and Pearl Drops toothpastes but to be honest, they weren’t tough on my stained teeth.

A while back, I was shopping at Home Bargains (my favourite place for bargains) and I noticed this Denivit sitting on the shelves untouched, whilst other toothpaste brands were selling out. I thought I’d give it a go and bought myself one. I’m so glad I didn’t follow the herd and buy a popular brand named toothpaste because Denivit really is the greatest toothpaste of all time and I’m so thankful for it. I’d be so lost without it, I really would and I thought I’d share my love for this toothpaste with you all, explaining how, as a heavy smoker for sixteen years, I still manage to have a white smile. God, sixteen years. I’m so old!

The first time I used this toothpaste I was very happy with the results, after putting a small amount on my toothbrush and brushing my teeth, I could see it was working instantly, even before I had rinsed. Although I still had stains after the first use, (keeping in mind this is not a miracle worker) my teeth looked polished, cleaner and a little brighter. Using 2-3 times a day over a 2 week period the compliments started rolling in. My friends were asking me if I had started bleaching my teeth again and I told them about Denivit toothpaste. For those wondering what it tastes like: Denivit is not minty, not overpowering and has a very light toothpastey (is that a word? 😂) scent and slight liquorice taste. If you’re anything  like me and hate minty toothpastes (they make me nauseous) then crack on, this is the best toothpaste for you.

Click Here To Buy – Denivit Professional Whitening Toothpaste


Now that I’m an advanced Denivit user 😉, I’ve learned a few simple tips and tricks to get the best results from this toothpaste. Sometimes, I add a little salt to my wet toothbrush then apply Denivit over the salt then brush my teeth as normal. This is a hardcore, deep scrub for your teeth as the salt acts like an abrasive and scrubs away those unsightly stains.

Another thing is to brush your teeth with Denivit as normal and leave the toothpaste sitting on your teeth for a few minutes without brushing. When I indulge in a pamper session, whilst having a  bubble bath with a face mask and cucumber slices on my eyes, I also do a tooth mask. Instead of leaving the toothpaste on for a few minutes. I apply the toothpaste directly onto my teeth and leave it on for the duration of my lovely bubble bath. From half an hour to one hour at times.  I must admit I look kind of crazy with my ‘Denivit tooth mask’ on as well as a bright green face and cucumber’s for eyes. Ha-ha. But, yeah, the ‘tooth mask’ really works for me and when rinsed off, I feel as if I’ve had a deep clean.

Denivit Anti-Stain Experts state that this toothpaste is:


Not a smoker? Don’t have stains? Then don’t fret. Denivit works for all types of people (adults only) and non smokers can use this toothpaste too. Great for tea and coffee drinkers and red wine lovers too. I have never known a toothpaste to whiten teeth as well as Denivit does and believe me I have tried them all. Containing sodium fluoride, which prevents tooth decay, this toothpaste is great for everyday use. 😊

There is also a shade tester guide on the packaging to compare your teeth shade before and after using. I was about shade 9-10 before I started using it and I’m now a shade 2 maybe a 1 🙂


Denivit Anti Stain Intense toothpaste is priced around £3 on Amazon UK. Home Bargains did used to sell it cheaper but the last few times I’ve been in they no longer have it in stock!

Click Here To Buy Denivit Anti Stain Toothpaste On Amazon UK

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Lots Of Love ❤

Katie Rose

6 thoughts on “Denivit Anti-Stain & Whitening Toothpaste – Review

  1. DAVID says:

    I agree Miss Rose, Denivit is the best whitening toothpaste I have ever used! Quite shocking that not many people know about it because it is truly amazing… I wouldn’t use anything else!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katie Rose Loves says:

      Hey again David!

      Yes definitely, Denivit is by far the best! I do experiment with others but I don’t think I’ll find another toothpaste as good as it.

      Thanks for your comment dude!


      Katie xxx


  2. j says:

    Discovered this brand recently and noticed the same exact difference in shade you described straight after my first time using it! Was starting to wonder if it was my imagination so it’s good to see you agree. Using salt sounds like a great idea so will have to try it out. A habit I’ve also got into is not rinsing my mouth and just leaving the paste on my teeth till it disappears.The results have been astounding..!

    Liked by 1 person

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