Iridescent Dragonfly Choker Necklace – Jewelsy – Review ❤

Dragonfly Choker Necklace From Jewelsy - £4.99
Dragonfly Choker Necklace From Jewelsy – £4.99

I love pretty jewellery and I’m always on the lookout for quirky costume jewellery and small companies that sell unique handmade pieces. I came across Jewelsy on Twitter and found the link to their fabulous website. After browsing for a little while, I seen this gorgeous dragonfly choker and I just had to have it. It definitely caught my eye. It was only £4.99 from the website and although it was quite cheap to buy, it certainly doesn’t look it. Everybody has been complementing my fab choker and a few have asked me where they can get the dragonfly choker for themselves so I thought I’d do a little short and sweet post to let you all know where you can purchase it.


The choker itself is a white sparkly ribbon and it is the prettiest ribbon I’ve ever seen. If it sparkles, then Katie Rose loves it! The dragonfly pendant is truly beautiful. Rose gold tone, with a beautiful colourful rhinestones.


I absolutely love my necklace and I’ve wore it on every girls night out since I received it! ❤


Jewelsy also have lots of other fabulous pieces and everything on the website is pretty cheap and so damn pretty. I’ve seen a few other things I’m destined to buy, so will post a few more pictures once I have bought them. 😊

You can buy the Iridescent Dragonfly Choker for £4.99 by clicking HERE

Use code: brandnew for 25% off your order! Valid whole of September. Woohoo!

Hey lovelies! As you may have noticed, we decided to give the Jewelsy store a spruce up, making it prettier and more user friendly, yipee! And did we mention the huge amount of new jewels, eeep sorry bank accounts ;p but because we’re awesome we have a code especially for the occasion, use code: brandnew  for 25% off your order! To make this even sweeter, the code is valid all of September, woo! Happy shopping fabulous ones ♡  Silvana ✿

If you’d like any more info about Jewelsy then check out their website and social media pages! All links are below. ❤


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Lots of Love

Katie Rose ❤


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