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Hello ladies!

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! I’m so happy… x have sent me my absolute favourite lip product of all time. Can you guess what it is?


Yes, I’ve been sent Lip Voltage! Woohoo! Lip Voltage, in my opinion is the best thing since sliced bread… If you have seen my photograph’s you’re probably thinking I don’t need to plump my lips as they are kinda big already.

The reason I love wearing Lip Voltage is not to make my lips bigger as much, but instead more fuller and even. Let’s face it! My bottom lip is like a dingy boat, haha. If I was stranded at sea, I reckon I would be pretty safe. It’s huge compared to my top lip. So I like to make my top lip a little fuller with Lip Voltage so the overall appearance of my lips seem more even.

If my bottom lip was the same size as my top lip you would say I had skinny lips! If my top lip was the same size as my bottom lip I would probably be close to Angelina Jolie lips. God damn you top lip you have ruined my life! 😂 So yeah, basically, I wear Lip Voltage to plump up my anorexic top lip so its closer in size to my chunky bottom lip.

Where Have You Been All My Life

I’ve been trying to get hold of some lip voltage for ages. Without any luck. It seems most websites who advertise that they sell it, no longer do or say it is out of stock until further notice. Many websites’ have said they would e-mail me as soon as it’s back in stock, but they never have. I figure I’ll be a 90-year-old woman before they get around to it!

I searched google and after clicking on a few websites, I was quickly back on my Lip Voltage search after discovering there wasn’t any available to buy. A few years back when Lip Voltage was at its most popular, sweeping the female nation, it was fairly easy to find a supplier. But, nowadays it seems to have vanished!

So, can you imagine how happy I was when I found out To Make You Gorgeous had some in stock.

What, Why, How & When

I’m sure most of you are aware what Lip Voltage is. For those who aren’t, I’m going to fill you in on the basics and hopefully help you to understand what Lip Voltage is, why you should use it and of course, how to use it! So, here goes…

What is Lip Voltage

Lip Voltage is a plumping lip gloss made by Dreamweave & Co. It is a non-injectable lip plumper. It is a quick absorbing peptide lip treatment, using Nano technology to fill and give volume to the lips. You can control how much plump you want in your pout by literally ‘mixing up’ the voltage of this duo lip product.

By adding a VBE* infused lip plumper to the peptide treatment, mixing the formula together to achieve your desired ‘voltage’.

The combined ingredients increases the blood flow to your lips, mimicking the effects of hot chilli peppers.

*VBE (Vanillyl Butyl Ether) is a chemical formulation that induces an enduring, gentle warming and enhanced microcirculation to enhance and plump the lips.

You can customise the strength of the voltage to low, medium and high voltage, which boosts the plumping effect in just a few drops!

Lip Voltage comes in a small box containing  peptide in clear case with a wand applicator, which basically looks like a regular lip gloss. A syringe filled with VBE* serum is included as well as instructions. It is very important that first time users read the instructions before using the product.


Why Do People Use Lip Voltage

There are lots of reasons why somebody would use Lip Voltage. The main one obviously being to achieve bigger lips.
Myself personally, as mentioned above, use it to make both my top and bottom lip similar in size. It’s also used to make skinny lips appear bigger, bigger lips more even and uneven lips more fuller.

The great thing about Lip Voltage is with frequent use over time, the treatment eventually builds collagen in your lips to create softer, fuller lips. So another reason people use Lip Voltage is to gradually improve the look of the lips even when not wearing the product.

I also think people use it as an alternative to cosmetic surgery. I certainly do! Many people simply cannot afford lip fillers and if like myself, they are PETRIFIED of needles. So instead of having lip injections to make their lips bigger, people choose the cheaper, safer and easier alternative by plumping their lips with Lip Voltage instead.

Beauty is pain, yes! But, when it comes down to needles, frankly, I’m a big wimp! So, hooray for Lip Voltage! 😊

How To Use Lip Voltage


After reading the instructions that come with the Lip Voltage, take the VBE serum (syringe) and apply one drop into the peptide (lip gloss).  Place the applicator wand back into the gloss and mix for about 60 seconds and you’re ready to go….

Now use the Lip Voltage gloss on your lips like you would a normal lip gloss, paying more attention to the area’s you specifically want plumping. Within a minute or so you will see that the Voltage is working and will definitely feel it working!

TIP – Apply some Lip Voltage above the cupids bow for more dramatic results.


Please don’t make the same mistake as me when I first used it a few years back. I wasn’t sure how much serum to put into the gloss so I asked who I thought was my intelligent boyfriend to put the serum into the gloss for me. The end results basically concluded that I was the brains in our relationship as the dope accidentally put the whole of the serum into the gloss.

His excuse was he thought that all of the serum should go into the gloss! NO, NO, NO! 😂

So, when he handed me the mixed Lip Voltage I didn’t know he had put it all in! 😂 Can you imagine my face! My lips felt like I had a volcano erupting on my lips. It was so bad. What he done was a sackable offence. He really should count himself lucky that I didn’t dump his ass! 😂

So, ladies. Don’t get a man to mix the Voltage for you. They are brain-dead! 😂 Do it yourself! Be gentle when putting the serum into the peptide gloss as it comes out pretty quick and if you press too hard on the syringe, more serum will come out than intended. 😊

After You Have Applied Lip Voltage

Actually mixing it and using it, is not the difficult part. The hardest part is keeping it on  after you’ve applied it. Ha-ha.

I’m not going to lie to you lady’s… IT HURTS LIKE A BITCH! 👊

Imagine rubbing hot chilli powder over your lips. Imagine your lips being on fire! 😂 Pretty much, this is how it feels. But, the feeling is over within ten minutes so don’t be put off!

So keep this in mind when applying the VBE serum to the peptide gloss. The more drops you apply to the gloss, the more intense the chilli sensation is, so one drop first before increasing slowly if you desire more voltage.

A Little Guideline

The more Voltage drops you apply, the more it will hurt! So I really wouldn’t recommend adding more than three drops. One drop doesn’t affect me but I can definitely feel the burn after using three drops.

1 Drop – Low Voltage

2 Drops – Medium Voltage

3 Drops – High Voltage

4+ Drops – Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!

It does sting for a while after applying the Lip Voltage but the sensation stops after around ten minutes. So just wait it out. Man up and handle the chilli feeling. 👊

Period pain is much worse! 😉😂

Here are my before and after pictures… Eat your heart out Kylie Jenner 😂😂😂


So ladies I hope you have enjoyed reading my Lip Voltage Review. Remember, whether you want a plumped-up perfected pout, or simply natural, soft, beautiful lips, Lip Voltage lets you mix it up and plump it up for the lips you’ve always wanted!

This really is one beauty must-have at the top of every ladies wish-list. A big favourite with women, celebrities and make-up artists worldwide.

If you would like to buy some Lip Voltage for yourself then head over to to snap some up. It is only £13.99 to buy. Bargain, eh!

Oh and if any of my male followers are reading, boyfriends’, husbands’ and fiancées’ – Little bit of advice for you…  buy her something she will love… Lip Voltage is the perfect gift for us ladies, especially makeup lovers like myself and with Christmas coming up, instead of buying a predictable gift for the special lady in your life, this year, be a star and surprise her with some Lip Voltage on Christmas morning… I guarantee you will put a smile on her face. You will certainly put a pout on her face, no doubt about that! 😉




Thanks to ‘To Make You Gorgeous’ I have one Lip Voltage to give away to one of my lucky followers’. If you head over to my Facebook page ‘What Katie Rose Loves‘ you can enter by commenting on the Lip Voltage – Competition Post. A winner will be picked at complete random from all valid entries. (You must LIKE/FOLLOW both pages ‘What Katie Rose Loves‘ and ‘To Make You Gorgeous‘ to be entered into the prize draw.) Best of luck!

Girls guess what? ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! Hooray! How generous is the team at ‘To Make You Gorgeous‘! There is currently a competition running over on their Facebook page, as well as another on my page! This time, one lucky lady will win a prize worth over £100 so get over there and enter the prize draw! You will find the competition post on their timeline. You can also enter on Twitter too. Winner announced on 14th of December 2015. Links are below 🙂


Good Luck!

To Make You Gorgeous – Website

To Make You Gorgeous – Facebook

To Make You Gorgeous – Twitter

Is Lip Voltage potentially the greatest lip product in the beauty industry? I vote YES!

What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your views on Lip Voltage! 😊

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love

Katie Rose ❤

p.s I was also sent the new ‘ICE UP THE VOLTAGE’  so keep a look out for my review on that. Instead of a hot chilli sensation like ‘MIX UP THE VOLTAGE’ Ice Up The Voltage has a cooler, frosty sensation. I’m super excited to share my review with you all! Ice Up The Voltage is now available to buy at To Make You Gorgeous.


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  1. Katie Rose Loves says:

    You should give it a go hun. It does tingle but I think it’s bearable. If you’d prefer not to have the hot tingle you can get Ice It Up instead of Mix It Up for a cool, icy tingle. Let me know if you go ahead and get some I’d love to know what you think an out it 😘 xxx


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