Review: Lip Smacker – Best Flavour Forever – Fizzy Drink Flavoured Lip Balms

I popped in to B&M last week to pick up some bits & bobs and I came across this Lip Smacker ‘Best Flavour Forever’ lip balm set in fizzy drink flavours for just £2.99. The set comes in a box and has four flavoured lip balms included: Sprite, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Vanilla and Orange Fanta. I love shopping at B&M and I always come out of the shop with loads of beauty bargains and gorgeous things – although I didn’t know they sold Lip Smacker products so I was thrilled when I seen these sets on the shelves. I have never used any of Lip Smackers balms before but I’ve had them on my ‘to buy list’ for ages after reading some reviews by a few of my fave beauty bloggers so I couldn’t wait to try them out for myself and I bought a few sets – one for myself and a couple to give out as gorgeous little gifts this Christmas.


Lip Smacker Flavoured Lip Balms

 I drink about 2-3 cans of Coke every day so you know I had to try the Coca-Cola lip balm out first – It seriously tastes like the real thing and my lips feel softer after using! Next I tried the Coca-Cola Vanilla lip balm – I don’t like the actual drink and prefer the classic Coca-Cola drink instead but the lip balm tastes and smells fabulous. I love, love, love how vanilla smells so this balm is oneof my favourites out the four, just because it smells amazing. Like the other lip balms, it moisturises dry lips and soothes chapped skin as well as keeping the lips protected, nourished and soft. The Sprite flavoured lip balm tastes exactly like the actual drink and I couldn’t stop licking my lips when I put it on. Now I’ve saved the best till last – the Orange Fanta Flavoured Lip Balm is without a doubt my favourite out of the four! I’m not really a fan of the Orange Fanta drink but the lip balm is gorgeous! It’s smells like oranges – zesty & zingy, and it is so much more vibrant in both taste and smell than the other three and I really love it!

I absolutely love this little set. I’ve tried them all out on my chapped lips and I’m actually surprised at how well they moisturise the lips. I did think they would just be novelty lip balms but they really do nourish the lips and prevent them from becoming dry and chapped. They all smell great, look great and feel great on my lips. I think the set would make a fab little stocking filler, it is a perfect gift especially for those who suffer with dry lips at this time of year. This set will keep the lips soft all throughout winter and it is great value for money at just £2.99.

DISCLOSUREI bought this product with my own money.




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