B&M does Lip Smacker Coca Cola Flavoured Lip Balms. Only £2.99. One Word. Lush!

Hey Pretty Ladies…

I was out shopping yesterday and as you may know by now I love a good bargain. Especially bargain stores that sells various things at low prices! It’s pretty hard for me to stay out of shops like Home Bargains, Poundland and B&M. Even though most of the stuff they sell is cheap to buy I find myself spending alot more than I would at a dearer store. I see things and think to myself, “WOW, only £1” and pop whatever it is into my basket, then I see a million other things and before you know it I’m walking out of the store £100 down! 😂 I just can’t help myself.

So, yesterday I popped into B&M to empty my purse and noticed a shelf full of Lip Smacker Coca-Cola Lip Balms. Now, I’ve never tried these before but I have seen lots of other bloggers raving about them – so I had to try them out.


Anyway, I bought a few at £2.99 each. One set for me and a few to give as Christmas presents to my friends & family. Hopefully they’ll be as chuffed as me, eh!

One box contains four lip balms in the popular flavours: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Orange Fanta and Sprite.


They are perfect for girls who suffer with dry, chapped lips in the Autumn/Winter months and they would make a wonderful stocking filler too. Great for kids over 6 years old too and if they are anything like my niece who’s 6, they will be pretty amazed at the little lip balms. She thinks they are magical! Ha-ha!

Before I actually tried them out I thought they would be rubbish but after trying them, I can honestly say they really do taste like the fizzy drinks they are named after.

Coca-Cola Flavoured Lip Balm


I’m addicted to Coke! (Coca-Cola) 😂 Although it can be unhealthy if drank too often, there is rarely a day I go without a can or two so I had to try the Coca-Cola flavoured lip balm first.

Yes, it tastes like coke and moisturises my lips pretty good too! Perfect for my chapped lips which I always seem to have in the cold weather.

Coca-Cola Vanilla Flavoured Lip Balm


I’m not a fan of the actual Coca-Cola Vanilla drink but the flavoured lip balm tastes and smells fabulous. I actually love vanilla so this balm is one of my favourites out the four. It moisturises and sooths chapped lips as well as keeping healthy lips supple and cared for. What more could you want in a lip balm!

Sprite Flavoured Lip Balm


As with the others the Sprite flavoured lip balm tastes pretty similar to the actual drink too. It melts chapped skin on my lips and leaves them smooth, soft and kissable. I’m really surprised as I thought the balms were just novelty lip balms, but they really do take care of your lips too.

Orange Fanta Flavoured Lip Balm


My favourite! I can’t stand to drink Orange Fanta but the Fanta flavoured lip balm is the best out of the four in my opinion. Its zesty, zingy and is more vibrant in taste and smell than the other three! I love it! 😊

Where To Buy

You can get some Coca Cola Flavoured Lip Balms by Lip Smacker for £2.99 from B&M stores throughout the UK. eBay, Amazon and other shops sell them too but they are a little cheaper at B&M stores!



Lots of Love,

Katie Rose ❤

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