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I was sent the MAXFACTOR Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara to try out and write an honest review. So here goes… 😊

The new Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara from MAXFACTOR promises a very lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh down the lashes, no matter how much of it you put on. One coat or ten coats. Lashes are left velvety smooth, touchably soft with not a clump in sight. Lashes will be fuller, darker and more volumised. 😊

Max Factor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara - The Make Up Spot

The mascara has been formulated with an anti brittle mousse for a velvety lash feel. The thick yet lightweight formula builds volume to your lashes quick and easily, while the comb wand which has anti clump bristles coats and separates the lashes evenly – defining and plumping!





Maxfactor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara is opthamologically tested so it is safe and suitable for those who wear contact lenses.

What I Love About The Mascara

I’ll be completely truthful, when I first received the mascara I was a little disappointed. If you have seen my previous mascara reviews, you will know that I love my chunky mascara wands and pretty much steer clear from the comb wands. Yes, well, the Velvet Volume mascara has a comb wand. 👊

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Still, I was obliged to try it out and have since changed my mind about mascara’s with comb wands and will definitely be more likely to purchase them in future after trying this. It’s safe to say that I’m now converted from a chunky brush lover to a comb lover, I loved the end results. This mascara is now a favourite of mine. My other mascaras’ are just sitting there, waiting to be used.

Without eye make-up, my eyelashes are really short and fair. I have ghost eyelashes! They are so bloody see-through, it looks as if I just have eyelids and eyeballs! 😂 So, having the right mascara is a big must for me as without it I look poorly. I really do! 😂


My eyelashes are brittle looking too. They are so thin and weak that when I try to build them up and put a bit of volume in to them, 9 times out of 10 I end up with spider eyes and clumpy eyelashes. One of the many reasons I love the MAXFACTOR Velvet Volume Mascara is because no matter how much I put on, be it one coat or fifty coats, (yes, I’ve done it!) it never clumps my lashes.

I prefer the natural look myself. I hate it when it looks so obvious that I’m wearing make-up and with this mascara, my eyelashes stay natural looking but still has length and volume – making me feel like a natural beauty, ha-ha! 😉

There are lots of mascaras out there that once applied and dried, (I’m a poet) feels rough to touch within a few minutes. Maxfactor Velvet Volume lives up to it’s name and leaves them silky and velvety, no matter how many coats I have on or how long for!

The best thing about this mascara is the definition. The brush combs and applies the product on every lash, even the tiniest ones near the inner eye.  It doesn’t flake or smudge throughout the day and stays put too. It is the perfect mascara for a daytime look that appears really natural looking and fresh, it also looks super glam on a girls night out too, especially when teamed with black kohl eyeliner and liquid liner.


TIP: Never pump your mascara wand in and out of the mascara tube – the trapped air dries it out. 😊

What I Don’t Like

I’ve seen a few bloggers rant and rave about this mascara and a few that don’t really rate it.
For me, the only negative thing about this mascara, is the applicator wand/brush. The brush is plastic and hard which doesn’t bend so I find applying it close to my bottom lash-line hurts a bit, basically, it feels uncomfortable. Although it combs my top lashes perfectly, making sure there are no ugly clumps – applying the mascara to my bottom lashes isn’t as easy as applying it to my top. One coat on my bottom lash is okay but if I want them super voluminous, I’ve found that applying too many coats with the comb wand, makes my bottom lash-line a little bit sensitive. Although that wont put me off using it again and again. The pros’ outweigh the cons! 😊

Promotional Post / Free Product Sample

As a blogger,  I get sent free products to try out and once I’ve tried it and liked, its often that I don’t buy the product again once I’ve used it. So, you know when a beauty product is top dollar by buying it again once you have used the promotional sample (free product). I’ve been using this mascara since November 2015 so I will certainly, 100% be buying another Velvet Volume Mascara when I eventually run out. 😊

I’ve always loved MAXFACTOR mascara’s much more than any other brand. I really do think they are the best mascara makers out there.

Where To Buy & How Much

If you want to get your hands on one for yourself, check out the make-up aisle in Superdrug, Asda and Boots. It is available to buy anywhere and everywhere. You can get it from eBay and Amazon UK too. It is priced around £8.99.

So yep, I love it. I’ve now got myself a new favourite mascara. 👌


Checkout the Velvet Volume, First Impression video by YouTube Vlogger, Camille Frederikke here.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day! 😊

Lots of Love

Katie Rose ❤

*PR Product which was sent to me for an honest review.

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