House Of Holland – Elegant Touch ‘Nail Art’ False Nails | Review ❤

House of Holland has teamed up with Elegant Touch to create a gorgeous range of false nail designs. The nails I’m reviewing today are called ‘Nail Art’. I’ve never used House of Holland false nails before so I’m excited to try these babies out. They are a little bit more expensive than other false nails out there, but in comparison, they look more expensive than the cheaper ones. I’ve always used Elegant Touch’s false nails in the past and I’ve had no complaints! I saw the House of Holland ‘Nail Art’ False Nails in the January sale at NEXT and I just had to get them! They look super cool! 😍 House Of Holland False Nails are normally priced around £8-£11 but I got these for £3.99.


In the ‘Nail Art’ box there are 24 fabulously decorated nails in 10 different sizes with 6 different designs, including nail glue and a nail file, as well as an instruction leaflet.



Applying Them

I found it a doddle and pretty easy to apply these nails. As long as you have prepared your nails properly, things should go smoothly. (Don’t forget to push those cuticle’s down). Most of you will probably know how to apply false nails to your fingernails, but for those who don’t… CLICK HERE for a quick tutorial on how to apply false nails!

Taking Them Off

I only put the nails on yesterday, so haven’t got round to taking them off yet!  (I want them to stay on for as long as possible!) You should never try to forcibly remove false nails as this will cause damage to your own nails. You can get some Elegant Touch – Get ‘Em Off False Nail Remover from most beauty outlets. It is £2.65 to buy from boots.

 CLICK HERE To Buy Some Elegant Touch Get ‘Em Off Nail Remover From BOOTS.

How Long Do They Stay On

Apparently, according to the instruction leaflet – they should stay on for around 10 days. I’ve had cheaper nails stay on longer than 10 days so maybe, being more expensive, they might last a bit longer than 10 days. I hope so, because I love them, ha-ha. I will keep you updated!

What I Like

Before I put them on, I instantly liked the nail design, which is kind of retro, pop art, comic type of thing. There is a design based on what looks like a rubrics cube, a poodle balloon design and a beautiful blue eye with a tear falling down onto a red and white polka dot background.


The nails are also very strong and durable so there is a slim chance of them cracking or breaking. As well as the quality of them, I love how it looks as if I’ve had my nails done at a beauty salon.



What I Don’t Like

Nothing really! I’m very happy with them! The only thing is, they are quite long nails so typing on your mobile phone might be a little difficult at first, until you’re used to them.

Where To Buy

As mentioned above I got my nails from the NEXT sale for £3.99. Unfortunately, Next haven’t any left in stock but you can get some direct from The House Of Holland Website for £9.

CLICK HERE to buy The ‘Nail Art’ False Nails – £9

CLiCk HERE to see other designs created by House Of Holland | Elegant Touch


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