PRO:VOKE Hair Colour Remover – Extra Strength | REVIEW

Hiya loves…

This is just a little post to show  to show you how I got on with the Pro:Voke – Hair Colour Remover. Hair colour remover’s are great for removing previous hair colour and box dye colours as well as fixing hair that has gone wrong!


After shopping for a hair colour remover, I came across this colour remover in Home Bargains. It was only £3.99. I did intend to buy COLOR B4 or Colour Oops but I thought I would give Pro:Voke a try. Compared to the more popular brands, the Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover is much cheaper, with the popular brands costing around £10-£15 a box. At first, I did think it wasn’t going to work as well, simply because it was cheaper and I’d never heard of it before but after doing my research I found out Pro:Voke also make the Touch Of Silver Shampoo’s & Toners (a.k.a Purple Shampoo) so I was a little more confident using it as Touch Of Silver shampoo’s are brilliant. Especially for toning brassy blonde hair.

What’s in the box…

Activator Bottle (1)
Remover Bottle (2)
Finisher Bottle (3)

What you’ll need…

A Comb
A Plastic Carrier Bag or Clingfilm (optional)
A Wool Hat (optional)

How to use…

Using it is very easy, the instructions are clear and simple to understand, mixing and application to your hair is easy too. You simply pour bottle (1) into bottle (2) and shake. You then cut off the tab of bottle (2) and apply to hair. Wrap your hair up with the plastic bag / Clingfilm and put the hat on your head, over the bag. Leave on for 30minutes and rinse, rinse, rinse! Apply half of bottle (3) to your hair and work up a lather. Leave the mixture on your hair for 5 minutes and rinse, rinse, rinse then repeat the last step – applying the other half of bottle (3) lathering, leaving on for 5 minutes and rinsing. It’s fairly simple to use and if the instructions written in the leaflet (included in the box) are followed, things should go to plan!

(The instruction leaflet doesn’t say to put clingfilm and a hat on, but doing this will help to keep the heat in, making the mixture reach its full potential.)

A little hair history…

The last time I coloured my hair was August 2015. I basically went from jet black hair to platinum blonde in just seven days. Before I bleached my hair, I had long, luscious locks that were shiny and healthy but being the impatient, lunatic that I am, I ended up with shorter, frizzier and damaged hair. I was also left skint, ha-ha. 😂 After spending over £80 on COLOR B4, bleach powders, developers and box dyes as well as making two separate trips to the hairdressers – going blonde in a week must have cost me around £300. 👊 Yeah, I did manage to get blonde hair from black but because it was porous and a very damaged it didn’t look as nice as it would of if it was healthy.


Light Brown

I put a ‘light brown’ on over the blonde but after getting bored of it I put a ‘natural black’ box dye over the light brown and decided to try and get my hair healthy again.


Fast forward to January 2016 and I haven’t dyed it since the natural black box dye I put on in August. Yesterday, my hair was kind of faded black with blonde/grey streaks in various places. Instead of putting another black dye on my hair, I’ve decided to try to remove the black colour and dye it a medium brown / dark brown instead.


After using Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover


What I Liked …

I just liked the fact it worked! Ha-ha. ☺

I am going to put another one in a few days so hopefully it will go even lighter.

I also liked how it was much cheaper than other brands but it still did the same job.

You may know that I love my bargains and I believe the Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover is just that! So I like that too!

What I Didn’t Like…

It smells like absolute SHIT! Not a nice smell at all! 😂

It would be much more pleasant if it smelled pretty, but all hair colour removers smell eggy for some reason so its nothing to worry about. You will need a clothes peg for your nose! 😂

After 20 minutes of the Colour Remover being on my hair, my hair looked so light and I was happy because I loved the colour, it was like a dark caramel blonde – but when washed off and dried, although it was lighter – it was not caramel blonde. The end results were more like a medium golden brown. Got my hopes up a little bit, didn’t I! 😢😂

I also hated how my hair felt after washing the finisher (3) out of my hair. It felt awful and I had to take extra care when combing so my hair didn’t snap or break. I found that half drying my hair, first (with a hairdryer) made it more easier to comb. (Once it was combed and dried though, it looked okay and felt smooth and soft.)


The Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover has taken me from black to a medium brown. The colour is not as light as the light brown I had before I dyed it black but it is noticeably lighter. I actually like the colour it is now, a warm medium brown which is close to my natural colour. My hair did feel crap after putting the Finisher (3) on but I’m surprised at how healthy and shiny it looks after styling. I would definitely repurchase this colour remover in the future and I do recommend it – It has worked for me!

Where To Buy…

I got mine from Home Bargains for £3.99. You can also buy it here on Amazon UK.

Katie ❤

Be a babe and follow me on Instagram – @katieroseloves


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