7th Heaven / Montagne Jeunesse – Creamy Coconut Face Mask | REVIEW

Hiya Loves…

I remember when I first discovered 7th Heaven Face Masks’ along time ago when the brand was known as Montagne Jeunesse. I would buy one of the face mask sachets every week out of my pocket money, picking a different one each time. Somewhere along the line, as I got older and started trying out different brands and other skincare products – I forgot all about 7th Heaven and the weekly pamper sessions I’d have with a face mask on, sliced cucumbers on my eyes and chilling out in my bedroom listening to Britney Spears on the radio – thinking I was all grown up. Those were the days. πŸ˜‚

I saw the masks again and I thought I’d have a blast from the pastΒ  – minus the Britney this time round! I stocked up on a few sachets and the first one I tried was the ‘Creamy Coconut’ which comes in a 15ml sachet filled with pulped Coconut, Shea Butter and Ground Cocoa.


Like all of 7th Heaven’s products, the Creamy Coconut mask is cruelty-free and PETA approved. I twill work best for tired and dry skin (my skin-type) but I’m not sure how it will work for other skin types.Β  First of all, let me just say how amazing this mask smells! It has a very mild and creamy coconut scent and the mask itself has a creamy consistency. After applying the mask to my face, I felt it lightly harden as it dried. Not as hard as a clay mask though!


It is recommended to leave the face mask on for 15 minutes – I left mine on for longer but my skin was fine and warm water removed it easily. After removing the mask and patting dry, my skin was smoothΒ  and soft and my complexion a little brighter! I also got two face masks out of one sachet too so result! I’m definitely going to add the Creamy Coconut mask to my favourites. I’ve got no complaints at all.Β πŸ‘Œ

I have read a few reviews on thisΒ  for this mask a it seems a few people have experienced burning after applying it – I, personally had no problems at all with this mask but if you have then please contact 7th Heaven and let them know – their email address is:Β jess@montagnejeunesse.com

DISCLOSURE: I bought this with my own money!


Take a look at all 7th Heaven products on Amazon UK here.

You can also buy at Boots, Superdrug, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Home Bargains.

Website: www.my7thheaven.com

Which 7th Heaven face mask should I try next?

Love, Katie x

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10 thoughts on “7th Heaven / Montagne Jeunesse – Creamy Coconut Face Mask | REVIEW

    • What Katie Rose Loves says:

      Thanks Susana πŸ™‚ I know right, I’m gonna try the Dead Sea Mud Pac tonight which is hard drying. I’ll have to bextra careful and watch the clock otherwise I’ll have to get the chisel out haha. Thanks for reading lovely! xxx


  1. Trish Killen says:

    I get mine from same place hun. The cucumber peel-off and the black seaweed masks are my faveourites! Can I just say It’s so obvious that youre from liverpool! Home and bargains, lol. You scouse legend, my boyfriend is from Liverpool and he says it too, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katie Rose Loves says:

      Hey Trish,

      Oh god I tried so hard to keep the ‘&’ out too. Ha-ha. You can take the girl out of Liverpool but you can’t take Liverpool out of the girl, hey. He-he.

      I have tried the Cucumber Peel Off mask but not the Black Seaweed one, sounds great… I’ll definitely be trying that one out!

      Thanks for your comment Trish.

      Love Kate xxx


  2. Anonymous says:

    I seriously don’t reccomend this product me and my friend got it and it burnt our faces we will be putting a complaint about it to the shop


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