Insomnia | Lavender Essential Oil From Pure Aromatherapy combined with Sleep Hypnosis by Eddini💤

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I thought I would do a little post about my favourite ways to use Lavender Essential Oil and how combined with relaxation techniques, it has helped me to sleep better.

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Since I was 18 I have taken over the counter sleeping pills from the chemist – which isn’t the safest & cleverest of ideas I know but they have helped me get a good nights kip many a times.

Lately,  I’ve been worried about serious side effects because of long term use as well as HATING how the tablets made me feel upon waking, I’d still be drowsy, groggy and my concentration span was non-existent. So, I’ve decided to swap my sleeping tablets with some healthier alternatives instead.

For the past few months I’ve been using Lavender Essential Oil combined with a few relaxation techniques before bedtime (my favourite being sleep hypnosis) in replacement of sleeping pills for my insomnia. I’ve also changed a few of my night-time habits such as exercising before 6pm, avoiding energy drinks such as Red Bull and Lucozade and not drinking coffee late in the evening and opting for a hot chocolate, a milky horlicks or a fruit tea instead. I’m loving pomegranate tea! 😍


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What is Lavender Essential Oil?

We get Lavender Essential Oil from the lavender plant (Lavandula Angustifolia). It is made by steam distillation of the flower buds just before opening. Lavender is a pretty evergreen shrub that produces purple flowers and sage green leaves. Lavender Essential Oil has a sweet, floral, herbaceous and slightly woody scent.

Lavender Essential Oil is not only good for insomnia. Here’s a list of what this little magic oil can treat:

Nervous: anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, insomnia, migraines.
Skin: burns including radiography burns, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, spots, wounds, impetigo.
Digestive: liver problems, weak digestion, nausea, cramps, flatulence, congested bile
Respiratory: bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, TB, asthma.
Immune: infections, inflammations, fever, tonsillitis, candida.
Muscular-skeletal: arthritis, muscle ache and fatigue.
Endocrine/Reproductive: regulates/stimulates menstrual cycle, assists childbirth, PMT, cramps, menopause.
Urinary: cystitis.

Did you know?

The latin name Lavandula comes from lavere meaning ‘to wash’. Lavender was extensively used by the Romans in their baths.


How Can I Use Lavender Essential Oil To Help Me Sleep Better?

On Your Temples

Rubbing one or two drops of Lavender Essential Oil into your temples.

In An Oil Burner

I use my Lavender Essential Oil just before bedtime when I’m ready to settle down and relax. I’ll put a few drops of the oil into my oil burner and place it on my bedside table whilst I read a book or take a bath. When I’m ready to sleep the scent of the lavender prepares me for sleep quicker and helps to calm my body and relax my mind. My bedroom is filled with the sweet and calming lavender aroma and I find it easier to drift off to sleep without constantly tossing and turning for an hour or more. To use Lavender Essential Oil in a oil burner you will need an oil burner and some tealights. I got about 100 tealights for about £3 off Amazon UK.

In Your Bath

My favourite way to use lavender essential oil is by placing a few drops into my bath whilst the hot water is running. It is recommended to put about 5-8 drops in but I go overboard with about 10-15 drops, ha-ha. (I never follow instructions, my bad!) I also keep my windows shut to stop the steam and the lavender aroma from escaping and my bathroom is transformed into my very own little steam room. I relax in the lavender bath for about 10-30 minutes and it feels so peaceful and soothing especially when I play some calming, meditation music on my mobile phone/iPad. I’ve found lots of relaxing sounds and music on YouTube and I’ve listened to them all – yoga music, thunder and rainfall sounds, Amazon Rainforest and jungle sounds, beach waves, waterfalls and lots of others. A hot bath with drops of lavender oil in, a few candles lit and some calming music = total BLISS!

On A Tissue

A few drops of Lavender Essential Oil onto a tissue then placed under your pillow will help to relax you before and during bedtime. Sniffing the tissue will allow you to inhale the beautiful aroma and feel its sedative effects.

On Your Pillow

You can sprinkle a few drops onto your pillow. This is another favourite of mine. I like to listen to some insomnia and sleep hypnosis videos on YouTube too. Eddini is my favourite. If you’re having trouble sleeping, I really recommend giving sleep hypnosis a whirl. With the aroma of the Lavender Essential Oil and Eddini and his soothing voice helping me to relax, I fall asleep within 10 minutes. I’m so happy with my new bedtime routine.


I have been using my Lavender Essential Oil every night religiously! I can’t get enough of it! I’ve been putting it in my bath, on my pillow, my temples, and my skin – basically everywhere. I’ve even Googled if you can put it into tea. 😂 I’ve yet to try this though! I just love the sweet fragrance of lavender fills my home and I’m actually amazed how Lavender Essential Oil really does has relaxing properties and amazing sedative effects. To be honest before I tried it I thought using lavender for sleeping problems was just a load of BULL and an old wives tale but I’ve found it really helps me to relax and chill out before I go to bed.

I’ve also found using Lavender Essential Oil before bedtime helps me to wake up more refreshed. When I was taking sleeping tablets I felt so rough the morning after when I finally dragged myself out of bed. It was a horrible feeling. The tablets made me have poor concentration and an awful cloudy, foggy brain feeling which took a while to wear off. When I was taking the pills, I would wake each morning and feel like I had been hard-core partying the night before and it felt like I had a hangover every morning! Since I’ve ditched the sleeping pills and started using Lavender Essential Oil along with some relaxation techniques I’ve woken up happier, refreshed, focused and fresh as a daisy. 😊

Obviously Lavender Essential Oil isn’t a cure but it has certainly helped. I’ve now got a healthier sleep routine before I go to bed such as avoiding coffee after 3pm, using the bedroom to sleep only and movies in bed is out of the window. Drinking Horlicks or a hot milky drink before bedtime is a must! I’ve also bought a good alarm clock and I try to wake up the same time every day and go to bed the same time every night (even on weekends). I aim for 6-7 hours of sleep each night. In my personal experience, combining Lavender Essential Oil with sleep hypnosis and meditation music and other relaxation techniques definitely helps to me sleep quicker, stay asleep and wake up feeling bright and energised.

If your insomnia / lack of sleep or quality of sleep is affecting your daily life and your health, I would advise you to visit your doctor for professional help & advice. 🏥

Where To Buy?

I bought my 10ml bottle of Lavender Essential Oil from the lovely Kathryn Anne over at to help me relax and unwind before bedtime. Kathryn Anne is a qualified holistic therapist and aromatherapist and the owner of Pure Aromatherapy which sells everything aromatherapy – body lotions, carrier oils, massage creams, hand creams, essential oils, reed diffusers and pretty gift sets and lots more. I started using some of Pure Aromatherapy’s amazing lotions & creams for my hands, face and body a while back and I’m still using them to this day. They smell absolutely amazing! You can read my review for them here.

Kathryn Anne Lavender Essential Oil comes in a 10ml glass amber bottle with a black screw top lid that includes a dropper. It is £5.75 and lasts forever! 👌 To buy, click here.

 To listen to some calming meditation music & relaxing sounds on YouTube click here. 👌

Want to try some sleep hypnosis? Click here to listen to the almighty Eddini’s sleep hypnosis videos. 👌

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love ❤

Katie 👸


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