Arm & Hammer | Extra White Care | Gentle Daily Whitening With Fluoride | Toothpaste With Baking Soda | Review

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Today, I’ll be sharing my review of Arm & Hammer – Extra White Care Daily Whitening Toothpaste with Baking Soda and thought I’d let everybody know what I thought of it and if it worked for me. I’ve been trialling it for a whole 7 days to see if it does the job it’s supposed to! It cost me jus 99p from my favourite bargain store, Home Bargains. I think Arm & Hammer toothpastes are more expensive in other stores as the brand is very popular.


I’ve always been a fan of Arm & Hammer, I love toothpastes that contain baking soda and I actually see them as one of the best toothpaste brands out there along with Denivit, Listerine and Oral-B. I’ve never been a fan of Colgate and it baffles me how they are probably the best selling toothpaste brand out there and the most popular toothpaste in the UK. I have seen much better results with the three listed above and I thought Colgate didn’t match up or whiten my teeth and remove stains as the other three have.

The last few years I have been a devoted Denivit user, I absolutely love the stuff, it whitens my teeth so well and it has an amazing anti-stain formula. Although one tube of Denivit doesn’t last as long as a normal tube of toothpaste. Another thing is the breath freshness. Although I love my Denivit, I’ve found it doesn’t freshen my breath as well as other toothpastes but nonetheless it’s still my favourite toothpaste. I have stopped using it for a whole week so I can trial a new one – not because I’m disappointed with it, I genuinely believe Denivit Anti-Stain & Whitening toothpaste is the best one I’ve used, hands down especially for whitening my teeth. I’m not trying to find a better toothpaste but instead a similar one that I can use alongside Denivit to freshen my stinky breath.

 Product information:


I’ve searched the internet high and low for information and for reviews on this toothpaste and I’ve had no joy whatsoever, not even on Arm & Hammer’s website. There is literally no information anywhere on Google about the Extra White Care toothpaste from Arm & Hammer which I think is a little strange, but never mind Katie Rose has got it sorted love! The info I do have about this toothpaste is printed on the packaging.

Here’s what it says…

Baking Soda Toothpaste Extra Whit Care Gentle Daily Whitening With Fluoride (125g)

|Cleans & Whitens: Baking soda cleans in hard to reach places.

|Incredibly Effective: Baking soda particles dissolve to gently clean & whiten teeth.

|Freshens Breath: Baking soda neutralises odour-causing compounds for intense breath freshening.

|Deep cleaning for extra white teeth.

|Fluoride cavity protection.

|Intense breath freshening.

Contains Sodium Fluoride (1100 ppm F)

Why I’m Using It

I’ve been using this baking soda toothpaste as it’s well known that baking soda, (or bicarbonate of soda as it is known in the UK) has great whitening and stain removing ability. I’m a heavy smoker who drinks about 20 mugs of strong coffee each day and I’m also a self confessed coke addict, (the drink, obvs!) LOL! So I think I am the perfect guinea pig for this toothpaste, wouldn’t you agree? 😊 After years of whitening and bleaching my teeth with peroxide whitening gels and carmabide teeth whitening kits, it’s safe to say my enamel is not as strong as it used to be, so my teeth are very prone to stains, discolouring, coffee breath (eurgh!) and ciggie breath (double eurgh!!) My anti-smoking boyfriend finds me so attractive! Ha! (I really should quit smoking!)

My main reason for using this: to freshen my breath.


Day 1: First time I used this, I thought wow! It’s a very intense feeling. I had a burning/tingling sensation on my lips, gum and tongue, although it did wear off after a minute or so. The toothpaste has a smooth white texture, a thick consistency and I found the flavour to be similar to those powerful XXXS mints as well as smelling like a packet of strong mints too. It’s a very, very strong mint flavour both scent wise and taste wise and it leaves a sweet peppermint aftertaste in the mouth. I’ve gotta say, it definitely does freshen the breath. No change in whiteness just yet but teeth do look and feel cleaner.


Day 7: The surface of my teeth feels so much smoother, almost like I’ve just had a professional clean & polish off my dentist. Old stains look a little bit lighter in appearance and no fresh/new stains have appeared. Breath is definitely fresher and because they look clean and polished they appear to be a little bit whiter.

I must add that this toothpaste can be used by children under 7 years of age – I personally don’t recommend this toothpaste for children as I think the tingling/burning sensation might be too much for their little mouths to handle. So this has passed the breath freshness test. I will be using this alongside my Denivit to make my teeth feel clean and polished and for helping my breath to smell ‘kissable’, minty and fresh.

The boyfriend will be happy, hey!

What’s your favourite whitening toothpaste?

Spill the beans! 😊


Katie xo

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