L’Oreal Paris Preference | MOUSSE ABSOLUE | #500 Natural Medium Brunette | Hair Dye Review

Hey Girls! xxx

Crazy hair lady has struck again!

I dyed my dark hair back to platinum blonde after swearing I would never bleach my hair again! I just can’t help it, I think I might just be a serial hair dyer! I always bleach my dark hair back to blonde on impulse (damaging it in the process), and then eventually I dye my blonde hair back to brunette again, also on impulse. It’s a vicious circle. LOL! I need to find a colour I like and stick to it because changing it up all the time is taking its toll on my locks.

So, here I am once again! I’m bored with my blonde hair and I feel it’s doing nothing for me at all, so, I’ve decided to dye it back to brunette. After speculating for weeks and trying hard to decide on a colour I really liked I went ahead and bought a box dye yesterday. I didn’t want to go as dark as I used to be (jet black) so instead I chose a medium brown which is close to my natural colour.

The dye I chose was L’Oreal Paris Preference MOUSSE ABSOLUE in the shade #500 (Natural Medium Brunette) which I bought from Home Bargains for just £1.99!
Yep, £1.99!
These dyes are priced between £10-£15 everywhere else so I believe I got my self a bargain! Thanks HB – I loveeeee you! If you’re thinking of buying one of these dyes, go to Home Bargains – save a few quid! They have a few other shades available too.

Included In The Box

• two chamber system with lid
• nozzle / precision diffuser
• 2 pairs of black gloves (slim fit)
• satin touch conditioner with UV filters
• instruction leaflet

 What I Liked About This Dye

The MOUSSE ABSOLUE dyes have two unique chambers, (think of two aerosols stuck together with a nozzle on top), I’m guessing one ‘aerosol’ is the creme colour and the other is the developer. It’s quite different to the bottle dyes I usually use which has an applicator tip and requires you to mix bottle 1 and bottle 2 together, blah, blah. Too much effort for me, ha!
With these you simply put the nozzle (precision diffuser) on top of the two chamber system, shake, shake, shake, squirt the mousse onto your hand and apply it to your hair. It requires little effort, so I loved this dye straight away for that reason alone, it allows me to be lazy!
These are the only re-usable box dyes that I’ve ever seen. I’m impressed. They can be used for a full head application or to touch up your roots and if there is any un-used product left over, instead of binning it, you can store it away and use it again the next time you re-do your roots. Amazing!!!
I also think they have a lot more product inside too, well, compared to normal bottle dyes. If you have short hair, one box will give you two full head applications. If you have medium length hair, (like me), one box will give you one full head application and a root touch-up. If you have long hair, one box will give you one full head application. So us shorties and middies are lucky, hey!

What I Didn’t Like

I found with this dye it takes more product than other dyes to completely saturate the hair for an intense colour. The fact I had lots of blonde spots here and there after dying it, annoyed me. I might have applied it wrong or never left it on long enough but after using two boxes in one sitting, carefully applying the moose to every strand and massaging it in, you would think it would be hard to miss bits of hair out. I’ve also noticed some area’s are a little bit ashy (especially at the ends) but I’m hopeful that another application will correct this.
Maybe it was because I was so light beforehand too. I have noticed in the past when dying blonde hair darker that the first application is always patchy and uneven in places. Blonde hair going brunette holds colour more and looks best when you dye it twice on two separate occasions, so this is what I’m going to do.

Before & After


I love it! I think I might have finally found my colour! My skin looks brighter, my green eyes stand out more and I’ve finally realised that I suit brunette hair much more than blonde hair. I should have listened to my Mother! He-he! It is the closest I’ve ever been to my natural colour – (last time I seen my natural colour was when I was about 12) and it really does look natural and classier than the blonde colour I had.
I will need to do another application to make my hair colour more vibrant and I do need to touch up some blonde spots that I accidentally missed out but overall, the base colour is lovely and I’m happy with it. After washing the dye off, I did find my hair a little dry and coarse afterwards but nothing a bit of argan oil & coconut oil hasn’t handled.
I am definitely going to keep this colour! I’ll be stocking up on MOUSSE ABSOLUE from Home Bargains just incase they sell out or stop stocking them. I don’t fancy paying near enough £15 somewhere else for a hair dye even if I do really, really like it. I’m going to get myself another two boxes, reapply one on my hair and dye my hair extensions with the other one.
I really like it so I do recommend it. 🙂


Katie… xo


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