Smile Kit – DIY Teeth Whitening Kit From Smile:Now

Ola Amigos!

Two weeks ago I was sent a peroxide-free teeth whitening Smile Kit from Smile:Now to review and I have been using the kit for about 12 days now. I am a smoking, coffee drinking, coke addict so my teeth are very prone to staining and discolouration so I often rely on whitening products to keep my teeth looking clean and white. I use Denivit daily, (best anti-stain and whitening toothpaste, EVER), as well as whitening my teeth with Dr Collins’ All White 22% Carmabide Peroxide gels whenever I feel the need. I thought I would give the Smile Kit a whirl as I hadn’t bleached my teeth in ages and I was due a top-up!



The contents come in a expensive looking presentable box that looks very professional indeed, there is an instruction manual included too. Here’s what’s in the box:

3 x 5ml Teeth Whitening Gels13891857_10209833472897836_1240257527224242219_n

1 x 5ml Remineralising Gel13895487_10209833472857835_2554309233195924766_n

1 x 6 Bulb UV Whitelight13887098_10209833461777558_3821059811207402407_n

1 x Mouth Tray Box and 2 Mouth Trays (One For Top, One For Bottom)13872755_10209833461857560_5901625161061580959_n

A Shade Guide13669190_10209833475617904_2873582241772029811_n


How to use?

Compare your teeth with the shade guide and jot down the number closest to your shade.

Place mouth tray in boiling water for 10=15 seconds and place in your mouth over teeth and sucking to create a tooth impression on the tray. Rinse with cold water to set and repeat for the bottom mouth tray. Trim any excess rubber of the trays if you desire a perfect fit.

Put some whitening gel along the length of the trays and place in your mouth.

Take out the plastic piece from underneath the UV light battery and after turning it on, place the light over the mouth trays for ten minutes.

Remove the light and keep the mouth trays in for a further 30 minutes then rinse your mouth out and the trays.

Put some remineralising gel along the length of the mouth tray and put the trays back over your teeth for ten minutes then rinse again..

Compare your results using the shade guide to see if your teeth are whiter.


I am one of those ‘serial label reading lunatics’ and I check the ingredients list on labels and research each ingredient before using a product so I was a little disappointed when I couldn’t find the list of ingredients on the box or  on the website. The only information given is, ‘peroxide-free’, nothing else. So I haven’t a clue what the gels are made from!

I had trouble with the bottom mouth tray and my teeth didn’t make a good impression as much as it did with the top tray.

Although my teeth did whiten a shade or two, it took much longer to see any results compared to my Dr Collins gels which gives me instant results. I only began to see a difference after the fifth day of using daily.


The kit looks the part, it looks very expensive and I think it would make a fabulous gift.

They are peroxide free so they are much gentler on enamel and don’t cause any sensitivity compared to peroxide gels.

I didn’t see any improvement until the fifth day but after using for 12 days my teeth had whitened by a shade or two.

If you email the company with your order number and feedback you will receive 3 more whitening gels and another remineralising gel completely free. So basically, you can get two kits for the price of one just by giving honest feedback!

Would I buy again?

I probably won’t buy the Smile Kit again as I prefer my Dr Collins 22% Carmabide Peroxide gels over the Smile Kit gels. I see quicker results and I don’t have to whiten my teeth as often. I know peroxide based gels can be harmful if overused but because I only use them now and again I doubt I’ll do any harm to my enamel.

If I ever decide to replace my peroxide gels with gentle peroxide free ones, I would definitely try the Smile Kit again but until then I will continue using my Dr Collins whitening gels.

I don’t recommend this kit for heavily stained teeth, I advise you speak to your dentist before using any whitening gels and ask for a deep cleanse and polish for your teeth before using whitening gels for best results. If you have periodontal disease or gum disease it is important you speak to your dentist before using any whitening products on your teeth as you may do more harm than good!

Where to buy?

You can get yourself a Smile Kit by clicking here. A Smile Kit is £29.99 to buy.

If you would like more information on Dr Collins Carmabide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gels click here to read my review or click here to visit Dentstore.

Lots of Love

Katie x



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