Handmade Gifts: How To Up-Cycle Old Coffee Jars Into Pretty Little Vases

Girls, girls, girls….

When I first started this blog just over a year ago, I had intentions of mainly posting about sewing, craft and DIY projects but somehow my blog has turned into an all beauty, all skincare blog, how did that happen, eh!  I love beauty blogging but craft is a BIG hobby of mine. I have just been browsing through my huge list of drafts and came across this little post about recycling coffee jars and turning them into pretty gifts. I thought I would post it anyhow even though it has been sitting in my drafts folder for a whole year, just waiting to be published.

Now, thanks to YouTube craft vloggers and Pinterest, I am the type of girl who throws NOTHING away and in my boyfriends own words I am an obsessive compulsive hoarder who needs psychological help, ha-ha! He does exaggerates just a bit and the fool has joked too many a time that I should choose him or the ‘junk’. Well, Michael… it’s safe to say you are still here and so is the ‘junk’, so one nil to me, sunshine! He-he!

I do tend to keep jars a-lot and I find it so hard to throw out food and coffee jars once they are empty as I always think they can be recycled and will come in handy one day.

I simply wash them out, take off the labels and store them away for when I’m feeling creative. Maybe, it’s true and I am a hoarder but I’ll tell you one thing, I have the best times ever when I am ‘creating’ little masterpieces.


I made this sparkly jar for my beautiful Mum and she loved it, she said it looked very pretty and I agree. I washed and dried an empty Mellow Birds coffee jar. Measured around the jar and cut a few diamante ribbons to length to fit. I brushed a bit of Modge Podge glue along the length of the diamante ribbon and placed it onto the jar, holding it for a minute so it stuck, then I just wrapped a gift tag around the neck of the bottle and put some flowers into it with a little water at the bottom. My Mum loved it! Especially because it was a hand-made gift which have more sentiment than store-bought gifts, don’t you think!


For these two jars I just used what I had in my craft box, more diamante ribbon, thick ribbon, thin ribbon and a Lipsy ribbon which I got with a dress I bought, also I had a pink leather One  Direction bracelet which I got for my niece but it was way too big for her so I cut it up and added that too. See… you should never throw things out because everything can be recycled. Ha!



What I used & where to buy:

A recycled coffee jar.

Pretty daffodils.

You can get some Modge Podge here.

Thick ribbons here.

Thin ribbons here.

Pretty printed ribbons here.

Diamante ribbons here.

Gift tags here.

For those wanting to know I bought the 1D bracelet here.



I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. I am definitely going to be posting more sewing, craft and DIY projects in the future!



Katie x




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