Korean Beauty: Rich Hand V Special Care Hand Mask – The Face Shop (Review)

I love Autumn & Winter…

but the one thing I don’t like is how dry and rough my hands get when the cold weather comes around. My psoriasis has unfortunately flared up on my hands at the moment, like it always does at this time of year, so I needed to give my poor hands some TLC as they have been looking aged & dry of late.

The hand mask I used was the ‘Rich Hand V Special Care Hand Mask’ made with love by aΒ  Korean beauty brand called ‘The Face Shop’. I got mine from Bits & Bobs of Beauty UK, which is an online beauty shop specialising in Korean beauty products & accessories.



The gloves were easy to use. I just washed & dried my hands. Split the gloves along the perforated lines and put the gloves on, massaging my hands together to help the lotion spread and absorb better. After 20 minutes I removed the gloves and let the left over residue dry & absorb into my skin.


The gloves came in a foil sachet and the packaging looks pretty good, no complaints. There are both Korean & English writing on the back of the sachet which was great as I have found most Korean products do not have English directions. The gloves themselves are a white plastic type of material and inside is a pleasant smelling lotion which deeply nourishes the nails and the skin on your hands.


Whilst the gloves were on my hands felt slippy and wet although it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, they actually felt soothed. After leaving the left over residue to absorb into my skin my hands felt really smooth and silky and my red psoriasis patches were much lighter in appearance. The ingredients list contains some questionable ingredients and I did think the gloves would irritate my skin but my skin looked and felt much better than beforehand. I will definitely be using hand masks more often, I love how soft my hands feel and they have certainly worked better than I thought they would!

Where To Buy?

I got mineΒ in a B.B Mask Bag on the Bits & Bobs of Beauty website. You can get some here from The Face Shop if you live in the US of A. πŸ™‚

Lots of love on this cold & rainy day…

Kate x

Disclosure: P.R product. Opinions are my own.

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