Psoriasis & Me ❤


My Psoriasis Story

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I still remember to this day the first time my Mum & Dad discovered my psoriasis. I must have been about four or five years old and thanks to my amazing long term memory, I remember telling my Mum that I had chicken pox like it was yesterday.

As psoriasis had been in my family for about 3-4 generations on both maternal and paternal sides, my Mum and Dad knew I didn’t have chicken pox and the doctors confirmed that it was what they knew it was – Psoriasis.

After reading lots of psoriasis blogs, I’ve learned that most psoriasis sufferers say having it did not affect them in any way as a child but that certainly wasn’t the case with me.

I remember going swimming to the local leisure centre with my P.E teacher…

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9 thoughts on “Psoriasis & Me ❤

  1. Darque Dreamer Reads says:

    I have psoriasis on my scalp that has only developed in the last 5 years or so. It is so annoying and gets embarrassing when I can’t control the flakes in my hair, but I also really love having my fun fashion colors, so I can’t use anything to treat it. Can’t really have steroids with my diabetes, so I have to live through the flare ups.

    I also have alopecia, and though most of my hair has grown back, I have huge bald spots on both sides of my head. So I understand feeling self conscious and feeling like people are looking at me weird.

    I think you are beautiful and I hope you have found more confidence now to not let others bother you!

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    • Katie Rose Loves says:

      I know what you mean, it’s awful isn’t it! I have jet black hair so when my scalp is bad you can see lots of tiny white flakes in my hair which looks like a bad case of dandruff. I’m using a 100% natural scalp oil from Pure Potions which may help your flare ups. You should give it a look up. & it’s horrible feeling like people are looking at you and you insecurities but I always like to educate them so they know I’m not contagious. Aw thank you so much for reading hun, I look forward to chatting some more! – Katie x

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      • Darque Dreamer Reads says:

        When I don’t have my mermaid hair my hair is naturally jet black too so it is so hard to hide the flakes!! I will have to look up that oil! I have had good results with a product that I sell as a NuSkin Distributor called the Renu Hair Mask that is meant to moisturize and strengthen hair, but the two times I used it and massaged it in to my scalp, it made the patches disappear until my next wash, and didn’t fade my hair. But we have hard city water, so it only lasts until I get under the water again 😦

        I will be keeping up with your blog more and I look forward to more chats! ❤


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