Review: INSTAsmile – Upper Clip In Veneers In Shade BL1 – BEFORE & AFTER

Hey everyone!

My long awaited clip in veneer review is finally here!!! I know I’ve kept you guys waiting but I wanted to give them a good go before I shared my opinion with you all!

So, first up, a little ‘smile’ background. I have always been self-conscious about my teeth and every time I smiled I would always cover my mouth to hide my smile. I have a huge gap in my front teeth and I have some overcrowding on the right side which I hate. I had always dreamed of having a perfect Hollywood smile and I even considered getting a brace or traditional veneers to fix my teeth and make them look better! But, they are both so expensive and way out of my budget costing thousands. A few months back, I seen a few photo’s of beauty bloggers wearing clip-in veneers on Instagram and I was very impressed with the before and after photo’s so I had a look on google and found INSTAsmile who specialize in custom-made, pain-free clip in veneers at an affordable price. I spoke with the company who kindly gifted me with my veneers to review and share my honest opinion on my blog. It’s been a few months since I got them now but I thought I would give them a good trial before I posted a review on them. So here we are 3 months later!


INSTAsmile clip-in veneers are made from safe, bio-compatible dental grade materials, perfect for cosmetic dental products which are BPA and Monomer free. INSTAsmile ship worldwide and give you the option to pay in full or spread the cost with interest free instalments. The first step is to complete the smile assessment online to check your suitability, you can then create your smile from a range of options, looks and shades. After placing your online order you will be sent a self impression kit with full easy-to-follow instructions to provide an impression of your natural teeth and gumline. Once you have sent your impression back, it will be checked to see if it meets the quality standard to be sure that you receive the best fitting veneers as possible. INSTasmile then digitally scan your impression and use it to create your bespoke, custom-made clip on veneers. The whole process takes about 3-4 weeks roughly.


After browsing through the website and reading some reviews, I went ahead and chose the CLASSIC clip-in veneers which are for occasional wear and cheaper than the  PLATINUM clip-in veneers which are for everyday wear.

The CLASSIC option cost from £249 and includes safe, custom-made, stain resistant veneers which have a natural, slimline appearance with different shades to choose from. INSTAsmile also say you can eat and drink with them in, but on this I disagree. It’s uncomfortable and messy to eat whilst they are in although I have no problems drinking. But, everyone has their own opinion.

The PLATINUM option are priced from £499 and have the same features as the CLASSIC and also includes enhanced durability, express service, extended warranty, a smile consultant, enhanced aesthetics, innovative technology, impression appointment, (if required) and precision engineering.


 I took the smile assessment HERE. It’s basically just a few questions to work out if clip-in veneers are suitable for you. You will be asked if you are having  any dental treatment, or if you have any oral health issues such as gum disease, bleeding, soreness or loose teeth. You will also be asked if you have 4 or more missing upper or lower teeth in a row. as you will need at least one tooth either side of your mouth to clip the veneers in.


After you have answered a few questions and if you have passed the assessment you will be asked what your smile goals are, such as straighter looking teeth, to cover missing teeth, to hide natural gaps or chipped teeth and/or to whiten teeth or hide overcrowding. I wanted straighter, whiter looking teeth, to cover natural gaps and hide overcrowding. Basically, the full works!


You will then be able to choose your set(s). You can opt for an upper set only, a lower set only or both. It works out cheaper if you buy the upper and lower set together rather than purchasing them individually, at different dates, etc…

I chose the CLASSIC upper arch only.


Top – £249
Bottom – £249
Top & Bottom – £379


Top – £499
Bottom – £499
Top & Bottom – £749


There are four shades to choose from. I chose the whitest shade BL1 for my upper arch as I wanted a super white smile. They are much whiter than my natural bottom teeth so I do wish I would have chosen shade A1, just so my top and bottom shades match. I suppose I could get my bottom teeth whitened so they are the same colour as the veneers but it’s not really noticeable as when I smile I only show my top teeth, my bottom teeth are not visible. Maybe I’ll get some BL1 clip-ins for my bottom too so they match! We’ll see hey.  So, yeah, keep this in mind if your only getting a top arch or a bottom arch as you want them to look close in shades to your own teeth as possible so they don’t look obviously fake and mismatched, especially if you can see all of your teeth when you smile/talk.


The shades available are below:

BL1 is the whitest shade available and gives the appearance of artificial, whitest white, dazzling teeth. Extra white!

A1 is the most natural white that a tooth can be and radiates a slight whitened look. – Good enough!

A2 is a light ivory colour giving a natural look prior to undergoing any whitening. – Too beige for me.

A3 is a medium ivory colour slightly darker than A2 maintaining a natural tone – looks kinda yellow to me though.

I would only go for Shade BL1 and A1 to be honest, The A2 and A3 shades look yellowish to me. 



About two weeks after ordering my upper self impression / mould kit arrived in a small box and included was an instruction leaflet, two blue upper mouth trays, three yellow putty’s in small plastic tubs and three white putty’s in small plastic tubs as well as a sealable plastic bag to put your finished mould into when sending it back. The instructions show you how to create the putty and how to take a good impression of your teeth – I found watching this video tutorial helped.

I made sure to leave the kit for 12 hours at room temperature. For the upper set you need to mix and knead one yellow and one white putty together for 30 seconds to activate the putty. Roll the putty into an egg shape and place onto the front of the mouth tray by the handle. This step needs to be done quickly. Put the tray into your mouth and push from the bottom upwards, also press gently along your gumline and wait 3 minutes before removing. First time I tried it I was too slow and the putty became hard but I had two more tries and finally got a good impression.

Once I had taken an impression of my upper teeth I emailed a photograph of my impression to INSTAsmile for approval and was happy when they said it was a good impression and I could send it back to them. I put my impression in the plastic bag and back into the box it came in with the free delivery label that is included with the mould kit and sent it back to INSTAsmile so they could make my custom-made clip in veneers to fit my teeth.


I think it was about 3-4 weeks after sending off my impression kit when I received a dispatch email from INSTAsmile telling my veneers were on the way. I was so excited and didn’t expect them to be delivered the next day after I received the email. They came in a small box and inside was a free luxury mirror case which had my lovely, gorgeous, white veneers in.






I’m absolutely over the moon that I came across INSTAsmile and got the chance to work with them. I thought I’d be stuck with a smile I didn’t like forever as I couldn’t afford real veneers and braces were too expensive. It would take me ages to save up too.

I wanted straighter, whiter looking teeth and to cover my natural gaps and hide slight overcrowding and my clip-in veneers have done just that, my appearance has been improved – I feel so much more attractive than I did and my self-confidence has been boosted so much. I no longer hide my teeth when I smile so I’m really happy about that. I really love how white they are too – I choose the whitest shade ‘BL1’ for my upper set but like I mentioned above they are a shade or two whiter than my natural bottom teeth which are a natural shade of white, more like A1 so although I wanted the whitest ones it probably would have been wise to choose A1 instead, especially as I only have the upper set. Maybe I could whiten my bottom teeth so they are the same colour as the veneers. If I do I’ll update this post with the results.

The clip-in veneers are so easy to put in and take out and they feel tight, snug and safe on my teeth – they don’t move and there is no chance of them falling out. You just simply place them over your natural teeth, pushing up to click them in securely. They also blend into my gum-line perfectly and it looks very natural. For the first few days of wearing them, I was talking with a lisp but it soon disappeared and I was taking normal again. I wear mine everyday and they are comfortable to wear although I will admit after a few hours I can’t wait to take them out. Obviously it does feel like you have something in your mouth when wearing them but over time you get used to it. INSTAsmile say you can eat and drink with them in but I did find it a little uncomfortable eating with them in so I do prefer to take them out when I’m eating but I do leave them in when drinking. They have proved to be stain resistant too and I have drank tea, coffee, red wine and coke whilst wearing them and they haven’t stained at all and they are still in tip-top condition after two months of wearing them near enough everyday.

I have been so vain since I got them and I am smiling in the mirror constantly as I can’t believe I have a gorgeous white, straight smile with no gaps and no overcrowding.  I can actually smile in my selfies now instead of pouting, haha.

One thing though. My boyfriend doesn’t like them, he prefers me without them and says our imperfections are what make us beautiful. Cutest thing he has EVER said. LOL. So, yeah they will take some getting used to but they will definitely improve your confidence.

Here’s a short video I posted on YouTube.




Not only have INSTAsmile made me feel more confident but they have me the incentive to quit smoking too and it’s been two weeks since I had a cigarette. (UPDFATE: 19/09/2018 –  9 MONTHS SMOKE FREE) I have loved having straight, white teeth so much that the money I save from quitting smoking is being saved up so I can eventually get a brace and professional whitening.

So thank you InstaSmile!

Disclosure: My veneers were kindly gifted to me for review purposes.

WHERE TO BUY: You can buy HERE – make sure to choose the correct flag for your country and currency.  If you have any questions at all you can contact INSTAsmile on the number below or email them with you queries.

TELEPHONE: +44 (0) 01942 674770






9 thoughts on “Review: INSTAsmile – Upper Clip In Veneers In Shade BL1 – BEFORE & AFTER

  1. Wendy says:

    criminal enterprise beware!
    This company is outright committing FRAUD and Theft by deception, Theft by Taking!
    Read their bbb read the real reviews!
    My experience: order placed on OCT
    Nothing ever received, billed in Nov for first Pmt, I e mailed them at that time, no answer infact no answer until January!(that’s a ling time to return an e mail) I was told 14 days had passed (more like 100) and I couldn’t cancel, this made no sense since I’m that time I’d received nothing, no product, no return phone call or e mail! They think they get to keep my 1,000 and provide me nothing? That is THEFT by Taking,THEFT by deception, Fraud, and Affirm is guilty of Conspiracy to commit fraud! Beware of this huge scam don’t be next!
    I’m filing criminal charges AND a class action suit if your a victim e mail me at
    Instasmilevictim at gmail.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Trust me I would give them 0 if I can. I have received a bulky veneer which is a joke because it doesn’t look like any veneer at all, looks like a Halloween teeth costume and I agree with one reviewer who said it looks like horse teeth. My veneer came with perfections sharp edges, debbits, and the teeth looked crooked, they are so thick you’d look like a horse. I asked for a refund because I don’t believe they can make a good set of teeth just looking at this product. But they offered to make me a new set and sent me an impression kit, they then emailed me that upon close exam of the impression, it was no good, which is a common story i read online, they wanted me to buy an impression kit to continue with the order which I don’t agree so I’m writing this comment. Why would I buy another kit in the first place they messed up with my order. Don’t waste your money and energy on this company. THIS IS A WARNING FOR FUTURE CUSTOMERS, “IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THEIR PRODUCT, THEY WON’T GIVE YOU ANY REFUND” I don’t know who’s giving them 5 stars, but this is suspicious.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katie Rose Loves says:

      I’ve seen a lot of people say the same thing about refunds and replacements. I do believe if you’re not happy with something you have bought you should receive a replacement for free or a refund. Maybe it’s something they should consider. Hope you get it sorted, thanks for your comment x


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