Eve’s Parcel – Period Subscription Box

I love my subscription boxes so I’m excited to announce that I have collaborated with Eve’s Parcel, an upcoming beauty/period subscription box in the UK. They have very kindly sent me a PR box to review on my blog and it arrived today, woop woop! The box is lovely and I’m really liking this subscription box. It is £12.99 a month and each month they send out sanitary towels, tampons, tasty treats and ‘time of the month’ essentials along with a great selection of beauty & skincare products to help us chill, relax and feel beautiful when we have our period. Even if you don’t have periods –  you may be pregnant or going through the menopause,  you can still enjoy Eve’s Parcel by choosing the beauty box without period products. You can also choose the day you want your box to arrive, I chose the 1st of every month and my box arrived bang on time!


wp_20181001_12_21_03_pro.jpgAlso included every month is an affirmation which is pretty cool and uplifting. I have placed mine on my bedside table so it is the first thing I see when I wake up.


There is a Yoga Pose Of The Month too and this months pose is the ‘One Armed Camel’. I’m quite new to yoga so it will be lovely to learn about poses every month, hopefully I can master the one arm camel without breaking my back. 🙂



What’s in my Eve’s Parcel?


5 Always Ultra Long Sanitary Towels  & 10 Tampax Pearl Super Tampons

So every subscriber gets to choose what type of box they want, you can choose a sanitary towel box, a towel and tampon box, a tampon box or a beauty box without the period products. I choose to receive a towel and tampon box and the product choice is actually good! You can choose, Always Sanitary Towels, Bodyform Sanitary Towels, Tampax Tampons or if you prefer to use natural and organic products you can choose NatraCare’s  sanitary towels and tampons.  I don’t know why I chose tampons to be honest as I have never used them before but at least they are there in case I ever want to try them or if go swimming or something. For my next box, I’ll probably just choose to receive just sanitary towels, instead. I’ve never used NatraCare’s products before so I think I’ll give them awhirl!


Cougar Beauty – 24hr Liquid Lipstick in MULBERRY | RRP – £7 | Full Size

I have seen this brand before but I’ve never tried any of their products. This is a 24 hour, matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Mulberry, a deep plum, autumn-perfect shade. I’m really loving the shade, not tried it out yet but I’ll post a few selfies on Instagram and leave a little review. The other shades look lovely too! – Cocoa and Candy are my kinda shades as well as this Mulberry one.


Shop: www.cougarbeautyproducts.com

The Coffee Scrub Co. – Orange Scrub | RRP – £10 | Full Size

This is an all natural, vegan friendly coffee body scrub from The Coffee Scrub Company and it has the with most gorgeous orange aroma and it is suitable for full body use including the face. It contains Robusta Coffee, Raw Cane Sugar, Epsom Salts, Almond Oil, Orange Oil and Vitamin E Oil. I will be using this tonight so I’ll leave a little review on my blog for it. I’ll tell ya again, it smells FAB! Good enough to eat!


Shop: www.coffeescrubcompany.co.uk

Pure Skincare London – Charcoal Black Mask /  Brush | RRP £3.99 | Full Size

Never tried anything from this brand before and although I have tons and tons of black masks, I will be giving this a go. It comes with an applicator brush too which is ideal. It has the cruelty free bunny print on the tube too.


Shop: www.pureskincarelondon.com

Cura-Heat –  1 Pain Relief Heat Patch | RRP – £3.99 for a pack of 3 

I’ve always wondered about these types of products and whether they work or not. I do usually use a hot water bottle but I will definitely try this out and if it eases my pains, I will repurchase. This is a 24hr heat patch, it says it should only be used for the shoulders and back. It says on the back of the packet that this patch is not suitable for period pain too but I will use it on my lower back when my pains are bad. It also says if you have a skin disorder you should seek advice from your doctor before using it. I have psoriasis but what the hell, I’m excited to use it.


Shop: Cura-Heat – Amazon UK

Fudge Kitchen – Clotted Cream Bite | RRP – £3 | Full Size

OMG! This gorgeous bite of heaven is to die for. I think it’s so nice to receive a little tasty  treat in our box and I don’t know about you lot but I have a serious sweet tooth when I’m on my period so this is just perfect! I could eat a million of these right now!! Fudge Kitchen is getting a visit from me!


Shop: www.fudgekitchen.co.uk

Fudge Kitchen – Chocolate & Orange Drinking Fudge | RRP – £ 1.50 | Full Size

Yay! Another Fudge Kitchen treat! – this one is the Chocolate & Orange Drinking Fudge and you simply mix it into a warm mug of milk. Hot drink definitely ease period pain, well at least for me they do. What a lovely treat!

Orange Fudge Hot Chocolate!

Enough said!


Shop: www.fudgekitchen.co.uk

I hate being on my period and I’m forever complaining to my boyfriend about how lucky he is to be a man ha ha. My periods are super heavy, long and painful and I dread coming on every month. Maybe now Eve’s Parcel is in my life, I will actually look forward to my period! Haha, I doubt that but it will be very nice to receive a gorgeous box of goodies to pamper myself when it’s my time of the month!

Want to subscribe to Eve’s Parcel?

Click here to visit the website.

Don’t forget to use code: ‘eves15‘ to get 15% off your first box!

Be a babe and follow me on Instagram – @katieroseloves


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