How To Make Homemade Lavender Tea

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I’ve been wanting to make my own Lavender Tea for ages in the hope it would help ease my anxiety and insomnia, so, I finally gave it a go and bought some dried lavender buds, a loose tea strainer and some empty teabags – just to see which method of the tea I preferred most. I absolutely love Lavender; lavender oil, lavender flowers, lavender candles, lavender skincare products – basically EVERYTHING lavender and as it’s my FAVE plant ever, it’s only fair that I tried some homemade Lavender Tea. The tea can be made by filling an empty tea bag with dried lavender or by using a loose tea strainer.

how to make lavender tea

Lavender Tea Making

lavenderr tea

Lavender Tea Making

lavender tea dried lavender buds

Homemade Lavender Tea

What you’ll need…

organic/food grade dried lavender buds – (100g for £3.50 here)

empty teabags – (100 empty drawstring teabags for £5.89 here)


a loose tea strainer – (I got mine for £5.49 here)

honey, sugar or sweeteners (optional)

How to make:

lavender teabags:

empty teabags fillable drawstringlavender teabagshomemade teabags

Fill the empty tea bags with dried lavender buds and pull the drawstring tight

Boil the kettle, pop you filled teabag into a mug and pour in hot water

Let it steep for five minutes or more

Add honey or sugar if you want it to be sweeter

Chill out, distress and enjoy!

lavender tea with a strainer:

lavender tea loose tea strainer infuserlavender tea infuser strainer loose tea leaf

Boil the kettle and add some dried lavender buds inside the tea strainer

Place the filled tea strainer into a mug and pour hot water into the mug

Let it steep for about 5-7 minutes

If you like, you can add some honey or sugar to make the tea sweeter

Sit back, relax and enjoy!


I was nervous about trying homemade Lavender Tea at first as I’ve never made my own tea EVER, I’m a ready-made teabag type of girl, ha. The tea was so strong the first time I tried it, I put three tea-spoons into the teabags and the strainer so I’ve learned my lesson there. The dried buds are very potent – so now I only use one tea-spoon of the lavender buds.  It has a lovely, relaxing strong aroma and a floral taste to it – I do prefer to add a little sugar or honey just to balance it out a bit as I have found that Lavender tea can taste a little bitter. It was the easiest thing to make too!

I like the tea bag way and the strainer way both equally and I will definitely be having one every night before bed or whenever I’m feeling stressed out – which is all the time! Ha! Lavender tea really does help you to feel relaxed!

Keep in mind that it’s important to buy FOOD GRADE or organic dried lavender buds if you are going to consume it, as you really don’t want to ingest any chemicals. I’d also advise you to start with a small amount of dried buds in your tea and to gradually add more if you’d like a stronger tea.

Oh, and the lavender flowers in my photo’s are actually artificial – they look so real, they’re amazing! I got five artificial bouquets here for £10.99.

Disclosure: I bought everything with my own money.

Katie Rose Loves

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