Technic – White Tip Top Nail Tips | Review

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I bought these Tip Top Nail Tips false nails by Technic a few days ago and thought I’d write a little review on them. I think I paid £1 for mine in Poundland but you can also get them on Amazon UK here. Technic are a budget friendly, affordable make-up brand, I own a few of their products but I never knew they did false nails so I definitely had to try them as I love my false nails! They have a wide range of nails available to buy, different colours, different shapes, etc… These one’s are the Tip Top Nail Tips in shade white and there are 24 nails included in the box with 12 different sized nails. A tube of glue is included as well as a small emery board.

Technic Tip Top Nail Tips False Nails Review

Technic Tip Top Nail Tips False Nails Review

technic tip top nail tips.png

I really like these nails a lot, I love the white colour, very minimal and natural and the square shape and short length is perfect for me. They aren’t the longest of nails but they are definitely the right length for me and don’t stop me from texting and that like longer nails seem to do. Although, like all cheap false nails the glue isn’t worth shit and within a few hours I had lost 2 nails – but saying that I am quite heavy handed. So, anyway, I glued them back on with a stronger glue and I’ve had them on for two days now and they are still on, still look nice and haven’t chipped or scratched.

technic tip top nail tips review white

I would buy these white ones again definitely, they’re lovely  – I’m thinking of doing a little Halloween design on them so if I do I’ll pop a picture up! I’ll also be looking for other nail designs by Technic but I won’t be using the glue.

Another thing too, Technic state on the back of the box that they are against animal testing but it also states that these nails have been made in China, so make of that what you will.


I bought these with my own money!

Where to buy…

Go to your local Poundland to see if they have any in stock.

If not, you can shop Technic nails here on Amazon UK.

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