Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel Review

Hiya loves 👋🏻

I’ve got a little review of one of Superdrug‘s own skincare products that I have come to love over the last few weeks. It is a great little product for smoothing texturised skin and evening out dull, uneven skin tones and complexions. It is the Glycolic Overnight Peel from Superdrug‘s own Naturally Radiant collection and it comes in a 30ml tube.

It’s infused with plant extracts, kiwi fruit and mulberry extracts as well as glycolic acid (not sure of the percentage) and a fruit acid blend that work by brightening the skin, reducing skin discolouration, it evens out skin tone, retexturises the skins surface, fades pigmentation and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while also providing antioxidant protection against pollution and free radicals.

The peel does contain ‘parfum’ although I’m not sure if it’s natural or artificial as it doesn’t say on the box. It is only lightly scented though and smells quite nice to be honest; it doesn’t smell too strong and is quite refreshing and clean-smelling!

It has a clear and runny serum-like texture and makes the skin look dewy with a healthy shine once it has dried. It does feels sticky on the skin though but after a while skin feels dry, smoother, firmer and tighter.

Before I apply the Glycolic Overnight Peel, I make sure to cleanse my face well, use a glycolic scrub (using Nip+Fab at the moment) afterwards then tone my skin with a gentle toner before applying. It does say to use a pea sized amount but I use way more. It doesn’t say on the packaging how often you should use it so I just use it about 3-4 times a week before bed. After applying it feels a little sticky and tacky but once it’s dried skin feels slightly tighter and smoother. I’d say it takes around 10-20 minutes to dry completely. I’ve also noticed that when applying a small amount of the product it doesn’t peel at all but I like to layer it a little and then rub at my skin the next morning which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and dry skin.

In about two weeks of using the Glycolic Overnight Peel, I have a definitely noticed a big difference in my skins texture; it feels much smoother and not as bumpy and rough as usual, especially on my cheeks and side jaw. I think my skin tone looks healthier too, it has definitely helped to even out my skin tone and soften my fine lines and large pores So, as you can tell… I do really like this product and I will definitely be buying another tube when this one has ran out. I love how even my skin tone looks after using a couple of times and the texture of my skin has improved so much. I HATE having texturised skin on my cheeks, so I think the more I use this product for the better my skin will look and feel in the long run!

I’m loving Superdrug’s own skincare range at the moment, I have a few products from the Vitamin E range which I swear by lately and I’m liking the Naturally Radiant collection too. I would definitely recommend giving Superdrug’s own skincare products a go. They are all cruelty free and vegan friendly too and so affordable.

Where to buy?

You can buy it at your local Superdrug store or on the Superdrug website here. It is usually £5.99 for a 30ml tube but it’s currently on offer for £2.97 at the mo so grab one on the cheap and give it a try!

With love,

Katie 💋


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