Review: Monu Skin – Firming Fiji Facial Oil For Dry, Sensitive & Mature Skin

I got a generous 30 ml sample size of the Firming Fiji Facial Oil from Monu Skin in my September Glossybox and I have been using it every day since – I really, really like it and I will def be getting the full size when this bottle is empty!

Sorry in advance for the low quality images – my camera is broke!



For those of you who don’t know already, Monu Skin are a natural, cruelty-free skincare brand based in the UK and all of their products contain zero parabens, no artificial ingredients and no harsh chemicals. I’ve never had anything from Monu before and I do love my natural, cruelty-free skincare products so I’ve been very excited about this facial oil and was looking forward to trying it out on my sensitive, dull and ageing skin. I’m 30 years old now, still young I know but I’m at that stage in my life where you start to notice fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your face for the first time.  I’m gutted that my skin is not as firm or plump as it was in my teens and twenties so I couldn’t wait to try this oil to see if it worked and made me look a little younger.

The Firming Fiji Facial Oil:

The Firming Fiji Facial Oil is recommended for all skin types – especially dry, sensitive and mature skin. It is a soothing, paraben-free oil formulated to smooth and hydrate the skin. The oil contains, Rose Essential Oil which helps to soothe sensitive skin and it has a gentle, floral, mood-enchancing aroma, Hazelnut Essential Oil which is a light, nourishing emollient oil that is easily absorbed into the skin and great for combination and oily skin types and Patchouli Essential Oil too which is an exotic Indian essential oil which has a woody aroma  – it is used for relaxing and moisturising mature skin, helping it to look firm and visibly radiant.



I’ve been using the Firming Fiji Facial oil on my face to make my complexion look brighter and to help plump and firm my newly-sagging skin and make my skin look  youthful and my complexion, radiant. I have a deep frown line between my brows, fine lines around my eyes and my smile lines are starting to become more prominent so I use this oil before bedtime as an intensive overnight treatment for the whole of my face and my skin looks so good when I wake up. The oil absorbs into the skin very quickly and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue afterwards which gets a thumbs up from me as I HATE greasy oils. I’ve also been using the oil every morning after cleansing, toning and moisturising and I apply it again under my eyes, on my frown line and my smile lines just before I put my make-up on – I think it helps my base make-up to go on much smoother and helps to create a flawless finish as it stops foundation, concealer and powder from looking dry and cakey.

It is a versatile oil too and it can be used on the body as well as the face. I’ve been using a little on my hands and it literally melts my psoriasis scales and feels soothing on the skin. I love the earthly, natural woody scent it has and I especially love it for being a cruelty-free, natural skincare product which contains no harsh ingredients at all. I do try to use natural skincare products as much as possible as my sensitive skin doesn’t agree with products formulated with artificial ingredients and nasty chemicals. Natural skincare products are gentler on the skin and work so much better in the long run especially if you have skin complaints like acne or skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema.

Where To Buy?

Like I said I have a 30 ml tester bottle and I have just took a quick look at the Monu Skin website and seen that a 30 ml bottle with an included dropper is priced at £21.95. The website doesn’t seem to stock the full-size 100 ml bottle for some reason. So, if you want to buy a 30 ml bottle you can get one HERE on the website.

I tried to find a website that stocks the 100 ml bottle and I came across it on the Look Fantastic website. The full-size 100 ml product is just £29.95 with free delivery on Look Fantastic so I would rather buy an extra 70 ml for just £8 more. I was expecting the full size to be like £50+. The only thing is – The oil is out of stock at Look Fantastic so keep checking back to see if it becomes available again. You might as well wait and get yourselves a bargain, hey. Click HERE to visit the Look Fantastic website.



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Review: Pure Potions – Skin Salvation Bath & Body Emollient Oil For Psoriasis, Eczema & Dermatitis

About two weeks ago now – I received a bundle of skincare goodies to try out on my sensitive skin and psoriasis and review them on my blog. The company who kindly gifted me the products are an amazing, award-winning, natural skincare brand called Pure Potions – all of their skincare products are cruelty-free, natural and free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, perfumes and synthetic ingredients. They are based in the UK but they do ship worldwide. I was also sent the Omega Rich Cleansing Oil which I have already reviewed here as well as their Scalp Oil for my scalp psoriasis – which I’ve yet to review.


What Is The Bath & Body Emollient:

The Bath & Body Emollient Oil is an all-purpose, 100% natural moisturing oil suitable for all skin types and formulated to replenish moisture lost by bathing or showering. Added to bath water or smoothed on after bathing, this rich, nourishing oil reduces the drying effects of water by locking in moisture and can replace the need for potentially-irritating foaming and perfumed body washes or soap. Made from organic hemp, olive, calendula and safflower oils with chamomile and lavender essential oils. The Skin Salvation collection has also won the Best Eczema Range at the 2017 Natural Health International Beauty Awards so this proves how amazing the oil is.

First Impressions:

The Bath & Body Emollient Oil comes in a 200 ml, dark green plastic bottle. It has a white lockable flip-lid an there is a lot of info printed on the back of the bottle, such as ingredients, directions for use, benefits, etc… The packaging looks very fresh and attractive and has a ‘natural’ look. It has a very natural, herbal scent and before I even looked at the ingredients list I noticed that it had a strong cannabis / marijuana scent – after looking at the ingredients list – it does in fact contain cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, I can also smell the lavender essential oil too. The Bath & Body Emollient Oil has a shelf life of 6 months (natural products have a shorter shelf life than products with artificial ingredients) and the bottle is recyclable.


How To Use The Bath & Body Emollient Oil:

This multi-purposes oil can be added to bath water and applied to damp or dry skin as a moisturising oil, it can also be used as a facial cleanser, a massage oil and a shaving oil.

My Thoughts On The Bath & Body Emollient Oil:

I mainly use my oil in the bath, it says on the bottle to add one or two tablespoons of the oil to a warm bath but I just put about three squirts into my bath straight from the bottle. Whilst bathing in the oil I can feel the oil working it’s magic and my skin instantly looks and feels smoother. When I get out of the tub I can see how well it has worked on my psoriasis because my silver scales have ‘melted’ and my red patches are much lighter in colour.

I’ve also applied the oil after bathing on my damp skin and onto dry skin as a moisturiser. The oil doesn’t feel sticky or greasy and I was surprised at how quickly the oil absorbed into my skin. I rarely take showers, as I prefer soaking in the bath tub but when I do, I apply a little of the oil to my palms and rub my whole body with my hands to make my skin feel soft and smooth and it adds moisture to my dry skin and soothes my irritated, itchy skin.

I’ve only really used the oil as a facial cleanser once or twice as I prefer to use my Omega Rich Cleansing Oil instead but it can and does work as a cleanser for the face. I applied a little bit of oil to my face, massaged it in leaving the oil to soak into my face then washed it off with a damp wash cloth. My skin was left looking clean and feeling soft and it made my complexion radiant and glowing.

After two weeks of bathing in the oil three times a week my psoriasis looks a million times better and I love how pink my patches look instead of bright red. I really wish I took before and after pictures to show you guys what I mean. So although I still have my psoriasis, this oil has definitely helped and they are starting to look like they are disappearing. My skin feels soft and is less dry than before and I just really love this oil and it works AMAZING as a shaving oil – because I have psoriasis on my legs I have been finding it difficult to shave so eek, I have had gorilla legs for a few weeks as my skin has flared up badly. The boyfriend really fancies me, hey! Ha. This oil allows me to shave my legs with ease and I absolutely love it for this reason alone. So, if you struggle with shaving – I 100% recommend giving this oil a try.

The only thing I don’t like about the oil is the need to clean my bath afterwards, I usually just give my bathtub a quick wipe and rinse with the shower head after bathing but with this oil you have to seriously give it a good scrub with elbow grease as the oil sticks to the bath – water alone won’t remove the oil. Not a big problem, I know, but I’m lazy! Ha ha.

Disclosure: This product was gifted to me for review purposes. All words are my own and have not been influenced by the brand and this review is based on my own experience with the product.

Recommended For:

The Bath & Body Emollient Oil is suitable for all skin types but I especially recommend it for those who suffer with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dry, sensitive skin.

Where To Buy?

You can get a 200 ml bottle of the Bath & Body Emollient Oil here for £12.99.

A 300 ml bottle is also available for £19.00.


To visit Pure Potions’ website / connect with them on social media – see links below:


You can also call the Pure Potions’ customer service team on the number below.


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Review: Tropical Soap Collection – Art Naturals

A few months ago, I was sent the lush Tropical Soap Collection from Art Naturals
who are a natural skincare brand selling, natural, BPA-free, cruelty-free and eco-friendly skincare products. They sell essential oils, hair care products, skin care products, bath and body body products, aromatherapy sets and oil diffusers and they even have a men’s collection too!
The Tropical Soap Collection is a 6-piece soap bar set suitable for all skin types and can be used by both men and women. The soaps are all infused with jojoba oil and different aromatherapy oils including lavender, lemon, grapefruit, tea tree, sweet orange and eucalyptus. All individual 4oz soap bars are sulfate-free, paraben-free, mineral-oil free and cruelty-free.

The Tropical Soap Collection

Floral Detox: a renewing cleansing soap infused with lavender.

Soothing Citrus: a rejuvenating cleansing soap infused with orange.

Tropical Cleanse:  a regenerating soap bar infused with grapefruit.

Miracle Wash: a reviving cleansing soap infused with tea tree.

Cool Mint: a cleansing soap infused with eucalyptus.

Purifying Zing: a cleansing soap infused with lemon.




Ingredients: Sodium palmate (palm oil), water, glycerin, jojoba oil, essential oils, sodium chloride.


I am really loving the Tropical Soap Collection from Art Naturals, they are probably the best soaps for my skin disorder that I have used in a long time and I do really like them! They also come in a pretty enough box to be given as a gift, so I would definately consider purchasing a few boxes to give out as little gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc… I would love something like this as a present!

The soaps are all pretty good-sized 4 oz bars too. One bar of soap lasts absolute ages and I have only used two bars so far in the few months that I’ve had them, for this reason alone I do think this soap set is worth the money as they are really long-lasting and good quality.

I also found the soaps worked up a good lather too and my skin felt really clean and soft after using them. They do smell really nice although if you were to blindfold me I would not be able to work out which soap was which. To be completely honest, they do all smell quite similar, sweet, pretty, mild and natural  – but then again my sense of smell is awful, so don’t take my word for it!

I have psoriasis and I have found these soaps do not irritate my skin like most others do or cause my skin to flare up and react – I think that is all down to the natural ingredients that are in the soaps and the fact that they are all paraben-free, sulfate-free and mineral oil free. So, I would recommend and I do think these are the perfect soaps for people with sensitive skin, skin problems or skin disorders as they gently cleanse and moisturise the skin without irritating the skin or worsening symptoms.

Get the Tropical Soap Collection here from Art Naturals Amazon UK shop.

 The Tropical Soap Collection is £13.95 – Same day & next day delivery available.

If you’d like to connect with Art Naturals via the website or their social media pages, see links below.







Insomnia | Lavender Essential Oil From Pure Aromatherapy combined with Sleep Hypnosis by Eddini💤

Hey! 😜

Hope you’re all doing well 😘

I thought I would do a little post about my favourite ways to use Lavender Essential Oil and how combined with relaxation techniques, it has helped me to sleep better.

12065785_1507299352896082_1240217731030818638_n .

Since I was 18 I have taken over the counter sleeping pills from the chemist – which isn’t the safest & cleverest of ideas I know but they have helped me get a good nights kip many a times.

Lately,  I’ve been worried about serious side effects because of long term use as well as HATING how the tablets made me feel upon waking, I’d still be drowsy, groggy and my concentration span was non-existent. So, I’ve decided to swap my sleeping tablets with some healthier alternatives instead.

For the past few months I’ve been using Lavender Essential Oil combined with a few relaxation techniques before bedtime (my favourite being sleep hypnosis) in replacement of sleeping pills for my insomnia. I’ve also changed a few of my night-time habits such as exercising before 6pm, avoiding energy drinks such as Red Bull and Lucozade and not drinking coffee late in the evening and opting for a hot chocolate, a milky horlicks or a fruit tea instead. I’m loving pomegranate tea! 😍


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What is Lavender Essential Oil?

We get Lavender Essential Oil from the lavender plant (Lavandula Angustifolia). It is made by steam distillation of the flower buds just before opening. Lavender is a pretty evergreen shrub that produces purple flowers and sage green leaves. Lavender Essential Oil has a sweet, floral, herbaceous and slightly woody scent.

Lavender Essential Oil is not only good for insomnia. Here’s a list of what this little magic oil can treat:

Nervous: anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, insomnia, migraines.
Skin: burns including radiography burns, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, spots, wounds, impetigo.
Digestive: liver problems, weak digestion, nausea, cramps, flatulence, congested bile
Respiratory: bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, TB, asthma.
Immune: infections, inflammations, fever, tonsillitis, candida.
Muscular-skeletal: arthritis, muscle ache and fatigue.
Endocrine/Reproductive: regulates/stimulates menstrual cycle, assists childbirth, PMT, cramps, menopause.
Urinary: cystitis.

Did you know?

The latin name Lavandula comes from lavere meaning ‘to wash’. Lavender was extensively used by the Romans in their baths.


How Can I Use Lavender Essential Oil To Help Me Sleep Better?

On Your Temples

Rubbing one or two drops of Lavender Essential Oil into your temples.

In An Oil Burner

I use my Lavender Essential Oil just before bedtime when I’m ready to settle down and relax. I’ll put a few drops of the oil into my oil burner and place it on my bedside table whilst I read a book or take a bath. When I’m ready to sleep the scent of the lavender prepares me for sleep quicker and helps to calm my body and relax my mind. My bedroom is filled with the sweet and calming lavender aroma and I find it easier to drift off to sleep without constantly tossing and turning for an hour or more. To use Lavender Essential Oil in a oil burner you will need an oil burner and some tealights. I got about 100 tealights for about £3 off Amazon UK.

In Your Bath

My favourite way to use lavender essential oil is by placing a few drops into my bath whilst the hot water is running. It is recommended to put about 5-8 drops in but I go overboard with about 10-15 drops, ha-ha. (I never follow instructions, my bad!) I also keep my windows shut to stop the steam and the lavender aroma from escaping and my bathroom is transformed into my very own little steam room. I relax in the lavender bath for about 10-30 minutes and it feels so peaceful and soothing especially when I play some calming, meditation music on my mobile phone/iPad. I’ve found lots of relaxing sounds and music on YouTube and I’ve listened to them all – yoga music, thunder and rainfall sounds, Amazon Rainforest and jungle sounds, beach waves, waterfalls and lots of others. A hot bath with drops of lavender oil in, a few candles lit and some calming music = total BLISS!

On A Tissue

A few drops of Lavender Essential Oil onto a tissue then placed under your pillow will help to relax you before and during bedtime. Sniffing the tissue will allow you to inhale the beautiful aroma and feel its sedative effects.

On Your Pillow

You can sprinkle a few drops onto your pillow. This is another favourite of mine. I like to listen to some insomnia and sleep hypnosis videos on YouTube too. Eddini is my favourite. If you’re having trouble sleeping, I really recommend giving sleep hypnosis a whirl. With the aroma of the Lavender Essential Oil and Eddini and his soothing voice helping me to relax, I fall asleep within 10 minutes. I’m so happy with my new bedtime routine.


I have been using my Lavender Essential Oil every night religiously! I can’t get enough of it! I’ve been putting it in my bath, on my pillow, my temples, and my skin – basically everywhere. I’ve even Googled if you can put it into tea. 😂 I’ve yet to try this though! I just love the sweet fragrance of lavender fills my home and I’m actually amazed how Lavender Essential Oil really does has relaxing properties and amazing sedative effects. To be honest before I tried it I thought using lavender for sleeping problems was just a load of BULL and an old wives tale but I’ve found it really helps me to relax and chill out before I go to bed.

I’ve also found using Lavender Essential Oil before bedtime helps me to wake up more refreshed. When I was taking sleeping tablets I felt so rough the morning after when I finally dragged myself out of bed. It was a horrible feeling. The tablets made me have poor concentration and an awful cloudy, foggy brain feeling which took a while to wear off. When I was taking the pills, I would wake each morning and feel like I had been hard-core partying the night before and it felt like I had a hangover every morning! Since I’ve ditched the sleeping pills and started using Lavender Essential Oil along with some relaxation techniques I’ve woken up happier, refreshed, focused and fresh as a daisy. 😊

Obviously Lavender Essential Oil isn’t a cure but it has certainly helped. I’ve now got a healthier sleep routine before I go to bed such as avoiding coffee after 3pm, using the bedroom to sleep only and movies in bed is out of the window. Drinking Horlicks or a hot milky drink before bedtime is a must! I’ve also bought a good alarm clock and I try to wake up the same time every day and go to bed the same time every night (even on weekends). I aim for 6-7 hours of sleep each night. In my personal experience, combining Lavender Essential Oil with sleep hypnosis and meditation music and other relaxation techniques definitely helps to me sleep quicker, stay asleep and wake up feeling bright and energised.

If your insomnia / lack of sleep or quality of sleep is affecting your daily life and your health, I would advise you to visit your doctor for professional help & advice. 🏥

Where To Buy?

I bought my 10ml bottle of Lavender Essential Oil from the lovely Kathryn Anne over at to help me relax and unwind before bedtime. Kathryn Anne is a qualified holistic therapist and aromatherapist and the owner of Pure Aromatherapy which sells everything aromatherapy – body lotions, carrier oils, massage creams, hand creams, essential oils, reed diffusers and pretty gift sets and lots more. I started using some of Pure Aromatherapy’s amazing lotions & creams for my hands, face and body a while back and I’m still using them to this day. They smell absolutely amazing! You can read my review for them here.

Kathryn Anne Lavender Essential Oil comes in a 10ml glass amber bottle with a black screw top lid that includes a dropper. It is £5.75 and lasts forever! 👌 To buy, click here.

 To listen to some calming meditation music & relaxing sounds on YouTube click here. 👌

Want to try some sleep hypnosis? Click here to listen to the almighty Eddini’s sleep hypnosis videos. 👌

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love ❤

Katie 👸


Review: BALM BALM – Tea Tree Multi-Purpose Lip Balm

I received BALM BALM‘s Multi Purpose Tea Tree Lip Balm in my LOVE LULA February subscription box. I’ve only just got round to trying it out so I thought I would do a quick little review for you all seeing as this cold weather and flu has cursed me with chapped lips this week!


The Multi Purpose Lip Balm is a gentle balm that can be used not only on the lips but the face and body too! The ingredients are natural, pure and 100% organic. Made from shea butter, calendula, sunflower oil, beeswax, jojoba, tea tree essential oil and nothing else. BALM BALM claims it moisturises, soothes and nourishes the skin as well as having antibacterial properties. Great for zits and pimples!



I love the fact the Lip Balm is 100% organic and the ingredients are natural and pure without any nasty chemicals added as I’ve been trying to use more natural and gentle products lately – so I will definitely be checking out some other products from BALM BALM. The lip balm is a multi-purpose balm that can be used anywhere on the body not just the lips. I have been using the balm on my chapped lips and it does help to sooth my irritated, cracked skin but it’s not the best at healing them – I’ve been using the balm for about a week or two now and my lips still feel chapped although they are not as sore or irritated anymore. I love how it is not a sticky balm as well but after applying it on my lips it kind of leaks into my mouth and I can taste the strong tea tree essential oil! It doesn’t taste nice at all but the taste does eventually go away after a while although that’s probably because I’ve swallowed it, ha! So, next time I buy a lip balm from BALM BALM I will make sure I get a fragrance free one instead.

I also tried the balm on my dry skin too. I have psoriasis and the balm seems to have moisturised and calmed my irritated skin a little bit. I’ve also tried it on some blemishes and pimples and I think this balm works best for treating spots rather than healing chapped lips so I will keep this for when I get a pimple. Tea Tree works amazing for spots!  I’ve also found that a little bit of the balm goes a long way so one 10 ml tube will last for ages.

DISCLOSURE: I received this product in my Love Lula subscription box which I pay for with my own money.


You can get some from Balm Balm’s website here. for £5.50. All orders placed will receive a free FREE Rose Geranium Hand Balm Sample with any order and delivery in the UK is free when you spend £10 or more!



Salcura Bioskin DermaSpray & Zeoderm Cream For Psoriasis | My Review & Pictures ❤

 Hello Everybody ❤

This post is for all my fellow psoriasis warriors.


Having psoriasis can be so depressing at times, can’t it? I think I really need to get it into my head that once my psoriasis does clear up, it will eventually return, sometimes with a vengeance. For some reason, once my skin is clear, I always think I am cured of this stupid skin disorder and basically get my hopes up that my skin will be normal and beautiful forever more. I suppose it is about time I realised that no matter what I do or what I use on my skin. Psoriasis will be with me for life! 😢

For 23 years now my psoriasis has been clearing up, flaring up then clearing up again and its something I still haven’t gotten used to. I’m not sure if I ever will.  When I do have a few lucky weeks (mainly summertime) and my skin is happy and healthy it clears up brilliantly, I’m able to get my legs out and wear my favourite LBD (little black dress) and actually feel attractive for a while. But, good things must come to an end and before you know it, my psoriasis comes back, literally overnight.

For the last few months, my skin has been wonderfully clear with not a spot or scale in sight. But, as Autumn has crept up, unfortunately so has my psoriasis. As soon as we hit September, my skin has gone from being completely clear to 80% covered in a week. It’s shocking how fast psoriasis can flare up.

So we are in December now, and like every Autumn/Winter I’m cursed with unattractive skin. Especially my feet. They look so horrendous and I know it does not sound very pleasant but they look like cigarette burns on my skin, hundreds of them. Most of the time, when I do have a flare up I only have the red, sore looking, guttate spots all over my body and luckily, I rarely have silver plaques and my psoriasis never itches like most other sufferers skin tends to do. But, this time however I’ve got the full monty! The redness, the silver scales and the itch. I suppose my skin is the worst it has been for years.

My Review

A few weeks back I was sent a Skin Therapy Pack for psoriasis from one of the UK’s best skincare brands, Salcura.


Salcura is used by many people all over the world who suffer with skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis as well as psoriasis and acne amongst others.  I first came across Salcura a few months back after seeing my blogging friend Cathy (review genie mum of 3) post a review on some Salcura skincare products – she recommended I try Salcura for my psoriasis.


In my Skin Therapy Pack was Salcura’s, Bioskin Zeoderm Cream and Bioskin DermaSpray, (which smells divine) as well as some Lemon Essential Oil and some tasty, healthy nibbles. (Mixed berries and sunflower seeds to help care for my skin from the inside.)

Before I share my review, I just want to add that the products I’m reviewing are not a miraculous cure for psoriasis but rather treatments to help maintain healthy skin by moisturising very dry skin, soothing irritated, red skin (which I’m very prone to) and calming the itch associated with psoriasis and eczema. Remember everybody’s skin reacts differently to products so bear in mind that this is my own personal experience whilst using Salcura. 😘

Salcura’s Bioskin DermaSpray

WP_20151106_16_19_54_Pro (1)

Salcura’s Bioskin Dermaspray is a skin nourishing spray that is a hassle free, liquid alternative to emollient creams. It is totally free from artificial fragrances’, parabens, steroids and other harsh ingredients that are unsuitable for sensitive amd problem skin. The ingredients that make up DermaSpray are of 98% natural origin, the most active ingredient being Sea Buckhorn which is rich in nourishing Omegas.

First time I used the DermaSpray, I instantly fell in love with the scent. I’m not really sure what the smell is but after reading the ingredient list, I assume it is peppermint oil. It smells lovely. I kind of went overboard with the spray because it smells so god damn good. It would be fab if Salcura could bottle that scent as a perfume. I reckon it would be a sell out! Beautiful! 😂😍

I’ve been using the DermaSpray two times a day after my morning shower and after my night time bath. It is recommended that you  use it around 3-4 times a day but I’ve had great results from only using only it twice. I’ve also been using the spray on my scalp too and have seen great improvement so far.

What I love about the DermaSpray is how quickly it soaks into the skin. My biggest pet hate is heavy, greasy creams that take ages to dry along with messy creams that require hand washing after use, (I’m lazy, 😂) but with DermaSpray, all you have to do is spray, wait a minute for the liquid to soak in then go about your day. DermaSpray is great for people like myself who prefer to moisturise without using messy creams.

Since I first started using DermaSpray about two weeks ago, I can honestly say I have not itched once, so I’m happy about that! Although it hasn’t made any improvement to my actual psoriasis just yet, and by that I mean clearing them up, it has definitely calmed the irritated itch I had and left me with smoother skin. I’m hopeful my skins appearance will improve with frequent use. It has only been two weeks since I first tried DermaSpray, so hopefully I will see better results in the next couple of weeks. I will keep you updated!

I believe how DermaSpray works is by penetrating deep into the skins barrier to support healthy skin growth, nourishing new skin cells in their early development. So fingers crossed that my skin will be better off when this ‘new’ skin appears at the surface. 💪😊

For more information about Bioskin DermaSpray click this link to be taken to Salcura’s website.

Salcura’s Bioskin – Zeoderm Cream


Bioskin Zeoderm Cream is a unique blend of natural skin essential omega oils, vitamins and minerals. It has been specially formulated to help severe skin dryness and is an alternative to steroid treatment creams. The cream is of 99% natural origin with the active ingredient being Natural Volcanic Zeolite, which is rich in rejuvenating minerals. Like DermaSpray, Zeoderm cream is free from harsh ingredients. 👌

Zeoderm cream is recommended for use in conjunction with Dermaspray or DermaSerum when psoriasis is pretty extreme or going through a bad flare up. The cream provides intensive hydration, moisture and nourishment for people who suffer with problematic skin disorders.

The great thing about Zeoderm is it can be used on all areas of the body including the face. It is also safe to use whenever you want as there are no limits to how much you can use or how long you can use it. This pretty much proves it is safe and gentle on the skin, as most creams that are used to treat psoriasis have a restriction to how long and often it can be used.

My first impression on the Zeoderm cream was that the cream itself looks like face mask cream. It has a earthly, pale green appearance  with a natural sweet scent which lingers on the skin after use. It is light in consistency and dries very quickly, which is ideal for me as I’m impatient and find it so boring and uncomfortable when waiting for treatment creams to dry.

I’ve also noticed that the silver scales I have seem to ‘melt’ and disappear after applying Zeoderm cream, which is amazing to see my skin being deeply moisturised, visibly before my eyes. When psoriasis skin becomes so dry, the scales/plaques we have can split/crack causing discomfort, bleeding and sometimes infection so to prevent this, I will definitely be using this cream to treat my dry areas from now on.

In regards to the redness I suffer with, I’ve yet to see a really big difference although the redness is a little bit paler and less irritated after only two weeks so I’m hoping with longer use, I’ll see greater improvement.

 If you would like to buy some Zeoderm for your own psoriasis treatment simply click this link to be redirected to the Salcura Website.

I’m about to do something I never ever thought I’d do as a psoriasis sufferer, and that is to show my skin to the world. Being so vain 😂 this is a very BIG thing for me as I’ve always been resistant to let anybody see my skin, out of fear of judgment. So, big pat on the back for Katie Rose for being brave. 😊 ❤

So here goes.

This is a picture of my foot before I started using Salcura Bioskin Products.


Two Weeks Later


Lemon Essential Oil


I haven’t really got round to trying the lemon essential oil on my skin. It is often diluted in a carrier such as vegetable oil or creams and is a great way to add brightness to your skin and has great cleansing properties. I have been advised in the past not to use any citrus fruit on my skin as psoriasis sufferers are prone to have an allergic reaction / bad flare up after skin contact with the oil.

So, instead I have used it in my reed diffuser and I adore the uplifting aroma it has. Lemon Essential Oil has a wonderful aromatic effect on the mind. It is very uplifting, refreshing and improves focus and concentration. So every time I sit down to write, I pop some Lemon Essential Oil into my reed diffuser and it definitely helps cleanse my mind, helping me focus. Being a scatterbrain, this is just what I need, ha-ha! 😂

Apparently, the aroma of Lemon Essential Oil is also beneficial to those who suffer with anxiety and stress, being a stress head myself, I will be using the oil everyday to chill out and unwind. As psoriasis can be triggered by stress, hopefully the oil will help me de-stress and keep future flare ups, caused by stress, at bay!

Mixed Berries

Berries are delicious, juicy and sweet and they’re also good for your skin. They are low in calories, high in fibre, and contain lots of vitamins and minerals.

There are lots of powerful antioxidants in berries, including anthocyanins, quercetin, and vitamin C. Anthocyanins help to reduce inflammation and help prevent and manage arthritis. Quercetin can also decrease the inflammatory effects of the joints for people with inflammatory conditions like psoriatic arthritis.

Vitamin C is another antioxidant found in berries. It is largely responsible for the health of collagen, which helps maintain cartilage stores and aids in joint flexibility. Eating vitamin C–rich berries will also contribute to radiant, healthier skin and healthy, lush hair.

Sunflower Seeds

I’ve always praised the Sunflower for the wonders it does for the skin, especially psoriasis skin. Although I’ve never tried sunflower seeds until now, I’m a big fan of sunflower oil – you can read my sunflower oil and psoriasis review here.

Sunflower seeds are yummy little seeds with a mild, almost nutty taste. They are extremely high in vitamin E which is a god-send for all types of skin not just skin disorders.


Sunflower seeds help moisturise skin from the inside, repairing and protecting the skins barrier and providing a great source of hydration an moisture to dry skin. The seeds are a full of goodness, as well as vitamin E, they are packed with zinc, iron and magnesium too.

Sunflower seeds are not only good for psoriasis skin but they are also a great source of nutrition for psoriasis sufferers who have psoriatic arthritis too.  Sunflower seeds are very high in vitamin E which is effective in reducing arthritis symptoms due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The seeds also contain copper which is vital for the function of enzymes involved in cross linking collagen and elastin, providing strength and flexibility in bones and joints.

I’m excited to try out a few other products in the Salcura range, so expect more reviews about the skin care brand and its products in the near future!

Below are the links to Salcura’s website and social media pages if you’d like to follow them.

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Thank-you for reading my Salcura review. I hope I have given all the info you need. If you have any questions for me drop me an email at or send me a message via my Facebook page – What Katie Rose Loves   and I’ll do my best to help. I will also be doing a Salcura Winter Skin Therapy Pack giveaway in the next few days so keep a look out on my Twitter and Facebook pages for the competition posts !  👌

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Kathryn Anne – Pure Aromatherapy | Luxurious & Nourishing Skincare

Essential Oil Products | Pure Aromatherapy

As stated in my previous posts, I’ve jumped on the natural products bandwagon and decided to look after my skin without the use of nasty chemicals.

You may know that I am a psoriasis sufferer, which is an autoimmune skin disorder, very similar to eczema in appearance. So it especially important that I use gentle products on my skin.

After browsing the internet for natural products to use for my skin as well as something safe and natural to help my insomnia. I came across Pure Aromatherapy which was founded by Holistic Therapist, Kathryn Anne. Her company, which is based in Kings Cliffe in Peterborough sell all things aromatherapy, from creams, reed diffusers to oils and gift sets.

I read the testimonials on the website and was pretty sure on trying Pure Aromatherapy products after reading the great reviews.

Great thing about Pure Aromatherapy is the communication and wonderful customer service skills from Kathryn Anne, I contacted her through the website and asked if she could recommend any products for people with psoriasis and anything I could use to help ease my insomnia… I had a reply almost instantly with wonderful tips and details of the products she thought would help. So if you’re not sure what products to purchase, just drop her an email or contact her on Facebook page and I’m certain she will do her best to help you.
Anyway, after deciding on the products I was going to try, a day or two later I received a parcel from the lovely Kathryn Anne. I was super impressed how fast delivery was.

In my parcel were four items, they were: Luxurious Face Cream, Nourishing Hand Cream, Luxurious Body Lotion and lastly, Lavender Essential Oil.

 I’ve been trying these products for over a month now, I would have posted my review sooner but I’ve had a run of bad luck these last few weeks. First my laptop broke then after waiting two weeks for it to be sent back to me, repaired, my broadband connection decides to have some technical difficulties in my street. Talk about coincidental.  So I’ve only just been able to write. Although, the little run of bad luck has annoyed me so much, it has certainly gave me enough time to try the creams out. I will definitely be buying more when I have ran out.

I can’t believe that after a month of using the creams there is still plenty left. I’m now considering trying the products I haven’t yet tried as I’m sure they will be just as good as those I have tried.

Luxurious Face Cream


Enriched with Rose, Sandalwood and Lavender, this cream is my absolute favourite from Pure Aromatherapy. I have been using it 3 times a day because I love it so much. Morning, Evening and again at bedtime. I have even been using it together with my Braun Face Cleansing Brush which was included with an Epilator. The cream acts like a cleanser for the brush and leaves my skin super soft, hydrated and cleansed, pore deep.

I would 100,000,000% recommend the Luxurious Face Cream to anybody with dry, dull skin on their face and especially those who are in need of a major moisture boost. This cream has seriously put moisture back into my face and I was pretty much hooked after the first use. Within two minutes, if that, of trying the cream on my face, I could notice the change almost instantly. I had really dry, dull skin that lacked radiance and youthfulness beforehand and first time using this cream I was so impressed.

I love using this cream before I put my make-up on too as it gives me a smooth base to apply my foundation on. Before I used this cream, it was hard work spreading my foundation across my skin as it was so dry. My make-up was always left patchy which is not a pretty sight for a perfectionist like myself.

Other face creams I used in the past have all had great benefits but had their downfalls too such as, taking too long to dry, leaving my skin greasy or making my foundation behave like tinted moisturiser which having blemished skin is not the look I aim for. If I wanted tinted moisturiser, I would buy tinted moisturiser, ha ha.

I prefer the full coverage and the Luxurious Face Cream enables me to have just that. It dries very quickly, soaks into the skin and instead of having shiny, greasy skin which make-up easily slides off after applied, I’m left with matte skin that is deeply moisturised and makeup products stay put. My makeup also glides on smoothly and appears much more natural. The Luxurious Face Cream acts like a primer for my make-up.

Since using this face cream my complexion has definitely improved. This cream will be apart of my daily beauty regime from now on and I’m so happy I have discovered it. 😊

If you would like to try the Luxurious Face Cream out for yourself, click here to be redirected to the Pure Aromatherapy website to purchase the Luxurious Face Cream for £13.75

There is a competition running over on my Facebook page. One lucky lady will win herself The Luxurious Face Cream.

Head over and enter now  – What Katie Rose Loves On Facebook

Nourishing Hand Cream


My mum and I were talking the other day and I mentioned how my hands appeared much older than hers, (She is 51 years old, I’m 28). It’s true… Even my boyfriend has better looking hands than I do and he works in woodwork construction as a Carpenter and Joiner. His hands are covered in scars and its obvious his occupation consists of manual handwork. But somehow, my hands looked like I had worked my hands solid since the day I was born.

My hands looked as if I was a grandmother, no lie.  My skin was so dry and wrinkly, my nails were so weak and brittle and the overall appearance of my hands were not as attractive as I’d hoped they would be. I don’t know if having psoriasis is the reason my hands looked so unhappy or if it’s just one of those things. Until now, I had never in my life cared for my hands which, lets face it, this is probably the main reason my hands looked older than myself. I had never used hand cream either, quite shocking to say I’m beauty product mad. I’ve always thought hand creams never worked as well as the adverts said they did and didn’t understand the big hype about them.

I also think being cursed with a skin disorder and having psoriasis mainly on my hands for like 20 years has made me a bit apprehensive about putting creams on my delicate skin. Especially fragrant creams (creams that have a nice smell). But, after educating my self about essential oils and eventually realising that not all creams that smell nice only smell that way because of fragrant chemicals. I’ve happily discovered that beautiful scented creams that have essential oils included, infuses the fragrance from natural plants and fruits rather than being a nasty chemical additive that most products include. Infused is good enough for me.

So, I decided to try a hand cream out for once in my life. The Nourishing Hand Cream from Pure Aromatherapy is enriched with Jasmine and Rose pure essential oils and smells absolutely amazing –  like all creams do from Pure Aromatherapy. Using the Luxurious Hand Cream on my hands has definitely got me on board caring for my hands.

First time using this cream I was really happy and a little amazed if I’m honest with the end results. I applied a little to my palms and spread over my entire hands. After leaving to dry for around five minutes my hands appeared much younger looking and softer in appearance as well as softer to touch.

My knuckles, which are unfortunately covered in psoriasis plaques appear much lighter in appearance and don’t look so rough and dry as they did. I’ve never had soft hands in my life, as far as I can remember, so it feels very weird having silky smooth hands, ha ha. Obviously the psoriasis on my knuckles are still there but unlike before they are not as aggravated looking or red and scaly, instead they are paler in appearance and actually look like they are about to clear up.

I’m going to continue using this hand cream and I’m hoping that it will eventually make my knuckle psoriasis disappear until my next flare up. Which will no doubt happen in the future. I will keep you all updated on my progress.

So, overall thought about the Nourishing Hand Cream is just one massive thumbs up. I love how softer my hands appear and it has definitely give me the incentive to take good care of my hands and nails. ! I’m finally a lady who takes care of her hands. Woohoo!

Big thanks to Kathryn Anne at Pure Aromatherapy for changing my mind about hand cream. I guess they do work, afterall. So, this is another product from Pure Aromatherapy that has made it into my daily beauty regime.

Do you want to try the Nourishing Hand Cream for yourself? It is now only £7.75 to buy!

Click here to visit the Pure Aromatherapy website. 😊

Luxurious Body Lotion


First of all I am going to tell you all about the scent of the Luxurious Body Lotion as it was without a doubt the first thing I noticed about this cream. Orange essential oil is an absolute dream. One of my favourite scents ever!. lose your eyes and imagine sitting in a room with millions of freshly sliced oranges’ and this is how the Luxurious Body Lotion smells to me. Forget the smell of orange cordial, this orangey scent smells like real oranges’ and I absolutely love it.

Every time I put the lotion onto my skin my nose is firmly pressed to my skin just taking in the scent. It’s beautiful. The Luxurious Body Lotion is also enriched with other essential oils, Jasmine and Sandalwood but my nose definitely picks up the Orange essential oil first.
I’ll be completely honest, I was a little wary trying this lotion because when I was training to be a Chef a few years back, my tutor told me that citrus fruits’ irritate psoriasis skin causing an allergic reaction so if I handled any citrus fruit I was advised to wear gloves. I’m not sure if it is the actual fruit alone or anything to do with the fruit. So, for a few days I tried the lotion on one arm to see if I had any type of reaction. Thank God, I never, but I thought I’d rather be safe than sorry.  After the three day trial on one arm, I went ahead and used the lotion all over my body.
For the past four weeks, I’ve been using The Luxurious Body Lotion after my nighttime bath. In the past I have used Johnson’s Baby Lotion to moisture my ski, but  I hate how long it takes to dry. With the Luxurious Body Lotion I’m able to get dressed quickly as itsoaks into my skin so quickly.  I really love using the lotion before bedtime, as the scent of the lotion is so relaxing and calming and makesit me feel clean and refreshed.. My skin is also  much softer than it was before and the psorias prone areas of my body, for example,  my elbows, knees and ankles,  have greatly improved. With continued us of the lotion I’m hoping my psoriasis will stay as calm as it is now. The fragrance of the lotion is still there the next morning. It really does smell amazing. Lots of friends have commented about the scent saying that I smell lovely. Almost good enough to eat!

All of the creams I have tried from Pure Aromatherapy’s Luxurious &  Nourishing Collections have certainly had extra benefits too, as well as keeping my skin silky soft the uplifting aroma’s they have definitely made me much more relaxed and chilled. They are wonderful creams that help to relieve stress and ease anxiety too. 

If you would like to buy some Luxurious Body Lotion – now only £14.50 – click here to shop on the Pure Aromatherapy website.

All links to Pure Aromatherapy’s website and social media pages are below!

Pure Aromatherapy on Facebook

Pure Aromatherapy on Twitter

Pure Aromatherapy Website

Lavender Essential Oil

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten to write about the Lavender Essential Oil… As mentioned above, I was also sent some fabulous Lavender essential oil from Pure Aromatherapy to help my insomnia but the review was long enough to be its own post, so that is what I have done. If you suffer with sleep problems like myself, make sure to read my Lavender review post in the near future for some really great tips to get a great nights sleep.. l’ll be including my thoughts on sleep hypnosis and white noise too.


Keep a look out for my Insomnia and Lavender Essential Oil Review.

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