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Hey girls, I think it’s time I did a giveaway as I haven’t done one for absolute ages. I  will be giving away a beauty bundle with 16 products worth £125. I will be running the giveaway across all of my social media pages so head over and you might get lucky. Links to my social media accounts are at the bottom of this post. Giveaway is open to UK residents only… sorry! Ends 30th November 2017.


What You Will Win In My Giveaway:

Make-Up Revolution | Redemption Eyeshadow Palette Unicorns vs Mermaids – (£4)

ModelCo | Contour Stick – (£8)

Anatomicals | Grab Your Melons Shower Gel – (£1.50)

Y.F.M | Exfoliating Foot Peeling Mask – (£9.99)

InstaNaturals | Youth Express Night Cream – (£16)

InstaNaturals | Skin Clearing Spot Treatment – (£12)

InstaNaturals | Age Defying Skin Clearing Serum – (£19)

Maxx Labs | Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins – (£12)

Earths Designs | Tan Tablets (Supplements) – (£15)

Water Ice Levin | Deep Cleansing Black Mask – (£7.99)

Mabox | Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder – (£7.99)

Balance Me | Pure Skin Facial Wash (*£16 full size)

Kawaii Enterprise | Silicone Brush Cleanser – (£7.99)

Home Bargains – Rose Fizzing Bath Bomb (89p)

Home Bargains | Mango Fizzing Bath Bomb – (89p)

Home Bargains | Lavender Fizzing Bath Bomb – (89p)






Review & GIVEAWAY: InstaNatural – Youth Express Night Cream


Hey girls,

(If you’re here for the GIVEAWAY, check the end of this post for details on how to enter.)

Now, let’s get this review done & dusted. I’m back with another skincare product review from one of my favourite beauty brands, InstaNatural, who are an
American skincare company that specialise in natural beauty products. Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on their Youth Express Night Cream which retails
at around £ in the UK and $ in the USA. I’ve had this cream lying around for ages and thought I’d give it a good trial before I posted my review on it. So, here goes…


A rich night cream that works as an anti-aging product. It works by hydrating & plumping the skin to keep it soft & supple. The key ingredients are Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) which can help reduce redness and imflammination as well as diminish the appearance of acne, scars and hyperpigmentation. Matrixyl 3000, Vitamin C which promotes healthy skin by reducing damage from external factors such as sun exposure. Rosehip Oil which is great for combatting wrinkles and fine lines. The night cream also contains Organic Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Avacado Oil and Evening Primrose Oil.



Cleanse and tone the skin just before bedtime and put a small amount of cream to the fingertips and apply to your face and neck in a circular, upward motion. Leave to dry completely, in my experience this takes a good 10 minutes or so to fully absorb the cream. Although this is a night
cream it can and is best use morning and night for best results.


I’ve been using the cream for three weeks now, once daily before bedtime. The cream is a thick, luxurious white lotion which spreads easily across the skin, completely hydrating and moisturising it. Although I hate waiting around for it to absorb fully, I am pleased with the results so far and I have noticed that my skin does look more youthful than before I started using it. It’s hard to explain but I have both dull grey areas on my face as well as the
odd bit of redness so finding a cream that brightens up your complexion as well as reducing redness is great! Not to mention how well it moisturises any dry patches. Once fully absorbed and I have catched up on my beauty sleep – I wake up to soft and supple skin as the cream works its magic through the night by hydrating and plumping the skin. I love the fact that all the ingredients in the cream are completely natural and plant derived. The cream seriously is packed to the brim with goodness. Obviously, it’s great that InstaNatural have not tested the cream on animals and another plus is that the bottle is eco-friendly and can be recycled.



My least favourite thing about the cream is how long it takes to absorb into the skin, I hate creams that don’t dry quickly and I’ve waited about 10 minutes each time for it to dry so it didn’t rub off on my expensive pillowcases. Also, the cream does not feel lightweight on the skin and instead feels kinda heavy on my face if that makes sense, like my skin can’t breathe. So if you’re after a lightweight night cream, this one isn’t for you as it’s rich, thick and feels like a barrier over the skin.


I do like the cream and it does work but I prefer a lightweight, fast absorbing cream so I doubt I’ll repurchase it. I think there are better creams out there to suit my skin type and for much less too but the ingredients in this cream are all natural and good and natural products are always a little more expensive than chemical laden products, so I suppose you get what you pay for, good ingredients and no harsh chemicals.


With Love…




I have one bottle of InstaNaturals Youth Express Night Cream to give away to one of my lucky readers.

If you’d like to win yourself a bottle just simply like this post and comment below with the name of your City.

Feel free to share or re-blog too. I’d also love it if you subscribed/followed my blog. It will be much appreciated. MWAH.

I will notify the winner by replying to the comment as well as by email so be sure to check both your inbox and junk folders. If I have not had a reply from the chosen winner within 1 week of contacting them I will have to choose another winner. Giveaway ends 30th September 2017.

Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to UK residents but I will run a worldwide giveaway very soon for my readers outside of the UK.



Salcura BioSkin DermSpray & ZeoDerm Cream For Psoriasis & Eczema | ⭐ GIVEAWAY ⭐

Hello Lovely People! ❤

Just a short and sweet post to tell you all about my Salcura give-away running over on my Facebook page! (What Katie Rose Loves…⭐)

Thanks to Salcura I have up for grabs – one bottle of Salcura’s BIOSKIN DermSpray & one tube of Salcura’s BIOSKIN ZeoDerm Cream which is used as a skincare treatment for both psoriasis and eczema! The products are worth £27.

To enter on Facebook click here.

To enter on Twitter click here.

Good Luck!

Love…. K ❤

Salcura Bioskin DermaSpray & Zeoderm Cream For Psoriasis | My Review & Pictures ❤

 Hello Everybody ❤

This post is for all my fellow psoriasis warriors.


Having psoriasis can be so depressing at times, can’t it? I think I really need to get it into my head that once my psoriasis does clear up, it will eventually return, sometimes with a vengeance. For some reason, once my skin is clear, I always think I am cured of this stupid skin disorder and basically get my hopes up that my skin will be normal and beautiful forever more. I suppose it is about time I realised that no matter what I do or what I use on my skin. Psoriasis will be with me for life! 😢

For 23 years now my psoriasis has been clearing up, flaring up then clearing up again and its something I still haven’t gotten used to. I’m not sure if I ever will.  When I do have a few lucky weeks (mainly summertime) and my skin is happy and healthy it clears up brilliantly, I’m able to get my legs out and wear my favourite LBD (little black dress) and actually feel attractive for a while. But, good things must come to an end and before you know it, my psoriasis comes back, literally overnight.

For the last few months, my skin has been wonderfully clear with not a spot or scale in sight. But, as Autumn has crept up, unfortunately so has my psoriasis. As soon as we hit September, my skin has gone from being completely clear to 80% covered in a week. It’s shocking how fast psoriasis can flare up.

So we are in December now, and like every Autumn/Winter I’m cursed with unattractive skin. Especially my feet. They look so horrendous and I know it does not sound very pleasant but they look like cigarette burns on my skin, hundreds of them. Most of the time, when I do have a flare up I only have the red, sore looking, guttate spots all over my body and luckily, I rarely have silver plaques and my psoriasis never itches like most other sufferers skin tends to do. But, this time however I’ve got the full monty! The redness, the silver scales and the itch. I suppose my skin is the worst it has been for years.

My Review

A few weeks back I was sent a Skin Therapy Pack for psoriasis from one of the UK’s best skincare brands, Salcura.


Salcura is used by many people all over the world who suffer with skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis as well as psoriasis and acne amongst others.  I first came across Salcura a few months back after seeing my blogging friend Cathy (review genie mum of 3) post a review on some Salcura skincare products – she recommended I try Salcura for my psoriasis.


In my Skin Therapy Pack was Salcura’s, Bioskin Zeoderm Cream and Bioskin DermaSpray, (which smells divine) as well as some Lemon Essential Oil and some tasty, healthy nibbles. (Mixed berries and sunflower seeds to help care for my skin from the inside.)

Before I share my review, I just want to add that the products I’m reviewing are not a miraculous cure for psoriasis but rather treatments to help maintain healthy skin by moisturising very dry skin, soothing irritated, red skin (which I’m very prone to) and calming the itch associated with psoriasis and eczema. Remember everybody’s skin reacts differently to products so bear in mind that this is my own personal experience whilst using Salcura. 😘

Salcura’s Bioskin DermaSpray

WP_20151106_16_19_54_Pro (1)

Salcura’s Bioskin Dermaspray is a skin nourishing spray that is a hassle free, liquid alternative to emollient creams. It is totally free from artificial fragrances’, parabens, steroids and other harsh ingredients that are unsuitable for sensitive amd problem skin. The ingredients that make up DermaSpray are of 98% natural origin, the most active ingredient being Sea Buckhorn which is rich in nourishing Omegas.

First time I used the DermaSpray, I instantly fell in love with the scent. I’m not really sure what the smell is but after reading the ingredient list, I assume it is peppermint oil. It smells lovely. I kind of went overboard with the spray because it smells so god damn good. It would be fab if Salcura could bottle that scent as a perfume. I reckon it would be a sell out! Beautiful! 😂😍

I’ve been using the DermaSpray two times a day after my morning shower and after my night time bath. It is recommended that you  use it around 3-4 times a day but I’ve had great results from only using only it twice. I’ve also been using the spray on my scalp too and have seen great improvement so far.

What I love about the DermaSpray is how quickly it soaks into the skin. My biggest pet hate is heavy, greasy creams that take ages to dry along with messy creams that require hand washing after use, (I’m lazy, 😂) but with DermaSpray, all you have to do is spray, wait a minute for the liquid to soak in then go about your day. DermaSpray is great for people like myself who prefer to moisturise without using messy creams.

Since I first started using DermaSpray about two weeks ago, I can honestly say I have not itched once, so I’m happy about that! Although it hasn’t made any improvement to my actual psoriasis just yet, and by that I mean clearing them up, it has definitely calmed the irritated itch I had and left me with smoother skin. I’m hopeful my skins appearance will improve with frequent use. It has only been two weeks since I first tried DermaSpray, so hopefully I will see better results in the next couple of weeks. I will keep you updated!

I believe how DermaSpray works is by penetrating deep into the skins barrier to support healthy skin growth, nourishing new skin cells in their early development. So fingers crossed that my skin will be better off when this ‘new’ skin appears at the surface. 💪😊

For more information about Bioskin DermaSpray click this link to be taken to Salcura’s website.

Salcura’s Bioskin – Zeoderm Cream


Bioskin Zeoderm Cream is a unique blend of natural skin essential omega oils, vitamins and minerals. It has been specially formulated to help severe skin dryness and is an alternative to steroid treatment creams. The cream is of 99% natural origin with the active ingredient being Natural Volcanic Zeolite, which is rich in rejuvenating minerals. Like DermaSpray, Zeoderm cream is free from harsh ingredients. 👌

Zeoderm cream is recommended for use in conjunction with Dermaspray or DermaSerum when psoriasis is pretty extreme or going through a bad flare up. The cream provides intensive hydration, moisture and nourishment for people who suffer with problematic skin disorders.

The great thing about Zeoderm is it can be used on all areas of the body including the face. It is also safe to use whenever you want as there are no limits to how much you can use or how long you can use it. This pretty much proves it is safe and gentle on the skin, as most creams that are used to treat psoriasis have a restriction to how long and often it can be used.

My first impression on the Zeoderm cream was that the cream itself looks like face mask cream. It has a earthly, pale green appearance  with a natural sweet scent which lingers on the skin after use. It is light in consistency and dries very quickly, which is ideal for me as I’m impatient and find it so boring and uncomfortable when waiting for treatment creams to dry.

I’ve also noticed that the silver scales I have seem to ‘melt’ and disappear after applying Zeoderm cream, which is amazing to see my skin being deeply moisturised, visibly before my eyes. When psoriasis skin becomes so dry, the scales/plaques we have can split/crack causing discomfort, bleeding and sometimes infection so to prevent this, I will definitely be using this cream to treat my dry areas from now on.

In regards to the redness I suffer with, I’ve yet to see a really big difference although the redness is a little bit paler and less irritated after only two weeks so I’m hoping with longer use, I’ll see greater improvement.

 If you would like to buy some Zeoderm for your own psoriasis treatment simply click this link to be redirected to the Salcura Website.

I’m about to do something I never ever thought I’d do as a psoriasis sufferer, and that is to show my skin to the world. Being so vain 😂 this is a very BIG thing for me as I’ve always been resistant to let anybody see my skin, out of fear of judgment. So, big pat on the back for Katie Rose for being brave. 😊 ❤

So here goes.

This is a picture of my foot before I started using Salcura Bioskin Products.


Two Weeks Later


Lemon Essential Oil


I haven’t really got round to trying the lemon essential oil on my skin. It is often diluted in a carrier such as vegetable oil or creams and is a great way to add brightness to your skin and has great cleansing properties. I have been advised in the past not to use any citrus fruit on my skin as psoriasis sufferers are prone to have an allergic reaction / bad flare up after skin contact with the oil.

So, instead I have used it in my reed diffuser and I adore the uplifting aroma it has. Lemon Essential Oil has a wonderful aromatic effect on the mind. It is very uplifting, refreshing and improves focus and concentration. So every time I sit down to write, I pop some Lemon Essential Oil into my reed diffuser and it definitely helps cleanse my mind, helping me focus. Being a scatterbrain, this is just what I need, ha-ha! 😂

Apparently, the aroma of Lemon Essential Oil is also beneficial to those who suffer with anxiety and stress, being a stress head myself, I will be using the oil everyday to chill out and unwind. As psoriasis can be triggered by stress, hopefully the oil will help me de-stress and keep future flare ups, caused by stress, at bay!

Mixed Berries

Berries are delicious, juicy and sweet and they’re also good for your skin. They are low in calories, high in fibre, and contain lots of vitamins and minerals.

There are lots of powerful antioxidants in berries, including anthocyanins, quercetin, and vitamin C. Anthocyanins help to reduce inflammation and help prevent and manage arthritis. Quercetin can also decrease the inflammatory effects of the joints for people with inflammatory conditions like psoriatic arthritis.

Vitamin C is another antioxidant found in berries. It is largely responsible for the health of collagen, which helps maintain cartilage stores and aids in joint flexibility. Eating vitamin C–rich berries will also contribute to radiant, healthier skin and healthy, lush hair.

Sunflower Seeds

I’ve always praised the Sunflower for the wonders it does for the skin, especially psoriasis skin. Although I’ve never tried sunflower seeds until now, I’m a big fan of sunflower oil – you can read my sunflower oil and psoriasis review here.

Sunflower seeds are yummy little seeds with a mild, almost nutty taste. They are extremely high in vitamin E which is a god-send for all types of skin not just skin disorders.


Sunflower seeds help moisturise skin from the inside, repairing and protecting the skins barrier and providing a great source of hydration an moisture to dry skin. The seeds are a full of goodness, as well as vitamin E, they are packed with zinc, iron and magnesium too.

Sunflower seeds are not only good for psoriasis skin but they are also a great source of nutrition for psoriasis sufferers who have psoriatic arthritis too.  Sunflower seeds are very high in vitamin E which is effective in reducing arthritis symptoms due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The seeds also contain copper which is vital for the function of enzymes involved in cross linking collagen and elastin, providing strength and flexibility in bones and joints.

I’m excited to try out a few other products in the Salcura range, so expect more reviews about the skin care brand and its products in the near future!

Below are the links to Salcura’s website and social media pages if you’d like to follow them.

Follow Salcura On Facebook

Follow Salcura On Twitter

Follow Salcura On Instagram

Salcura Naturals Website


Thank-you for reading my Salcura review. I hope I have given all the info you need. If you have any questions for me drop me an email at or send me a message via my Facebook page – What Katie Rose Loves   and I’ll do my best to help. I will also be doing a Salcura Winter Skin Therapy Pack giveaway in the next few days so keep a look out on my Twitter and Facebook pages for the competition posts !  👌

Lots Of Love

Katie Rose ❤




What Katie Rose Loves

Fibregenics 3 In 1 Mascara By Dreamweave & Co

Hey girls! 👍

Lately, I’m absolutely loving online beauty store, ‘To Make You Gorgeous’.  At the moment it is my favourite place to purchase all my beauty products. They have everything under one roof and it is the perfect website for make up and beauty lovers like myself.

After my Lip Voltage review, I was asked to review the latest product by Dreamweave & Co, which I’m really excited about as I love Dreamweave & Co mascara’s. The one I’m reviewing today is a 3 In 1 Direct Bond Mascara, designed as a one step fibre mascara with a direct bonding system.


No mess, no fuss, just thick, luscious lashes with the false lash effect. The Fibergenics 3 In 1 Mascara is about to take the beauty industry by storm and once you have seen my pics, you will understand why. This direct bond mascara seriously adds length to even the shortest of eyelashes!

The Fibregenics mascara is already loved by celebrities such as the TOWIE’s Francesca Parkman and the beautiful Binky from Made In Chelsea.

Source: To Make You Gorgeous ©
Source: To Make You Gorgeous ©

Dreamweave & Co

Dreamweave & Co is well known for its mascara’s and I’ve used a few of them already.  I knew before I had even tried the Fibergenics Mascara that it would be something to shout about as the results of the Dreamweave mascara’s I’ve tried in the past have always been pretty impressive. Like all Dreamweave products, the Fibregenics Mascara will no doubt be as popular as Lip Voltage was, back when the lip plumper first hit the beauty scene.

Not Tested On Animals

First thing I did before using the mascara was to check if it was animal friendly. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on giving my dogs luscious, long lashes anytime soon! 😂 The mascara has not been tested on animals so I’m pleased about that. Why should an animal suffer just so us humans can look beautiful, eh! 😊

The Contents

First of all, I’ll tell you about the packaging. It is so pretty! They say you should not judge a book by its cover but I’m a sucker for pretty covers and if a product has fabulous packaging – I’m definitely more inclined to purchase it. Call me shallow! 😂

The mascara comes in a black and silver metallic effect box. The front of the box is kind of like a mirror and it is possible to put your mascara on and use the box as a mirror, ha-ha. It is not as clear as a real mirror but you can certainly see your reflection.

On the back of the box you have a list of ingredients and inside the box is a little instructions leaflet and of course, the Fibergenics Mascara which is in a black case with silver writing in a pretty font.


My Results After Using Fibregenics

I started out by cleansing my face and lashes as I wanted a blank canvas to apply the mascara to. After one coat, my eyelashes were much longer and thicker without looking too fake. They looked very lush and natural after applying three coats but I continued building them up and I was pretty amazed at how long they were getting. In my before pic you can see how short and blonde my lashes were. I think there is a huge difference as you can see. In my before pic my eyes appear tired and lifeless looking to me. The mascara has certainly brightened my eyes up. I actually look like a girl now! Ha-ha. 👸


I do love how the brush is not one of those useless wands that many make-up brands seem to be using nowadays. I prefer an old fashioned, basic mascara brush and Dreamweave certainly seem to know what type of mascara wand most of us ladies like to use.


At the moment I have dyed jet black hair and eyebrows but naturally, I’m quite fair skinned with fair hair. My eyebrows and lashes are practically see through so I love to use ultra black mascara to make my invisible lashes stand out. Fibregenics gives a deep black coating to my lashes from root to tip. No more baldy appearing eyelashes! 😂


My lashes are quite short in length but when I apply a really good mascara, they can look like I am wearing individual lashes. That is why I love Fibregenics! My lashes have gone from being transparent and non existent to long, thick and dark and I really do have the false lash effect after using Fibregenics. I am shocked at how long they are! Especially compared to before.


I have green-blue eyes and the colour of them definitely stands out after applying Fibregenics. It makes my eyes pop and the lash colour contrasts the colour of my eyes perfectly. I love how they look. I will definitely be using this mascara from now on and I’ve already recommended it to my friends who have also got theirs from


Important advice for you all –  don’t go overboard when building your lashes up. At one point I got a little greedy and may have applied too much. Hello spider eyes! So with every coat of the Fibregenics Mascara that you apply, make sure you take a look at your lashes before you add more mascara to them. If you do apply too much, you will end up with clumpy eyelashes so be cautious! A little goes a long way!

Also, keep some cotton buds at your side when applying the mascara. If you’re anything like me you will need them to remove mascara from your skin! I’m so messy, ha-ha.

Check out Icon Fashion House to see the Fibregenics video review on YouTube.

How To Apply


Simply apply like you would with any mascara. Sweep the mascara brush upwards from root to tip, grasping each lash to attach the unique fibre bonding system. Coat from every angle, to achieve desired effect. Once applied, I personally like to touch up the ends of my lashes only to achieve maximum length.

TIP: Add some Black Kohl Eyeliner to your inner lashline and/or Black Liquid Eyeliner to your top lash line for extra gorgeousness!

Where To Buy

Although it is not yet out on general release, it is available from only a few websites at the moment, being one of them.

If you’d like some for yourself or would like to purchase one as a gift for somebody then head over to the website to snap one up. With Christmas coming up, the mascara is expected to sell out fast on all websites that stock it, so don’t hang about!

How Much Is It?

The Fibregenics 3 In 1 Mascara is £14 to buy.

Visit to shop now.

Social Media Links

If you would like to connect with To Make You Gorgeous on their social media pages, I’ve provided the links to their pages below… 😊

To Make You Gorgeous On Facebook
To Make You Gorgeous On Twitter


There is currently a competition running over on their Facebook page. For a chance to win a bundle of prizes worth over £100, including the Fibergenics Mascara, Lip Voltage plus many more fabulous prizes to be won! The competition ends on the 14th of December 2015 and Christmas will certainly come early for one lucky lady. Head over to their Facebook page now to get your entry into the prize draw. You will see the competition posts on their timeline!

Good Luck!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Fibregenics 3 In 1 Direct Bonding Mascara review and hopefully I’ve given you all the info you need about the product. If you have any questions for me then leave me a little comment below or email me at

Lots of Love

Katie Rose ❤

What Katie Rose Loves On Facebook

Lip Voltage | To Make You Gorgeous ❤

Hello ladies!

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! I’m so happy… x have sent me my absolute favourite lip product of all time. Can you guess what it is?


Yes, I’ve been sent Lip Voltage! Woohoo! Lip Voltage, in my opinion is the best thing since sliced bread… If you have seen my photograph’s you’re probably thinking I don’t need to plump my lips as they are kinda big already.

The reason I love wearing Lip Voltage is not to make my lips bigger as much, but instead more fuller and even. Let’s face it! My bottom lip is like a dingy boat, haha. If I was stranded at sea, I reckon I would be pretty safe. It’s huge compared to my top lip. So I like to make my top lip a little fuller with Lip Voltage so the overall appearance of my lips seem more even.

If my bottom lip was the same size as my top lip you would say I had skinny lips! If my top lip was the same size as my bottom lip I would probably be close to Angelina Jolie lips. God damn you top lip you have ruined my life! 😂 So yeah, basically, I wear Lip Voltage to plump up my anorexic top lip so its closer in size to my chunky bottom lip.

Where Have You Been All My Life

I’ve been trying to get hold of some lip voltage for ages. Without any luck. It seems most websites who advertise that they sell it, no longer do or say it is out of stock until further notice. Many websites’ have said they would e-mail me as soon as it’s back in stock, but they never have. I figure I’ll be a 90-year-old woman before they get around to it!

I searched google and after clicking on a few websites, I was quickly back on my Lip Voltage search after discovering there wasn’t any available to buy. A few years back when Lip Voltage was at its most popular, sweeping the female nation, it was fairly easy to find a supplier. But, nowadays it seems to have vanished!

So, can you imagine how happy I was when I found out To Make You Gorgeous had some in stock.

What, Why, How & When

I’m sure most of you are aware what Lip Voltage is. For those who aren’t, I’m going to fill you in on the basics and hopefully help you to understand what Lip Voltage is, why you should use it and of course, how to use it! So, here goes…

What is Lip Voltage

Lip Voltage is a plumping lip gloss made by Dreamweave & Co. It is a non-injectable lip plumper. It is a quick absorbing peptide lip treatment, using Nano technology to fill and give volume to the lips. You can control how much plump you want in your pout by literally ‘mixing up’ the voltage of this duo lip product.

By adding a VBE* infused lip plumper to the peptide treatment, mixing the formula together to achieve your desired ‘voltage’.

The combined ingredients increases the blood flow to your lips, mimicking the effects of hot chilli peppers.

*VBE (Vanillyl Butyl Ether) is a chemical formulation that induces an enduring, gentle warming and enhanced microcirculation to enhance and plump the lips.

You can customise the strength of the voltage to low, medium and high voltage, which boosts the plumping effect in just a few drops!

Lip Voltage comes in a small box containing  peptide in clear case with a wand applicator, which basically looks like a regular lip gloss. A syringe filled with VBE* serum is included as well as instructions. It is very important that first time users read the instructions before using the product.


Why Do People Use Lip Voltage

There are lots of reasons why somebody would use Lip Voltage. The main one obviously being to achieve bigger lips.
Myself personally, as mentioned above, use it to make both my top and bottom lip similar in size. It’s also used to make skinny lips appear bigger, bigger lips more even and uneven lips more fuller.

The great thing about Lip Voltage is with frequent use over time, the treatment eventually builds collagen in your lips to create softer, fuller lips. So another reason people use Lip Voltage is to gradually improve the look of the lips even when not wearing the product.

I also think people use it as an alternative to cosmetic surgery. I certainly do! Many people simply cannot afford lip fillers and if like myself, they are PETRIFIED of needles. So instead of having lip injections to make their lips bigger, people choose the cheaper, safer and easier alternative by plumping their lips with Lip Voltage instead.

Beauty is pain, yes! But, when it comes down to needles, frankly, I’m a big wimp! So, hooray for Lip Voltage! 😊

How To Use Lip Voltage


After reading the instructions that come with the Lip Voltage, take the VBE serum (syringe) and apply one drop into the peptide (lip gloss).  Place the applicator wand back into the gloss and mix for about 60 seconds and you’re ready to go….

Now use the Lip Voltage gloss on your lips like you would a normal lip gloss, paying more attention to the area’s you specifically want plumping. Within a minute or so you will see that the Voltage is working and will definitely feel it working!

TIP – Apply some Lip Voltage above the cupids bow for more dramatic results.


Please don’t make the same mistake as me when I first used it a few years back. I wasn’t sure how much serum to put into the gloss so I asked who I thought was my intelligent boyfriend to put the serum into the gloss for me. The end results basically concluded that I was the brains in our relationship as the dope accidentally put the whole of the serum into the gloss.

His excuse was he thought that all of the serum should go into the gloss! NO, NO, NO! 😂

So, when he handed me the mixed Lip Voltage I didn’t know he had put it all in! 😂 Can you imagine my face! My lips felt like I had a volcano erupting on my lips. It was so bad. What he done was a sackable offence. He really should count himself lucky that I didn’t dump his ass! 😂

So, ladies. Don’t get a man to mix the Voltage for you. They are brain-dead! 😂 Do it yourself! Be gentle when putting the serum into the peptide gloss as it comes out pretty quick and if you press too hard on the syringe, more serum will come out than intended. 😊

After You Have Applied Lip Voltage

Actually mixing it and using it, is not the difficult part. The hardest part is keeping it on  after you’ve applied it. Ha-ha.

I’m not going to lie to you lady’s… IT HURTS LIKE A BITCH! 👊

Imagine rubbing hot chilli powder over your lips. Imagine your lips being on fire! 😂 Pretty much, this is how it feels. But, the feeling is over within ten minutes so don’t be put off!

So keep this in mind when applying the VBE serum to the peptide gloss. The more drops you apply to the gloss, the more intense the chilli sensation is, so one drop first before increasing slowly if you desire more voltage.

A Little Guideline

The more Voltage drops you apply, the more it will hurt! So I really wouldn’t recommend adding more than three drops. One drop doesn’t affect me but I can definitely feel the burn after using three drops.

1 Drop – Low Voltage

2 Drops – Medium Voltage

3 Drops – High Voltage

4+ Drops – Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!

It does sting for a while after applying the Lip Voltage but the sensation stops after around ten minutes. So just wait it out. Man up and handle the chilli feeling. 👊

Period pain is much worse! 😉😂

Here are my before and after pictures… Eat your heart out Kylie Jenner 😂😂😂


So ladies I hope you have enjoyed reading my Lip Voltage Review. Remember, whether you want a plumped-up perfected pout, or simply natural, soft, beautiful lips, Lip Voltage lets you mix it up and plump it up for the lips you’ve always wanted!

This really is one beauty must-have at the top of every ladies wish-list. A big favourite with women, celebrities and make-up artists worldwide.

If you would like to buy some Lip Voltage for yourself then head over to to snap some up. It is only £13.99 to buy. Bargain, eh!

Oh and if any of my male followers are reading, boyfriends’, husbands’ and fiancées’ – Little bit of advice for you…  buy her something she will love… Lip Voltage is the perfect gift for us ladies, especially makeup lovers like myself and with Christmas coming up, instead of buying a predictable gift for the special lady in your life, this year, be a star and surprise her with some Lip Voltage on Christmas morning… I guarantee you will put a smile on her face. You will certainly put a pout on her face, no doubt about that! 😉




Thanks to ‘To Make You Gorgeous’ I have one Lip Voltage to give away to one of my lucky followers’. If you head over to my Facebook page ‘What Katie Rose Loves‘ you can enter by commenting on the Lip Voltage – Competition Post. A winner will be picked at complete random from all valid entries. (You must LIKE/FOLLOW both pages ‘What Katie Rose Loves‘ and ‘To Make You Gorgeous‘ to be entered into the prize draw.) Best of luck!

Girls guess what? ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! Hooray! How generous is the team at ‘To Make You Gorgeous‘! There is currently a competition running over on their Facebook page, as well as another on my page! This time, one lucky lady will win a prize worth over £100 so get over there and enter the prize draw! You will find the competition post on their timeline. You can also enter on Twitter too. Winner announced on 14th of December 2015. Links are below 🙂


Good Luck!

To Make You Gorgeous – Website

To Make You Gorgeous – Facebook

To Make You Gorgeous – Twitter

Is Lip Voltage potentially the greatest lip product in the beauty industry? I vote YES!

What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your views on Lip Voltage! 😊

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love

Katie Rose ❤

p.s I was also sent the new ‘ICE UP THE VOLTAGE’  so keep a look out for my review on that. Instead of a hot chilli sensation like ‘MIX UP THE VOLTAGE’ Ice Up The Voltage has a cooler, frosty sensation. I’m super excited to share my review with you all! Ice Up The Voltage is now available to buy at To Make You Gorgeous.


Contact Me:

GIVEAWAY – Win 1 of 3 KANDACARE Psoriasis Skincare Bundles ❤


As promised in my KANDACARE Skincare Product review – Here is the WORLDWIDE COMPETITION post explaining how to enter this fab giveaway.

KANDACARE is a UK based company but their products are available to buy worldwide.

Thanks to KANDACARE, three lucky winners will have the chance to win a complete psoriasis skincare bundle, courtesy of the team at KANDACARE.

Included in the giveaway is KANDACARE Shampoo, KANDACARE Conditioner, KANDACARE Shower Gel & KANDACARE Skin Gel.


I will pick three winners at random, across my social media pages. You can enter just one of the competitions or enter them all for a maximum chance of winning. 😊

You have 4 options to enter this competition!

To enter on my BLOG:
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Enter here –> KANDACARE Competition On Instagram.


If you have psoriasis yourself or if you are  entering on behalf of somebody else with psoriasis, it may be beneficial to take a little read of my KANDACARE REVIEW HERE..

As well as my other posts in the ‘Psoriasis’ tab in the above menu.

Can’t wait for the winner announcements?
You can buy the skincare products by clicking this link –> KANDACARE SHOP.


Lots of Love

Katie Rose



Lucky Winners⭐


This is a list of Competition Winners that have won a prize!

   Katie Rose Loves…⭐

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Well Done Alicia Jayne Hopkins!!



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💛 Lorraine Bryan Won The Mystery Gift 🎁


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💙 – Peter Lonewolf Mottram, Stephanie Bulman and Deborah Parsons Have Won The Kandacare Psoriasis Bundle Competition




Pam Taylor has won the Luxurios Face Cream From Pure Aromatherapy

Well Done !



Kaye Greene has won the Lip Voltage Giveaway!

Congratulations. Happy pouting!




Emma James has won the Salcura giveaway for psoriasis/excema.




Emma Codling has won the STYLondon Tattoo Giveaway!


Jasmine Cassidy has won the Fathers Day Competition! 



 Check out my post below for some handy tips for ‘compers ‘

How To Find Out If You Are On A Competition Winner On Social Media

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Links are below…

What Katie Rose Loves On Facebook

What Katie Rose Loves On Twitter – @katieroselove

What Katie Rose Loves On Instagram – @katieroselove

Silver Heart Handmade Necklace – Allied Jewellery


I was very kindly gifted this Love-Heart Link Necklace from a handmade jewellery company called Allied Jewellery By Pamela Gray. Pamela made this necklace especially for me and I am the only person in the world that has it, so I feel rally special right now. Allied Jewellery is based in Irvine – on the West Coast of Scotland and specialises in handmade and custom-made jewellery for both men, women and children. Whatever you have in mind – Allied Jewellery can make it for you. Pamela studied Jewellery Design and Production and has only recently opened her jewellery workshop. Pamela very rarely makes an exact piece of jewellery twice as most of her jewellery is custom-made but of course it is possible if you have seen something you like on her page.


My gorgeous necklace came in a cute jewellery box and anti-tarnish wipes were included to keep my necklace in great condition. The beautiful necklace is made from hand made silver which features silver love-hearts all linked together on a 16 inch sterling silver chain. I absolutely love my unique piece, simple yet quirky and elegant too. I can’t thank Allied Jewellery enough for my pretty necklace. I wore it to a friends wedding recently and teamed it with heart shaped stud earrings and I received so many lovely compliments about my necklace.


I will also be asking Pamela to replicate a piece she made for one of her customers – The Daisy Chain Cuff Bangle which is absolutely gorgeous and will definitely be my next purchase.


If you have a family photograph that you’d like put onto cufflinks, initials, football badge or anything you wish, Allied Jewellery can make it. Have you lost your favourite piece of jewellery that is no longer available to buy? I’m sure Pamela can help replicate your favourite piece. Maybe you would love to design your own jewellery piece and have Pamela make it for you?  So, ladies. You know you want to treat yourself! Or why not create a special piece for your Mum, Sister or best friend? From necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches. There are plenty of options to choose from when creating your one-off piece of jewellery. ❤❤❤

See Allied Jewellery’s designs HERE.

Contact Pamela at Allied Jewellery for more information or quotes you can email her at: or message her on Facebook – HERE.

Giveaway text

THERE IS A GIVEAWAY ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE TO WIN SOME QUIRKY CUFF-LINKS MADE BY ALLIED JEWELLERY. Check out Katie Rose Loves & Allied Jewellery By Pamela Gray on Facebook for more info.

Follow Katie Rose Loves on social media:



How To Find Out If You Are A Competition Winner On Facebook

winner1If you are a social media ‘comper’ then you will understand how difficult it is finding out if you have won any competitions that you have entered. The average ‘comper’ can enter up 100 Facebook and Twitter competitions daily, if not more. Checking back on each page to see if you’ve been lucky can be time consuming and difficult. Some companies will reply to your telling you that you are the winner, you will get a notification for this, but many post the winner on their wall which is difficult for the winner to see unless they check the page themselves.

Social Searcher is a great website which searches social media platforms. Entering your Facebook name which you use for competitions into the search bar alongside relevant words such as ‘winner, congratulations, congrats, won, giveaway, prize, competition, lucky, well done’ will bring up Facebook and Twitter posts using the name/words in the search results. You can always mix the words up a little to produce different results in the search. Clicking this link and changing my name into yours is a good one. – – or start from scratch here –

Another great tip is to search on google – setting the timescale on the left hand side to past day, past week, month or even year, you can even set which country you would like to see results from. This is a lot harder this way as more results come up most of them being very random and nothing to do with you. –

It is also a good idea to change your Facebook name if random results often come up that is not relevant to you. If your name is Amy Jones on your Facebook account, try changing in in your account settings, adding a middle name or middle initial or even changing the way you spell your name to a more uncommon way it can be spelt. Example – Amy Francine Jones, Aimee F Jones, Aim Francine Jonesy, Amy F Jo, Amy Frank Jones. As these ways of spelling your name is less common, there is more chance your name and the post that mentions your name will come up in search results..

Joining Facebook ‘competition groups’ will help you meet fellow compers who can also tag you if they see your name announced as a winner and they will have plenty of juicy competitions on their wall for you to stalk also. Here is my personal Facebook group if you would like to join. –

Twitter competitions will tag you with your Twitter name so that’s pretty easy, but if you want to search anyway type your name into search bar and all mentions of you will come up, i.e @katieroselove

Check your email, search your email folders for everything that mentions – won, winner, mentioned you, replied to your comment and congratulations. Don’t forget to check your spam folder too. I have found plenty of wins in my spam folder. Some email companies delete spam after 30 days of it appearing so check often. Check your Facebook messages too as some companies prefer to announce winners by inbox. Particularly look in your Facebook SPAM folder as well as OTHERS folder as many messages from people who are not on your friends list go into these folders

Royal-Pride-Diary-InnerAnother great tip is having a diary / organiser / journal and jotting down the page names and date the competition ends on the date in the diary, so each day you have a list of Facebook pages to check to see if you have won. Some competitions need a certain amount of likes for the prize winner to be announced, you could list these on a separate page so you can keep checking to see if the amount has been reached. Bookmarking important page’s on your computer is great for those competitions you really don’t want to miss out on. Some companies have a time frame in which you can claim your prize from as little as 24 hours so its advisable to check every day or as often as possible.

Hope I have helped you understand how to search for your wins.

Please leave a comment if you need any help I will try and assist you.

Thank-you for reading my blog. GOOD LUCK and Happy Comping guys 🙂