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Hopefully, it will give a better insight into what my blog is all about.

About Me:

I’m Katie. Brand ambassador, affiliate, content creator and sole writer and blogger at Katie Rose Loves. I’m a 30 year old beauty and skincare blogger based in the UK.Β  I started my blog way back in June 2015. I always had a passion for beauty and skincare and I loved to write and be creative so I took inspiration from the blogs I was already following and decided it was something I wanted to do. So, I began blogging about hair and make-up, reviewing beauty products and getting crafty and creative. In the short space of three years, I am so proud of how far my blog has come. I have had some amazing opportunities through blogging, I have contributed to magazines, became a brand ambassador for various brands and I consider my blog to not only be my biggest hobby but my life too. I never thought my blog would do as well as it has, I initially started out writing for myself but over the years I’ve gained a wide audience and I never thought I’d get to work with some amazing brands or try so many amazing products, not to mention nearly hitting 100,000 views, I mean, c’mon, I’m just a normal everyday girl.


I post a lot of beauty related things on my blog and my followers are regulary updated with my beauty, hair and skincare purchases as well as honest reviews. I also love being creative and I often post DIY Beauty and DIY Craft Projects on my blog. I also have a skin disorder called psoriasis so I post review a lot about living with a skin disorder and share my tips, reviews and advice with fellow sufferers. I suppose you could say I am a psoriasis warrior – there have been times my skin disorder has controlled my life but since I started blogging about my skin, I have become more self confident, less anxious and proud to be apart of the psoriasis community. I hope to inspire others who feel at a loss because of the disorder and I hope to raise awareness too.

Below is a random selection of my photographs:

Blog Information:

Overall Blog Views – 99,600+

WordPress Followers – 700+

Twitter Followers – 1,100+

Facebook Followers – 5,000+

Instagram Followers – 4,600+

Overall follower Count – 11,300+

Total Countries: 181

The countries who follows and views my blog the most are:

United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

(LAST UPDATED: 17/10/2018)

My blog is viewed from all around the world and I have many worldwide followers. In total my blog has been viewed from 181 countries. The list below states a few.

United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, India, Japan, China, New Zealand, Thailand, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Mexico, Brazil,Β  Singapore, Turkey, Netherlands, Malaysia, Philippines, Romania, Indonesia, Belgium, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Finland, Bangladesh, Poland, Vietnam, Nigeria, Hungary, Malta, Russia, Czech Republic, Mauritius, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Latvia, Israel, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Estonia, Egypt, Croatia, Ukraine, Morocco, Kenya, Jordan, Ghana, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Iraq, Slovenia, Iceland, Algeria, Taiwan, Albania, Argentina, Bahrain, Qatar, Cyprus, Trinidad & Tobago, Brunei, Tunisia, Bosnia, Uganda.

Awards I have received:


Magazines I have contributed to:


Brand Ambassador for:

Companies I have worked with: (Links included)

As well as blogging, I am also a top Amazon UK reviewer and affiliate. If I am gifted a product to review on my blog and said product is available to buy on Amazon, I will also post my review there too if I am asked to.

A link to my Amazon profile is available on request.

Thank you so much for reading my media pack! If you have any questions at all or would like to contact me regarding review requests and collaborations then you can email me at



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