Easy DIY: Large Polaroid Poster Frame

Hey Girlies!

Hope you’re all doing good! I have a little project for you today… I’ll be showing you how I made my own Polaroid Photo Frame which I absolutely LOVE so I hope you guys like it too! I have tons of Polaroids lying around and I wanted to display them on my living room wall. I don’t like the look of them hanging from twine or fairy lights like you see on tumblr and pinterest and instead wanted a more cleaner, contemporary look so I opted for a large frame instead. It is super easy to make and it doesn’t cost the world and as well as being easy and cheap(ish) it looks absolutely fabulous plus it’s a wonderful way to display your favourite pics. Every-time somebody comes into my home, they always comment on how cool it looks and how much they love it, so I thought I’d share it on here to let everybody know how easy and simple it was to make. It will cost you a little bit of money but not as much as if you were to buy it ready-made from a photography shop. It only cost me the price of the large frame which was £19.99 and the price of the Polaroids which I got from Lalalab. 

How To Make:

1. So first of all you will need a frame. I chose a large sturdy 61 x 91.5 maxi poster frame from Amazon UK which was £19.99, you could get the same size as I did or maybe get a smaller or bigger one. It has a 30mm frame, wall hangers included for both portrait and landscape display and is made of shatterproof Styrene instead of glass. I also chose the white frame but it is available in black too. I got my frame here if you’d like to take a look.

2. Next, you’ll need your Polaroids. If you haven’t already got some Polaroids lying around, you can head over to Lalalab and get some prints there. Simply click on ‘products’ on the menu and then ‘prints’ and chose the 10×12 vintage option, each print costs 0.39 euro’s which is about 35p or select ‘boxes’ (which is what I chose). In my LALABOX I got 32 photos in Vintage format (10x12cm). The box was 15.9 euro’s which is around £14. I did six rows of 5 Polaroids so 30 photo’s altogether. You can also add captions to your photographs and choose between eight colours too. The website is easy to use and you can upload pics from your computer or Facebook which is handy. If you enter my discount code: PGV2E9ZZ  upon checkout you will get yourself £5 worth of credit on your account. you’re very welcome! 🙂

(Read my Lalabox review HERE)


3. Wait for the frame and your chosen prints to arrive. I got my frame the next day because I am an Amazon Prime Member but I waited a couple of days for my Polaroid prints from Lalalab to arrive.

4. Ok, so when they have both arrived, take the back of the frame off and there will be a blue advert poster already inside, turn it round onto the plain white side and using sticky tape or blu-tak, stick your pictures down onto the white side of the poster, spacing them all out evenly.

5. Check they are secure and once your happy with how they look, put the back of the frame back on and clip it down and voila!

All done.



21463192_10213752297345998_4901525974719263153_n(Sorry about the crap images, my mobile phone is sh!te.)


Katie xo


Review: Lalabox (Polaroid Prints In A Box) From Lalalab (Plus £5 Discount Code)

Hey girlies,

If you read my September Birchbox post, you will have seen that I received a fabulous little gift inside my box. It was a money-off code for the photo app website Lalalab (formerly known as Polagram) to receive a cute little photo box with 36, 10×12 polaroid prints of my choice inside. The Lalabox is priced at 15.90 euros (£13.70) but thanks to Birchbox all of their subscribers had the chance to get a box completely free, well excluding £2.99 p&p. The code was ‘BIRCHBOXUK’ and it was apparently valid up until 31st of October 2016 but I have just checked and the code is still working. So be quick if you’re gonna order – before they realise, haha. They deliver to 75 countries, worldwide.

My Lalabox:



My little cutie…



Delivery was pretty shite to be fair, I waited ten whole days after ordering before my box was delivered so I think I would love Lalalab even more if delivery was quicker: I’m impatient!

Included in my box was a little scratch card with a code for a free gift. Only thing is I have a windows phone and a windows laptop and the code must be entered onto the app and not the website and yep, the app is only available to download on apple, google or android devices, so missed out there, hey. I also got some origami too but I’m still trying to put it together, ha.

Next time I order I will adjust my photo’s so the whole picture is shown and visible on the upload page as one or two of my pics were all bodies and no heads, so keep this in mind when uploading your pics, what you see is what will be printed! You can also add words to each picture or choose to leave them blank and change the colour of the polaroid… I stuck with white!

Apart from the long delivery wait, I love everything about Lalalab – The prints are excellent quality and the box is so cute and unique. A Lalabox would make a perfect gift, and I would be thrilled to receive a little box as a gift. Lalalab also do lots of other things to such as fridge magnets, calendar’s, canvases and I’ve got my eye on a framed poster for next time. I will definitely be ordering again!



Use code:  ‘PGV2E9ZZ’ for a £5 discount to spend towards whatever you like. Just copy and paste it. www.lalalab.com


Katie x