My Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp – OMG – This 3-6 KG Beauty Was Just £11.86 On Amazon UK

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Have you seen these Himalayan Salt Lamps everywhere lately? Me too, I’ve always thought they looked so pretty and stunning and I have always wanted one. But, I didn’t know where to start, where to buy them, etc…  plus I always thought they would be very expensive. I was browsing Amazon the other day and I thought I’d take a look at the lamps to see how much they retail for and I was very surprised that they were actually pretty affordable. On Amazon UK they range from about £10 upwards, there are different sizes and different weights available.

I bought mine from a company named Magic Salt and I think it is 3-6kg lamp which I paid JUST £11.86. It was like one of the cheapest lamps on Amazon UK but it has really surprised me. I thought for that price I wouldn’t be sent a genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp or that it would be really shitty quality but it’s absolutely stunning. It’s good quality, well made and it is also a good size too and quite heavy. AND it is made with actual real salt. Yeah, I had to lick it just to be sure. LOL. My lamp came boxed, well wrapped and a small bulb for inside the light was included. It also arrived two days after ordering too, delivered by Royal Mail, so pretty quick delivery. the height of my lamp is 8.5 inches and the width is 5-6 inches.


About Himalayan Salt Lamps:

Himalayan Salt Lamps or HPS lamps are large pieces of pure Himilayan Salt mined from Northern Pakistan with a small bulb fitted inside.  Each lamp is unique in its own way and no two lamps are the same in appearance. Reported health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps include improving breathing problems and reducing allergies, increased relaxation and calmness and reducing stress. They apparently improve the ability to concentrate more and work for longer periods around electrical equipment like computers. I’ve also heard it can help to ease anxiety which is something I suffer with as well as soothing psoriasis and eczema.


Now this may sound really strange and you’re welcome to think I’m bonkers but I have my salt lamp on my desk and as I’m writing this and I can feel like a warm relaxing sensation on one side of my face and on my arm closest to the lamp, I have touched the lamp to see if it’s radiating heat but it is stone cold. What’s all that about! I’m hoping it’s good energy or something, how awesome would that be, either that or I’m having a stroke or something. Ha.

UPDATE: Duh, twenty minutes later and the lamp has started to warm up now and is radiating heat. My bad!


I’ve not felt any major heath benefits just yet, I do feel calm and relaxed right now but who knows if it is because of the lamp. I will update this post once I have given it a fair trial. I would literally be over the moon if it could help to improve my psoriasis symptoms and ease my anxiety. We shall see, hey.


I bought this with my own money.

Where to buy:

To buy a 3-6kg Himalayan Salt Lamp for £11.86 click here.

Salt Lamp Bundle

I also saw a great little Salt Lamp bundle on Amazon too for £12.66. You can get a 2-3kg Himalayan Salt Lamp and two absolutely gorgeous Himalayan Salt Tealight Holders weighing 1kg each. If you’d like to take a peek at the bundle, click here.


Review: White Ceramic Unicorn Table Lamp – ASDA / GEORGE Home

Hiya girlies… If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I fell in love with a Unicorn shaped lamp in Asda a few weeks ago!


at the time I never had the money on me to buy it as I only popped in for a pint of milk but I eventually decided to treat myself because I thought the lamp was just beautiful, so I went ahead and bought it online a few days ago.

The lamp made from 100% ceramic which has a white finish and it measures 26cm in height, 11cm width, 17.5cm depth and weighs 2kg.


It requires no assembly and batteries are not needed either. Instead it is a low energy LED table lamp which comes with a G4 LED, long-lasting capsule bulb and is sold with the energy class of A+, A++ and A.


Bulbs can be replaced by peeling back the base pad and opening the compartment at the bottom of the lamp. It also has a 1.8m length cable.


The lamp is £22 which I think is totally worth it. It’s so pretty and is the perfect lamp for us unicorn believers. I do prefer it as a decorative ornament rather than a lamp as I think it looks better unlit but it does create a soothing, soft glow which is not too bright when lit – kind of like a night-light. It is absolutely beautiful and I have it on my desk at the moment to create a fun, decorative, magical atmosphere. I may even buy another and place them in my bedroom on my bedside cabinets – both sides of my bed.

I definitely recommend this lamp – I love mine and I’m so glad I bought it!

Where To Buy:

You can buy the Unicorn lamp HERE for £22 on the George HOME website. Delivery is an extra £2.95 for standard delivery which takes about 2-3 days to arrive and it is £4.50 for next day delivery. You could also purchase it in-store – if it hasn’t sold out.

Asda have recently launched a unicorn-themed homeware collection – absolutely gorgeous, I want everything… take a look at the magic HERE.

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Cinema Light Box Only £5.99 At Home Bargains

So, yesterday I went on a big massive shopping spree in Home Bargains (my fave shop) and I picked up lots of gorgeous things – treats & sweets, a few beauty/hair/skincare products, some craft bits and bobs and a fab Cinema Light Box which I’ve had on my ‘to-buy’ list for quite a while. I bought the Cinema Light Box for just £5,99 and I think it’s an absolute bargain considering they are priced at around £12-£20 or more elsewhere so I thought I’d let you dolls know about it.


The Cinema Light Box is an LED style light box which comes in an outer cardboard box and it includes 90 changeable plastic letters and symbols. All you have to do is tear off the letters you want to use, take off the protective layer and slide them in to the box to create your own personalised message. It has an on/off switch at the side of the box too. It can be mounted onto the wall as it has two holes either side of the box where you can hang from. It’s also free-standing too so you can stand it up wherever you wish.


It requires 3 x AA batteries which are not included. I use rechargeable batteries in mine which last longer and I also have a battery charging plug so I can charge them, which makes life easier no more running out for new batteries. On the back of the box is the battery holder and you will need a tiny ‘star’ screwdriver to screw the back of it off. I used a normal screwdriver at first but it didn’t fit so I had a look in my craft box and luckily found a small screwdriver.


I absolutely love my little Cinema Light Box and it’s in my bedroom right now but I will be going back to Home Bargains to purchase another for my living room. It’s a well made, good quality, budget-friendly A4 light box and measures L 30 x W 22 x D 4.3 cm approximately. Perfect for Christmas, Birthday’s, parties, special announcements or just as a personalised room lamp. Deffo recommend!