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Korean Beauty: Rich Hand V Special Care Hand Mask – The Face Shop (Review)

I love Autumn & Winter…

but the one thing I don’t like is how dry and rough my hands get when the cold weather comes around. My psoriasis has unfortunately flared up on my hands at the moment, like it always does at this time of year, so I needed to give my poor hands some TLC as they have been looking aged & dry of late.

The hand mask I used was the ‘Rich Hand V Special Care Hand Mask’ made with love by a  Korean beauty brand called ‘The Face Shop’. I got mine from Bits & Bobs of Beauty UK, which is an online beauty shop specialising in Korean beauty products & accessories.



The gloves were easy to use. I just washed & dried my hands. Split the gloves along the perforated lines and put the gloves on, massaging my hands together to help the lotion spread and absorb better. After 20 minutes I removed the gloves and let the left over residue dry & absorb into my skin.


The gloves came in a foil sachet and the packaging looks pretty good, no complaints. There are both Korean & English writing on the back of the sachet which was great as I have found most Korean products do not have English directions. The gloves themselves are a white plastic type of material and inside is a pleasant smelling lotion which deeply nourishes the nails and the skin on your hands.


Whilst the gloves were on my hands felt slippy and wet although it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, they actually felt soothed. After leaving the left over residue to absorb into my skin my hands felt really smooth and silky and my red psoriasis patches were much lighter in appearance. The ingredients list contains some questionable ingredients and I did think the gloves would irritate my skin but my skin looked and felt much better than beforehand. I will definitely be using hand masks more often, I love how soft my hands feel and they have certainly worked better than I thought they would!

Where To Buy?

I got mine in a B.B Mask Bag on the Bits & Bobs of Beauty website. You can get some here from The Face Shop if you live in the US of A. 🙂

Lots of love on this cold & rainy day…

Kate x

Disclosure: P.R product. Opinions are my own.


Review: Miss Pouty – Hotlipz Lip Pumper

I’ve been using the HOTLIPZ LIP PUMP (suction cup) from Miss Pouty the last few days and I’m loving how pumped my lips are looking. I thought I would share a review with you all as I couldn’t find any blog posts or reviews of it anywhere on the internet so I thought I would be Little Miss Helpful for the day and share my two bob with you all.


This arrived the next day after I ordered it, so I was happy with fast delivery! It came in a pretty presentable gift box and inside was the red suction cup which was shaped like a big pair of lush lips, a lovely red velvet drawstring bag to store it in when not using and some handy instructions too.

I was sent this to review few days ago from Miss Pouty and I was really excited to receive it as I am a big fan of huge lips and I have never used a suction lip cup before… Okay, I’ll admit it… I was one of those stupid idiots who tried ‘The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’ a while back, only I used a bottle top and a small empty jar instead of a proper suction cup. It’s embarrassing I know, I’m nearly 30… ha-ha! Although my lips did plump up after using the bottle top, I had an ugly bruise on my chin, my lips had a painful bluish tint and I had an unsightly purplish-red circle around my mouth for days which meant I had to hibernate. I swore down right there and then that I would never take up a challenge again, ha-ha.

What is the Hotlipz Lip Pump?

‘’HOTLIPZ Lip Pump is a revolutionary, cutting edge designed device enabling you to achieve the most perfect, full, thick, sexier ad shaped lips out there. Combining advanced technology with a hand operated suction pump, you can shape and contour the appearance of your lips, the way you like and naturally.’’ – Miss Pouty.



It looks really nice! The lip shape of the suction cup is really gorgeous, and because it is quite large it looks like a little ornament, kinda. I have mine sitting on my dressing table and it looks the part!

It works! It does plump your lips. I often use Lip Voltage and this suction cup deffo plumps the lips more than Lip Voltage does!

It comes in a gorgeous presentable gift box with a red velvet drawstring bag, I think this would make a lovely gift if not to yourself, then for somebody else.



It can hurt a little bit! Especially when using the attachment to create a double lobed line through your lips, (think Angelina Jolie’s bottom lip), it hurt as the attachment was digging into my lip to create the look but it wasn’t unpleasant and it was bearable.


It is huge compared to other suction cups so you may struggle to fit in your handbag if you would want to take it out and about with you!

It is hard not to drool! The instructions state that you shouldn’t allow saliva inside the HOTLIPZ but I found that almost impossible to do so I had to make sure it was completely dry each time I used it because the suction was not as strong when there was saliva in the ‘lips’.





At first I didn’t like it. It took me ages to figure out how to use it properly and when I was trying to plump my lips the air just kept escaping. The instructions weren’t much help and it said to go to the website for a tutorial video on how to use it. I couldn’t find the video on their website so I googled ‘HOTLIPZ MISS POUTY REVIEW VIDEO’ and came across this.

I found that pouting first then putting the suction cup over your lips and sucking for a few seconds whilst pressing the underneath of the cup to release the air enabled the cup to stay put.

I had alright sized lips to begin with but I’ve always disliked my top lip which is nowhere near as big as my bottom dingy boat lip. I’d love to get my lips done properly but I’m scared of needles and terrified just in case something goes horribly wrong and I end up with a horrendous trout pout. So, this suction cup is my only option, it is not as long lasting as cosmetic surgery but for a short while it definitely gives you the same look. Plus I haven’t a penny to my name so this is definitely lighter on your purse too, no need for £300 ‘top-ups’ every month as this will last a hell of a long time.

Miss Pouty say after using the HOTLIPZ suction cup the results will last up to 4 hours. My lips were plumped for an hour at the most I’d say – two hours later they were still a little bigger than my normal sized lips but nowhere near as big as they were when I first used the suction cup. But an hour is good enough for me!

After using my lips felt a little delicate for a few hours later (I might have over-used it), although the next day they were fine and I had no bruising so was able to use the suction cup again!

I really love how full my lips look compared to before and I was looking in the mirror at my HUGE lips saying, ‘’oh my god’’ over and over because I really didn’t expect them to go as plump and big as they did! I was shocked, ha-ha. I will 100% be using this, absolutely! I’m very pleased with it!


You can buy yourself one from Miss Pouty’s Amazon UK shop right HERE for just £16.99.

Remember – Don’t overuse it – you will be left with bruised, sore and blueish-purple lips.

Not a good look, eh!





I love my liquid eyeliners, always have and always will. Cat like eyes are my definitely my thing and it’s not often that I go without my eye flicks. I love trying out new eyeliners and was very pleased when I was gifted MAXFACTOR’s MASTERPIECE High Precision Liquid Eyeliner in shade 01 | Velvet Black in return for an honest review. So, lets go!

What is it?



Transform your look with bold intensity. The unique paddle-shaped tip draws both a dramatic thick line and an elegant thin line, to create the precise look you want. The intense black, velvet formula glides on smoothly and dries quickly for chic sophistication or bold drama. The paddle-shaped tip gives you two glamorous looks in one: thick and dramatic, or fine and elegant, so you can dial up the drama to suit your look

My Thoughts

The Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner is meant to have the intensity of a liquid eyeliner with the precision of a pencil. It’s unique applicator looks paddle shaped and the tip is quite rounded and not pointy like other liners on the market.




The flat, thick paddle like side allows for a thicker, darker and more dramatic line and the actual tip/edge creates a softer line very close to the lash line. I use the tip for a guideline and the flat paddle to create and fill in my flick on the outer lash line. I found the tip works best to line my inner and middle lash line and it also helps to create a guideline on the outer edge before I use the paddle to gradually build the line from thin to thicker on the outer edge, creating a super dramatic look. I also love using the paddle bit to create a thicker line and flick all over for a more dramatic and striking look.


Is it super black? Yes and no! You would think this eyeliner was a felt tip pen and I’ve found it does dry out pretty fast just like a felt tip would. The flatter, paddle side definitely creates a very black look but it starts out very black and gradually fades. Which is a shame. Somehow when using the thinner tip, the liquid liner appears off-black like a felt tip pen would when it is running out of ink. I have noticed that this liquid liner fades from one end to the other which results in more than one application. See pic below…

12990961_1558862161073134_2779055770765532420_n (2)

One good thing about the liquid liner is when I have my desired look I have found it to be long-lasting and it does stay put without the need for re-application.

After applying two or three applications I must say I do like the finished look. I have other liquid eyeliner that are more intense, more precise and a deeper shade of black but I ‘m loving the velvety, smoky look I’ve achieved. I especially love how it’s long lasting but I’d love the eyeliner much more if it was as precise as Maxfactor make out. Although it’s not my number one liquid eyeliner – I will definitely use it again, as I love how pretty my eyes look with it on.

I’ll give the MAXFACTOR Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Liner 3.5 stars out of 5! 😊

Here’s the end result.


I’m also wearing one coat of FIBERGENICS mascara on my eyelashes and my vegan friendly black eyeliner by Essential Care which I got in my LoveLula subscription box. 😊

If you’d like to buy MAXFACTOR’S High Precision Liquid Liner click here to buy online at Superdrug⭐ It’s £7.99! 😊

 Thanks for taking the time to read my review girls!

Hope you all have a beautiful day. Mwah 😘

Lots of Love ❤

Katie 👸






Browtician | Love Skull Tweezers | Limited Edition ❤

The brow grooming brand Browtician have produced a fabulous new range of eyebrow tools and accessories to keep our eyebrows perfectly groomed, neat and tidy.

They have launched five new and different designed tweezers at Superdrug.

Miniamilist Tweezer
Mininalist Square Tweezer
The Stylist Tweezer
The Jeweller Tweezer
Love Skull Tweezer

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_browtician-collection-tlbgjpg

The Love Skull design is definitely my fave! 😍😍😍


Browtician have collaborated with feature designer Suzanne Carpenter  who has created the lovely artwork on the Love Skull tweezers.

I got these in my February GlossyBox and fell in love with the Love Skull design straight away! The outer packaging is so colourful, fun and eye-catching it’s really no surprise that I adore them!


The tweezer come with a small storage case to put the tweezers in when not using as well which will help to keep them in tip-top condition. The case is the perfect size for your make-up bag or your handbag and is a life saver If you’re clumsy  like me and always misplacing or losing your tweezers.


They’re very easy to use and have a sleek and precise tip – this means they grip those unwanted hairs well and remove them with one easy pull. They are made from stainless steel and have a slanted edge to really grip and remove the most stubborn of hairs.

The Love Skull tweezers retail at £7.99. They are limited edition so if you love them as much as I do then get a move on before they are gone forever! 😊

To shop Browtician tweezers at Superdrug – click here.

To sign up for a monthly subscription box at Glossybox click here to be referred.

Thanks for reading!

Love Katie ❤

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Review: Ultra Glam Glitter Lips By Beauty Boulevard 👄



Hi Glitter Dolls!

These past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of trying a couple of gorgeous glitter shades from Beauty Boulevard’s Glitter Lips collection. I love anything and everything that sparkles and glitters – so you can imagine how much fun I’ve had blingin’ my lips up!

👄 Ultra Glam 👄

Today is all about the flirty, fabulous and fluorescent shade known by the name ‘ULTRA GLAM’ which is a vivid lilac colour with subtle lavender tones and the slightest shimmer of gold.


Out of all the shades I have previously reviewed – ‘Ultra Glam’ is by far the brightest, most daring and eye-catching colour I’ve had on my lips. It is definitely a Glitter Lips shade for the super confident who like their lip colour to be as bold and vibrant as their personality! If this sounds like you, then girlie… ‘Ultra Glam’ is your colour.

The gorgeous neon lavender colour will look amazing teamed with kohl or liquid liner and voluminous black lashes. It would brighten up a little black dress beautifully too – adding a pop of colour to your outfit!

Here’s how ‘ULTRA GLAM’ looks on the lips! 😍


The entire collection of the Glitter Lips shades are waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof and party proof! Basically – everything proof!! You could binge-drink as many rosé wines as you want, eat like a pig, snog all night long and party hard like a rock star and the glitter will not budge. Did I mention slobber proof?… Yep… Ha! For you droolers out there – you could sleep like a baby for a week and your lips will stay glitter-licious. No sh!t.

The gloss bond has absolutely amazing staying power – unlike any other lipsticks. EVER!

To find out how to order & how to apply Glitter Lips and remove it – click here.

Choosing Your Glitter Lips Colour?

If you are unsure on what Glitter Lips shade is best for you then take a look at the different shades available to buy on Beauty Boulevard’s website. For pictures  – be sure to checkout my other Glitter Lips reviews below, which may help you decide! 😘



Connect With Glitter Lips / Beauty Boulevard


* This is a P.R  product which was gifted to me by Beauty Boulevard for an honest review – all words and opinions are my own *

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Korean Beauty | 1ST Edition Mystery B.B Mask Bag | Bits & Bobs Of Beauty UK <3

Hi Girlies…


Lately, I’m absolutely loving Bits & Bobs Of Beauty UK which is a UK-based online beauty store specializing in Korean Products. All of the beauty products they stock are genuine and imported from the main manufacturers in Korea. They sell lots of fabulous skin care products, gorgeous Korean make-up and quirky accessories too and I’ve just fell in love with everything!

1st Edition Mystery B.B Mask Bag

I woke up on my birthday a few days ago to the 1st Edition Mystery B.B Mask Bag which was gifted to me from the lovely ladies at Bits & Bobs Of Beauty UK.

Thanks B.B Beauty! 🙂

The Mystery B.B Mask Bag’s are filled with 10-12 selected Korean sheet masks for the eyes, face, neck, hands and feet! It will cost you over £30 if the selected contents are purchased individually but if you get yourself a B.B Mask Bag it will only cost you £16.99. Bargain!

If you’re only familiar with traditional face masks and not sure what a sheet mask is: Checkout The Beauty Breakdowns YouTube vlog for information about sheet masks, how they work, and what they’re used for!


I received a gorgeous hot pink drawstring bag which was filled with ten FABULOUS skin care goodies (8 sheet masks, black head strip for the nose and smile patch for smile lines) as well as some delicious chocolate money! Yum!


Here’s what was inside my 1st Edition Mystery B.B Mask Bag.

The Mask Bags are perfect for a girls night in with your friends or if you are in need of a ‘pamper sesh’. They are also ideal as a gift set! I’m so excited to start using my Korean sheet masks, especially Tony Moly’s Smile Patch for my deep smile lines between my nose and mouth! I will keep you all updated and will be reviewing each mask in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

Tony Moly – Mr Smile Patch

Unfortunately the very popular 1st Edition B.B Mystery Mask Bag has now sold out but keep your eyes peeled for the 2nd Edition B.B Mystery Mask Bag which will be up on the website and available to buy this month – because of the high demand for the 1st Edition Mystery B.B Mask Bag –  the next editions will need to be pre-ordered! All monthly mask bags will be sent out on the 1st week of each month so if you would like to receive your mask bag on time, order and make a payment before the last day of each previous month. You must be quick as the goodie bags sell out pretty fast.

The gorgeous goodie bags will have different contents inside each month which will allow you to purchase as a one-off, every month or whenever you feel like it.

(There is no fixed subscription for this and you can choose when to purchase.)

Where To Buy

To buy a B.B Mystery Mask Bag OR to browse the website click here.

Social Media

Connect With Bits & Bobs Of Beauty UK On Facebook

Follow Bits & Bobs Of Beauty UK On Instagram

Thanks For Reading Girls…

…stay tuned for my sheet mask reviews!





Vintage Pretty – Glitter Lips By Beauty Boulevard ❤

Hey Glitter Dolls ❤

In this post I’ll be showing you the gorgeous shade ‘Vintage Pretty’ from Beauty Boulevard’s Glitter Lips collection. ❤


When I first saw the Vintage Pretty glitter dust, I weren’t sure how it was gonna look when it was applied as it was kinda two toned. But, when I put it on it was a lovely soft pink colour and super pretty. ‘Vintage Pretty’ is another one of my favourite Glitter Lips shades along with three others.

I mean come on… look how gorgeous it is! 😍


‘Vintage Pretty’ definitely lives up to its name. It looks darker in the pot than it does on the lips though. Think shabby chic, coral and dusky pink!


Although it’s still an eye-catching shade, it isn’t an in your face colour, so will be perfect for anyone who wants a pretty but toned down look or for girls who prefer a lighter shade rather than a bright one.

It’s just fab! I love it. ❤


This is how it looks on the lips!


I have already done four Glitter Lips review’s on my blog so I’m not going to bore explain to you all ‘how to apply and remove’ Glitter Lips..

But… if you want to know how to apply or remove Glitter Lips, you can do so by clicking here.

Check Out My Other Glitter Lips Reviews:


Where To Buy?

You can get some ‘Vintage Pretty’ Glitter Lips from Beauty Boulevard’s website here.

How Much?


Click here to follow Glitter Lips – Beauty Boulevard On Facebook!

Thanks for reading girls!

With Love… 😘😘😘

Katie ❤

*P.R product but all opinions are my own!* 😘

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Molly Dolly | Glitter Lips By Beauty Boulevard ❤

Hey Sexy Ladies 😉

If you’ve never tried Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard, you’re seriously missing out. Glittery lips are perfect for festivals, nights out with the girls or for adding extra wow factor to fancy dress costumes. You will definitely get a-lot of attention when wearing the sparkly Glitter Lips!

A few days ago, Beauty Boulevard kindly gifted me FOUR more different shades of Glitter Lips to try out! Do you know how happy I am right now! I nearly had a heart attack when the Postman delivered them, they are so bloody FAB and pretty!



I ❤ Glitter Lips

I’ve already tried the super glamorous shades ‘Ruby Slippers’ and ‘Diamond In The Buff’ in the past and lots of you loved how gorge they were. As a red lippie kinda girl. – Ruby Slippers was an instant fave of mine!!

I now have the shades Ultra Glam, Vintage Pretty, Cherry Pie and Molly Dolly to try out this week! So keep those pretty eyes peeled for my reviews!

Over the next few days I’ll be reviewing each one, but today I’m going to show you the gorgeous pink-a-licious shade known as ‘Molly Dolly’.

What’s Molly Dolly Like?

If Barbie wore Glitter Lipstick – Molly Dolly would definitely be her favourite Glitter Lips colour !


The Molly Dolly glitter dust is kind of fluorescent pink and looks JUICY and PRETTY and GIRLY and GORGEOUS and FABULOUS when applied. It has a kind of neon pinky/purple sheen to it too but looks very Barbie PINK on the lips! Lush. ❤


Molly Dolly | Contents

One tub of Molly Dolly glitter dust
Glitter Lips Gloss Bond
An Applicator Brush

I must mention also how pretty the Glitter Lips box is. I love how the glitter dust sits underneath the love heart shape making a beautiful pink heart. So pretty! 😍


Applying Glitter Lips

To get gorgeous glittery lips you will need to make sure you’re lips are a blank canvas. Glitter Lips will need to be applied to clean, dry lips to achieve best results.

Apply the Glitter Lips gloss bond to your lips – making sure to apply it neatly, especially along your lip line. ❤

Remember: Wherever the bonding has been applied – the glitter will stick to it.

Once the gloss bond has turned from white to see-through, dab the glitter onto your lips, sparingly and gradually at first then build up to achieve the desired glitter effect. ❤

There you go! It’s very easy to apply! 😊

TIP: You could also use a lip liner in a shade near to the glitter colour you have chosen. This will make your lips look fuller, tidier and more defined.

TIP: Do the rest of your make-up before you apply Glitter Lips – leaving your lips till last. 😘

Taking Glitter Lips Off

Taking Glitter Lips off you’re lips is harder than your average lipsticks. As Glitter Lips is long lasting, smudge proof and waterproof – water alone will not really remove it. Although it is possible to remove the glitter using just water, it just takes a little longer to remove than a oil based make-up remover would.

Your usual makeup remover should do the job just fine, but if you don’t have any at hand you could use baby wipes, cleanser, toner, moisturiser or any type of oil. I prefer to use coconut oil to remove mine, as well as removing the glitter, it gives my lips some TLC too. I love coconut!

I’ve also found that when removing Glitter Lips, the glitter acts like an abrasive to the lips, giving them a little exfoliating scrub. Perfect way to remove dry skin from chapped lips! 😘

TIP: Once you have removed the glitter, apply some Vaseline or moisturising lip balm to keep your lips in tip-top condition!

Why I Love Glitter Lips ❤

Glitter Lips unite with TOWIE star Gemma Collins’ new clothing line ___

I love Glitter Lips because I am lazy! Ha-ha. On a night out when I’ve had one too many Double Vodka RedBulls – being vain and wanting to look good while partying goes out of the window. (I’m a crazy drunk! 😂)

I forget to apply my lipstick throughout the night but when I wear Glitter Lips, I don’t have to top up my lip colour as Glitter Lips stays put, no matter how hard I party. The billion selfies I take on my phone always look much more glamorous too. 😊

Glitter Lips is not tested on animals, uses cosmetic grade glitter and is safe to use on children aged 3 and over! Little girls love Glitter Lips too! 👄

Now, on the box it says one application has staying  power for up to 8 hours, no matter how much you eat, drink, party or kiss 😉 – so I put it to the test and applied my Glitter Lips at 12 pm, keeping it on all day and night. I even slept with it on and was really surprised that it was still perfectly in place the following morning.

Different Shades

So far, there are 17 shades of Glitter Lips to choose from. All are £12.50 each. ❤💜💚💛💙

CLICK ME <— To Read My Ruby Slippers – Glitter Lips Review ❤

glitter-lips-ruby-slippers-pot-beautymart-topshop-harvey-nichols-boxpark-london_1 (2)

CLICK ME <— To Read My Diamond In The Buff Review ❤


How To Order

Sign up for an account on www.beautyboulevard.co.uk. Once done, click on the shop button in the menu followed by the Glitter Lips link. Choose your desired shade from the drop-down menu and add it to the basket. Check out using a debit card or PayPal. Simple. 😊

If you are having trouble ordering, simply message one of the Glitter Lips Ladies on the Glitter Lips – Beauty Boulevard Facebook Page (link is below) or e-mail – enquiries@beautboulevard.com – They will do their best to help you! 😊

Thank for Reading 😊

Lots Of Love

Katie ❤

Beauty Boulevard Website
Glitter Lips – Beauty Boulevard On Facebook 

REVIEW: PRO:VOKE Hair Colour Remover – Extra Strength


Hey Girls  😘

Today, I’m going to show you how I got on with the Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover (Extra Strength). Hair colour remover’s are great for removing previous hair colour and box dye colours as well as fixing hair that has gone wrong!



A Little Hair History ❤

The last time I coloured my hair was August 2015. I basically went from jet black hair to platinum blonde in just seven days. Before I bleached my hair, I had long, luscious locks that were shiny and healthy but being the impatient, lunatic that I am, I ended up with shorter, frizzier and damaged hair. I was also left skint, ha-ha. 😂

After spending over £80 on COLOR B4, bleach powders, developers and box dyes as well as making two separate trips to the hairdressers – going blonde in a week must have cost me around £300. 👊

Yeah, I did manage to get blonde hair from black but because it was porous and a very damaged it didn’t look as nice as it would of if it was healthy.

Light Brown


I put a ‘light brown’ on over the blonde but after getting bored of it I put a ‘natural black’ box dye over the light brown and decided to try and get my hair healthy again.


Fast forward to January 2016 and I haven’t dyed it since the natural black box dye I put on in August. Yesterday, my hair was kind of faded black with blonde/grey streaks in various places. Instead of putting another black dye on my hair, I’ve decided to try to remove the black colour and dye it a medium brown / dark brown instead.

After using Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover

Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover ❤

After shopping for a hair colour remover, I came across Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover (Extra Strength) in Home Bargains. It was £3.99. I did look for COLOR B4 or Colour Oops but they never had any. So I thought I would give Pro:Voke a try.

Compared to the more popular brands, (COLOR OOPS, COLOR B4) The Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover is much cheaper with the more popular ones costing around £10-£15. CON MERCHANTS! 😂

At the time I did think the Pro:Voke Colour Remover wouldn’t have worked as well as the others, simply because it was cheaper and I’d never heard of it before.

After doing my research before using it, I found out Pro:Voke also make the Touch Of Silver Shampoo’s & Toners (a.k.a Purple Shampoo) so I was a little more confident using it as Touch Of Silver shampoo’s are brilliant. Especially for blonde hair gone wrong!

Inside The Box ❤

Activator Bottle (1)
Remover Bottle (2)
Finisher Bottle (3)


What You Will Need ❤

❤ A Comb 💇
❤ A Plastic Carrier Bag or Clingfilm 🏬
❤ A Wool Hat 👒
❤ Scissors ✂

How To Use ❤

Using it is very easy, the instructions are clear and simple to understand, mixing and application to your hair is easy too.

You simply pour bottle (1) into bottle (2) and shake. You then cut off the tab of bottle (2) and apply to hair.

Wrap your hair up with the plastic bag / Clingfilm and put the hat on your head, over the bag. Leave on for 30minutes and rinse, rinse, rinse!

Apply half of bottle (3) to your hair and work up a lather. Leave the mixture on your hair for 5 minutes and rinse, rinse, rinse then repeat the last step – applying the other half of bottle (3) lathering, leaving on for 5 minutes and rinsing. It’s fairly simple to use and if the instructions written in the leaflet (included in the box) are followed, things should go to plan!

(The instruction leaflet doesn’t say to put clingfilm and a hat on, but doing this will help to keep the heat in, making the mixture reach its full potential.)

What I Liked 😍

I just liked the fact it worked! Ha-ha. ☺

I am going to put another one in a few days so hopefully it will go even lighter.

I also liked how it was much cheaper than other brands but it still did the same job.

You may know that I love my bargains and I believe the Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover is just that! So I like that too! ☺

What I Didn’t Like 👎


It would be much more pleasant if it smelled pretty, but all hair colour removers smell eggy for some reason so its nothing to worry about. You will need a clothes peg for your nose! 😂

After 20 minutes of the Colour Remover being on my hair, my hair looked so light and I was happy because I loved the colour, it was like a dark caramel blonde – but when washed off and dried, although it was lighter – it was not caramel blonde. The end results were more like a medium golden brown. Got my hopes up a little bit, didn’t I! 😢😂

I also hated how my hair felt after washing the finisher (3) out of my hair. It felt awful and I had to take extra care when combing so my hair didn’t snap or break. I found that half drying my hair, first (with a hairdryer) made it more easier to comb. (Once it was combed and dried though, it looked okay and felt smooth and soft.)

Would I Recommend It To A Friend?

Yes. I would also use it again myself. It is cheaper than the others but works just as well if not better. Sometimes the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ isn’t true!

Final Thought

After having black hair – the Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover has taken me to a medium brown. My colour is not as light as the light brown I had before I dyed it black but it is noticeably lighter. I actually like the colour it is now, which is close to my natural colour.

My hair did feel crap after putting the Finisher (3) on but I’m suprised at how healthy and shiny it looks after styling.

I think I will use Pro:Voke Hair Colour Remover in the future in replacement to COLOUR B4.

Where To Buy ❤

I got mine from Home Bargains for £3.99. If you haven’t got a HB store near you – here’s a link to buy online.

Buy on Pauls Hair World – £3.99

Thanks For Reading! ☺

Lots Of Love

Katie ❤

House Of Holland – Elegant Touch ‘Nail Art’ False Nails | Review ❤

House of Holland has teamed up with Elegant Touch to create a gorgeous range of false nail designs. The nails I’m reviewing today are called ‘Nail Art’. I’ve never used House of Holland false nails before so I’m excited to try these babies out. They are a little bit more expensive than other false nails out there, but in comparison, they look more expensive than the cheaper ones. I’ve always used Elegant Touch’s false nails in the past and I’ve had no complaints! I saw the House of Holland ‘Nail Art’ False Nails in the January sale at NEXT and I just had to get them! They look super cool! 😍 House Of Holland False Nails are normally priced around £8-£11 but I got these for £3.99.


In the ‘Nail Art’ box there are 24 fabulously decorated nails in 10 different sizes with 6 different designs, including nail glue and a nail file, as well as an instruction leaflet.



Applying Them

I found it a doddle and pretty easy to apply these nails. As long as you have prepared your nails properly, things should go smoothly. (Don’t forget to push those cuticle’s down). Most of you will probably know how to apply false nails to your fingernails, but for those who don’t… CLICK HERE for a quick tutorial on how to apply false nails!

Taking Them Off

I only put the nails on yesterday, so haven’t got round to taking them off yet!  (I want them to stay on for as long as possible!) You should never try to forcibly remove false nails as this will cause damage to your own nails. You can get some Elegant Touch – Get ‘Em Off False Nail Remover from most beauty outlets. It is £2.65 to buy from boots.

 CLICK HERE To Buy Some Elegant Touch Get ‘Em Off Nail Remover From BOOTS.

How Long Do They Stay On

Apparently, according to the instruction leaflet – they should stay on for around 10 days. I’ve had cheaper nails stay on longer than 10 days so maybe, being more expensive, they might last a bit longer than 10 days. I hope so, because I love them, ha-ha. I will keep you updated!

What I Like

Before I put them on, I instantly liked the nail design, which is kind of retro, pop art, comic type of thing. There is a design based on what looks like a rubrics cube, a poodle balloon design and a beautiful blue eye with a tear falling down onto a red and white polka dot background.


The nails are also very strong and durable so there is a slim chance of them cracking or breaking. As well as the quality of them, I love how it looks as if I’ve had my nails done at a beauty salon.



What I Don’t Like

Nothing really! I’m very happy with them! The only thing is, they are quite long nails so typing on your mobile phone might be a little difficult at first, until you’re used to them.

Where To Buy

As mentioned above I got my nails from the NEXT sale for £3.99. Unfortunately, Next haven’t any left in stock but you can get some direct from The House Of Holland Website for £9.

CLICK HERE to buy The ‘Nail Art’ False Nails – £9

CLiCk HERE to see other designs created by House Of Holland | Elegant Touch



Hey Girlies… ❤

I was sent the MAXFACTOR Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara to try out and write an honest review. So here goes… 😊

The new Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara from MAXFACTOR promises a very lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh down the lashes, no matter how much of it you put on. One coat or ten coats. Lashes are left velvety smooth, touchably soft with not a clump in sight. Lashes will be fuller, darker and more volumised. 😊

Max Factor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara - The Make Up Spot

The mascara has been formulated with an anti brittle mousse for a velvety lash feel. The thick yet lightweight formula builds volume to your lashes quick and easily, while the comb wand which has anti clump bristles coats and separates the lashes evenly – defining and plumping!





Maxfactor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara is opthamologically tested so it is safe and suitable for those who wear contact lenses.

What I Love About The Mascara

I’ll be completely truthful, when I first received the mascara I was a little disappointed. If you have seen my previous mascara reviews, you will know that I love my chunky mascara wands and pretty much steer clear from the comb wands. Yes, well, the Velvet Volume mascara has a comb wand. 👊

Review Max Factor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara - Innen und ___
Photo Source – innenaussen.com

Still, I was obliged to try it out and have since changed my mind about mascara’s with comb wands and will definitely be more likely to purchase them in future after trying this. It’s safe to say that I’m now converted from a chunky brush lover to a comb lover, I loved the end results. This mascara is now a favourite of mine. My other mascaras’ are just sitting there, waiting to be used.

Without eye make-up, my eyelashes are really short and fair. I have ghost eyelashes! They are so bloody see-through, it looks as if I just have eyelids and eyeballs! 😂 So, having the right mascara is a big must for me as without it I look poorly. I really do! 😂


My eyelashes are brittle looking too. They are so thin and weak that when I try to build them up and put a bit of volume in to them, 9 times out of 10 I end up with spider eyes and clumpy eyelashes. One of the many reasons I love the MAXFACTOR Velvet Volume Mascara is because no matter how much I put on, be it one coat or fifty coats, (yes, I’ve done it!) it never clumps my lashes.

I prefer the natural look myself. I hate it when it looks so obvious that I’m wearing make-up and with this mascara, my eyelashes stay natural looking but still has length and volume – making me feel like a natural beauty, ha-ha! 😉

There are lots of mascaras out there that once applied and dried, (I’m a poet) feels rough to touch within a few minutes. Maxfactor Velvet Volume lives up to it’s name and leaves them silky and velvety, no matter how many coats I have on or how long for!

The best thing about this mascara is the definition. The brush combs and applies the product on every lash, even the tiniest ones near the inner eye.  It doesn’t flake or smudge throughout the day and stays put too. It is the perfect mascara for a daytime look that appears really natural looking and fresh, it also looks super glam on a girls night out too, especially when teamed with black kohl eyeliner and liquid liner.


TIP: Never pump your mascara wand in and out of the mascara tube – the trapped air dries it out. 😊

What I Don’t Like

I’ve seen a few bloggers rant and rave about this mascara and a few that don’t really rate it.
For me, the only negative thing about this mascara, is the applicator wand/brush. The brush is plastic and hard which doesn’t bend so I find applying it close to my bottom lash-line hurts a bit, basically, it feels uncomfortable. Although it combs my top lashes perfectly, making sure there are no ugly clumps – applying the mascara to my bottom lashes isn’t as easy as applying it to my top. One coat on my bottom lash is okay but if I want them super voluminous, I’ve found that applying too many coats with the comb wand, makes my bottom lash-line a little bit sensitive. Although that wont put me off using it again and again. The pros’ outweigh the cons! 😊

Promotional Post / Free Product Sample

As a blogger,  I get sent free products to try out and once I’ve tried it and liked, its often that I don’t buy the product again once I’ve used it. So, you know when a beauty product is top dollar by buying it again once you have used the promotional sample (free product). I’ve been using this mascara since November 2015 so I will certainly, 100% be buying another Velvet Volume Mascara when I eventually run out. 😊

I’ve always loved MAXFACTOR mascara’s much more than any other brand. I really do think they are the best mascara makers out there.

Where To Buy & How Much

If you want to get your hands on one for yourself, check out the make-up aisle in Superdrug, Asda and Boots. It is available to buy anywhere and everywhere. You can get it from eBay and Amazon UK too. It is priced around £8.99.

So yep, I love it. I’ve now got myself a new favourite mascara. 👌


Checkout the Velvet Volume, First Impression video by YouTube Vlogger, Camille Frederikke here.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day! 😊

Lots of Love

Katie Rose ❤

*PR Product which was sent to me for an honest review.

Fibregenics 3 In 1 Mascara By Dreamweave & Co

Hey girls! 👍

Lately, I’m absolutely loving online beauty store, ‘To Make You Gorgeous’.  At the moment it is my favourite place to purchase all my beauty products. They have everything under one roof and it is the perfect website for make up and beauty lovers like myself.

After my Lip Voltage review, I was asked to review the latest product by Dreamweave & Co, which I’m really excited about as I love Dreamweave & Co mascara’s. The one I’m reviewing today is a 3 In 1 Direct Bond Mascara, designed as a one step fibre mascara with a direct bonding system.


No mess, no fuss, just thick, luscious lashes with the false lash effect. The Fibergenics 3 In 1 Mascara is about to take the beauty industry by storm and once you have seen my pics, you will understand why. This direct bond mascara seriously adds length to even the shortest of eyelashes!

The Fibregenics mascara is already loved by celebrities such as the TOWIE’s Francesca Parkman and the beautiful Binky from Made In Chelsea.

Source: To Make You Gorgeous ©
Source: To Make You Gorgeous ©

Dreamweave & Co

Dreamweave & Co is well known for its mascara’s and I’ve used a few of them already.  I knew before I had even tried the Fibergenics Mascara that it would be something to shout about as the results of the Dreamweave mascara’s I’ve tried in the past have always been pretty impressive. Like all Dreamweave products, the Fibregenics Mascara will no doubt be as popular as Lip Voltage was, back when the lip plumper first hit the beauty scene.

Not Tested On Animals

First thing I did before using the mascara was to check if it was animal friendly. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on giving my dogs luscious, long lashes anytime soon! 😂 The mascara has not been tested on animals so I’m pleased about that. Why should an animal suffer just so us humans can look beautiful, eh! 😊

The Contents

First of all, I’ll tell you about the packaging. It is so pretty! They say you should not judge a book by its cover but I’m a sucker for pretty covers and if a product has fabulous packaging – I’m definitely more inclined to purchase it. Call me shallow! 😂

The mascara comes in a black and silver metallic effect box. The front of the box is kind of like a mirror and it is possible to put your mascara on and use the box as a mirror, ha-ha. It is not as clear as a real mirror but you can certainly see your reflection.

On the back of the box you have a list of ingredients and inside the box is a little instructions leaflet and of course, the Fibergenics Mascara which is in a black case with silver writing in a pretty font.


My Results After Using Fibregenics

I started out by cleansing my face and lashes as I wanted a blank canvas to apply the mascara to. After one coat, my eyelashes were much longer and thicker without looking too fake. They looked very lush and natural after applying three coats but I continued building them up and I was pretty amazed at how long they were getting. In my before pic you can see how short and blonde my lashes were. I think there is a huge difference as you can see. In my before pic my eyes appear tired and lifeless looking to me. The mascara has certainly brightened my eyes up. I actually look like a girl now! Ha-ha. 👸


I do love how the brush is not one of those useless wands that many make-up brands seem to be using nowadays. I prefer an old fashioned, basic mascara brush and Dreamweave certainly seem to know what type of mascara wand most of us ladies like to use.


At the moment I have dyed jet black hair and eyebrows but naturally, I’m quite fair skinned with fair hair. My eyebrows and lashes are practically see through so I love to use ultra black mascara to make my invisible lashes stand out. Fibregenics gives a deep black coating to my lashes from root to tip. No more baldy appearing eyelashes! 😂


My lashes are quite short in length but when I apply a really good mascara, they can look like I am wearing individual lashes. That is why I love Fibregenics! My lashes have gone from being transparent and non existent to long, thick and dark and I really do have the false lash effect after using Fibregenics. I am shocked at how long they are! Especially compared to before.


I have green-blue eyes and the colour of them definitely stands out after applying Fibregenics. It makes my eyes pop and the lash colour contrasts the colour of my eyes perfectly. I love how they look. I will definitely be using this mascara from now on and I’ve already recommended it to my friends who have also got theirs from tomakeyougorgeous.co.uk.


Important advice for you all –  don’t go overboard when building your lashes up. At one point I got a little greedy and may have applied too much. Hello spider eyes! So with every coat of the Fibregenics Mascara that you apply, make sure you take a look at your lashes before you add more mascara to them. If you do apply too much, you will end up with clumpy eyelashes so be cautious! A little goes a long way!

Also, keep some cotton buds at your side when applying the mascara. If you’re anything like me you will need them to remove mascara from your skin! I’m so messy, ha-ha.

Check out Icon Fashion House to see the Fibregenics video review on YouTube.

How To Apply


Simply apply like you would with any mascara. Sweep the mascara brush upwards from root to tip, grasping each lash to attach the unique fibre bonding system. Coat from every angle, to achieve desired effect. Once applied, I personally like to touch up the ends of my lashes only to achieve maximum length.

TIP: Add some Black Kohl Eyeliner to your inner lashline and/or Black Liquid Eyeliner to your top lash line for extra gorgeousness!

Where To Buy

Although it is not yet out on general release, it is available from only a few websites at the moment, tomakeyougorgeous.co.uk being one of them.

If you’d like some for yourself or would like to purchase one as a gift for somebody then head over to the website to snap one up. With Christmas coming up, the mascara is expected to sell out fast on all websites that stock it, so don’t hang about!

How Much Is It?

The Fibregenics 3 In 1 Mascara is £14 to buy.

Visit tomakeyougorgeous.co.uk to shop now.

Social Media Links

If you would like to connect with To Make You Gorgeous on their social media pages, I’ve provided the links to their pages below… 😊

To Make You Gorgeous On Facebook
To Make You Gorgeous On Twitter


There is currently a competition running over on their Facebook page. For a chance to win a bundle of prizes worth over £100, including the Fibergenics Mascara, Lip Voltage plus many more fabulous prizes to be won! The competition ends on the 14th of December 2015 and Christmas will certainly come early for one lucky lady. Head over to their Facebook page now to get your entry into the prize draw. You will see the competition posts on their timeline!

Good Luck!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Fibregenics 3 In 1 Direct Bonding Mascara review and hopefully I’ve given you all the info you need about the product. If you have any questions for me then leave me a little comment below or email me at whatkatieroseloves@hotmail.com.

Lots of Love

Katie Rose ❤

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Denivit Anti-Stain & Whitening Toothpaste – Review


Have you all heard about Denivit Professional Whitening Toothpaste? I’ve been using it for years and I would literally sob like a baby if it were ever discontinued. The only places I have actually seen it available to buy are Home Bargains, Amazon UK and eBay UK. I don’t think the other shops have realised that this toothpaste is potentially the greatest invention of all time and should be put on a pedestal compared to other brands. No lie.

I’m a smoker and have been since I was a naughty teenager so my smile hasn’t thanked me for that.

A few years ago I started bleaching my teeth with carbamide peroxide gels and although my teeth where whiter and the bleach eventually lifted the stains, I didn’t want to over bleach my teeth by frequently bleaching them and causing damage to my enamel and gums. What I needed was a good two in one anti stain toothpaste that also had the ability to whiten my teeth. I did used to buy Arm & Hammer and Pearl Drops toothpastes but to be honest, they weren’t tough on my stained teeth.

A while back, I was shopping at Home Bargains (my favourite place for bargains) and I noticed this Denivit sitting on the shelves untouched, whilst other toothpaste brands were selling out. I thought I’d give it a go and bought myself one. I’m so glad I didn’t follow the herd and buy a popular brand named toothpaste because Denivit really is the greatest toothpaste of all time and I’m so thankful for it. I’d be so lost without it, I really would and I thought I’d share my love for this toothpaste with you all, explaining how, as a heavy smoker for sixteen years, I still manage to have a white smile. God, sixteen years. I’m so old!

The first time I used this toothpaste I was very happy with the results, after putting a small amount on my toothbrush and brushing my teeth, I could see it was working instantly, even before I had rinsed. Although I still had stains after the first use, (keeping in mind this is not a miracle worker) my teeth looked polished, cleaner and a little brighter. Using 2-3 times a day over a 2 week period the compliments started rolling in. My friends were asking me if I had started bleaching my teeth again and I told them about Denivit toothpaste. For those wondering what it tastes like: Denivit is not minty, not overpowering and has a very light toothpastey (is that a word? 😂) scent and slight liquorice taste. If you’re anything  like me and hate minty toothpastes (they make me nauseous) then crack on, this is the best toothpaste for you.

Click Here To Buy – Denivit Professional Whitening Toothpaste


Now that I’m an advanced Denivit user 😉, I’ve learned a few simple tips and tricks to get the best results from this toothpaste. Sometimes, I add a little salt to my wet toothbrush then apply Denivit over the salt then brush my teeth as normal. This is a hardcore, deep scrub for your teeth as the salt acts like an abrasive and scrubs away those unsightly stains.

Another thing is to brush your teeth with Denivit as normal and leave the toothpaste sitting on your teeth for a few minutes without brushing. When I indulge in a pamper session, whilst having a  bubble bath with a face mask and cucumber slices on my eyes, I also do a tooth mask. Instead of leaving the toothpaste on for a few minutes. I apply the toothpaste directly onto my teeth and leave it on for the duration of my lovely bubble bath. From half an hour to one hour at times.  I must admit I look kind of crazy with my ‘Denivit tooth mask’ on as well as a bright green face and cucumber’s for eyes. Ha-ha. But, yeah, the ‘tooth mask’ really works for me and when rinsed off, I feel as if I’ve had a deep clean.

Denivit Anti-Stain Experts state that this toothpaste is:


Not a smoker? Don’t have stains? Then don’t fret. Denivit works for all types of people (adults only) and non smokers can use this toothpaste too. Great for tea and coffee drinkers and red wine lovers too. I have never known a toothpaste to whiten teeth as well as Denivit does and believe me I have tried them all. Containing sodium fluoride, which prevents tooth decay, this toothpaste is great for everyday use. 😊

There is also a shade tester guide on the packaging to compare your teeth shade before and after using. I was about shade 9-10 before I started using it and I’m now a shade 2 maybe a 1 🙂


Denivit Anti Stain Intense toothpaste is priced around £3 on Amazon UK. Home Bargains did used to sell it cheaper but the last few times I’ve been in they no longer have it in stock!

Click Here To Buy Denivit Anti Stain Toothpaste On Amazon UK

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Katie Rose

My Top 5 – Favourite Red Lipsticks 👄


I love, love, love red lipstick. The brighter the better in my opinion. I’m never without my red lippie on a girls night out. Definitely my trademark pout. 👄

I wear a slick of liquid eyeliner on my outer lash line and create a cats eye look. Perfect teamed with red lipstick. 💄

Here are my top 5 red lipsticks of all time.

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick By Kate Moss 😍

I love the Kate Moss collection for Rimmel. The packaging is gorgeous with Kate written on the casing with a lovely little pout. The colour is fab. This is definitely my all time favourite. Will suit any skintone and stays put, even after hours wear. It also has a lovely fruity scent. Cheap to buy, make lips stand out and has a bright, intense and iconic colour without being over powering. This is one red lipstick I would 100% recommend! I always get asked what brand I’m wearing when I have this on. (which is almost everyday, he he) ❤ To Buy: Rimmel Matte Lipstick (Coral) at Superdrug ⭐


2. Maxfactor Lipfinity – Always Chic (40) 😍

I wore this lipstick last week to a friend’s wedding and I’ve got to say I felt so glam and sophisticated wearing it. I wore it with Jessica Wright’s Lace Bardot Dress from Lipsy, killer heels and cat-like eyes created with liquid eyeliner. This is a lipstick you definitely have to blot with tissue as its kind of smudge prone, but blot and the colour will stay on for ages. I lined my lips with lip liner and the pointed edge of the lipstick made the application so precise, giving me beautiful, shapely lips. I’ve got to admit, I put Kylie Jenner to shame 😉 My pout was vibrantly perfect and the gold metallic packaging looks so expensive.  I felt like a beautiful English Rose. Fabulous lipstick. ❤

$_35 (2)

3. Barry M – Pillar Box Red Lipstick 😍

This lipstick is the reason I have an obsession with red lips. My very first red lipstick purchase. Look’s fabulous on a night out and is super, super bold. Not one for the faint hearted. If you like to stand out, this is the lipstick for you! Has excellent staying power and can be dabbed on your lips for a more subtle look or applied generously for a statement ‘look at me’ look. I love, love, love it ❤ ❤ ❤     To Buy: Barry M Lipstick at Superdrug ⭐


4. Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick – Lava Love 😍

This is my number one summer shade. Bold red with a slight orange undertone. This is a unique shade with a creamy, non drying texture and feels comfortable on the lips. Also has a lovely watermelon scent that smells divine. Glossy, glam and gorgeous. ❤ AVON UK


5. Glitter Lips – Ruby Slippers 😍

Well many of you will know how much I love Ruby Slippers Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard. This is glittery heaven and would stay put for days on end if you let it. Eye-catching, super attention seeking fabulous colour. You can read my Ruby Slippers review HERE. To buy: Beauty Boulevard Website.

glitter-lips-ruby-slippers-pot-beautymart-topshop-harvey-nichols-boxpark-london_1 (2)

I look so much healthier wearing red lipstick and my teeth look much whiter too. I can honestly say I will be 90 years old and will still be rocking my red lippies. 💄😊

I’d love to hear about your favourite red lipsticks?…

Lots of Love,

Katie Rose


Review: Diamond In The Buff – Glitter Lips By Beauty Boulevard


I love Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard. I’ve tried Ruby Slippers before which I absolutely loved (I’m a red lippie kinda girl) and I’ve just tried the sparkling ‘Diamond In The Buff’.

I can’t wait to test the other shades out and one day I will be a confirmed glitterholic and will have tried all 17 shades (2 down, 15 to go) 😘

Diamond in the buff is a pretty sparkly lip colour from the Glitter Lips collection, quite neutral and not as shocking compared to the fabulous, Ruby Slippers. It did have a green undertone (which I didn’t like one bit) when I applied too much and I was advised by the lovely lady at Beauty Boulevard to apply a THIN coating of Glitter Dust after the bond glue has dried. If you apply too much of Diamond In The Buff Glitter dust, YOU WILL END UP WITH GREEN LIPS. Not attractive. So remember to use sparingly. If you don’t go overboard with the glitter dust it will look beautiful! ❤

This shade is great for those who aren’t as daring as my fellow Ruby Slippers admirer’s and is also fab for both a toned down daytime look or a pretty evening look teamed with smoky eyes and false eyelashes for a night out with the girls. Your little princess would also love this colour and would go perfectly with her princess dress for fancy dress parties. We all know how little girls love to dress up and what princess doesn’t love glitter. (On children, I suggest using a little Vaseline or lip balm in replacement of the bonding glue)

I do think Glitter Lips by beauty Boulevard has more glitter included than bonding glue in their boxes but it all depends on how much glitter dust you actually apply.

Inside the box:




There are 17 different Glitter Lips shade’s (and counting) to choose from and is available to buy on the Beauty Boulevard website – it is £12.50 to buy. (Link to website is below)


For those who haven’t read my last review of Ruby Slippers – Glitter Lips, which included a little how to apply paragraph, here goes lovelies’.

Ensure lips are clean, dry and moisturised (no chapped lips) – TIP – Apply one lip at a time.

    1. Keeping lips parted, apply the gloss. Allow the gloss to turn from white to gleam. (apply gloss as you would do lip-gloss)
    2. Apply glitter generously to the lips, ensuring an even coverage. (thinly for Diamond In The Duff) – TIP – Dampen applicator pad to help lift glitter.
    3. Dust off excess glitter and you are ready to go. – TIP – Remove with an oil based makeup remover.

untitleduhuhuhubSo my overall thought about Diamond In The Duff –   pretty, sparkling pink, gold, green and silver colour’s, neutral and very girly but I must admit I still prefer my beloved Ruby Slippers which is rose-red, bold and certainly eye-catching. Click Here To Read The Ruby Slippers Review

Glitter Lips By Beauty Boulevard. It is definitely a beauty essential that every girl should have in their make-up bag! With 17 shades to choose from, there is a colour for everyone. Ultra Glam!!


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Review: Glitter Lips By Beauty Boulevard – Ruby Slippers

Remember how sparkly Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers were from The Wizard Of Oz?Well, that’s how sparkly my lips are right now and I absolutely love them!

I’m a red lippie kinda gir that rarely goes without my red lipstick, so I will definitely be wearing this fabulous little lip product from now on, especially for nights on the tiles!



The packaging is gorge! The little heart at the bottom of box shows the Ruby Slippers glitter dust perfectly. Very pretty 🙂

Inside the box:

⭐ A double-sided applicator brush

⭐ Glitter Lips gloss bond

⭐ Ruby Slippers glitter dust in a little pot.

I believe there are 17 different shade’s to choose from at Glitter Lips By Beauty Boulevard  and they’re £12.50 to buy. 

There is approximately 25 applications per box – so will last for ages.

On the box Glitter Lips states all their glitters stay put for up to eight hours, after testing it out, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will stay on for 50 years if you let it! It has got great staying power! You can drink, eat kiss and party and it won’t affect the glitter on your lips! The Glitter Lips Gloss Bond is good stuff.

On a recent night out – I must have had around 20+ girls ask where they can purchase it. Ha. Everybody loved it. My boyfiend said I looked pretty too and he NEVER says nice things. EVER. Ha-ha!

Applying Glitter Lips

 Apply the Glitter Lips Gloss Bond to your lips like you would a lip-gloss. The bond will appear white and after 30 seconds should be translucent. When the Gloss Bond has dried and is no longer visible, dab the applicator brush into the pot of glitter and apply to your lips by dabbing. Once the bond has been covered in glitter, if you notice any patches dab a little more Gloss Bond onto the glitter-less bits, wait till dried then touch up with glitter.

I applied some red lip-liner on the outline of my lips before I put the glitter dust on.

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_11836798_874806642567172_3213695528638100326_nI think every girl should have some Glitter Lips in their make-up bag!

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